Monday, December 22, 2014

This Just In: harper Sent himself to the Closet!!!!

Some of you are finding out that the thwapster doesn't follow the daily news too closely. I don't get a lot out of watching television news and I don't have a newspaper subscription, so I wait for people I trust to respond to it. (Plus, as some of you know, I think we're doomed because we can't organize a break-out from a paper-bag. I don't follow anything that closely anymore.) 

So, when that gun-man stormed Parliament Hill, I first thought that harper had been in the House of Commons and that his security people first put him in a closet and then spirited him away after the gun-man was killed, leaving all the other MP's in lock-down for hours.

With that understanding, I wrote my first post on the subject of harper's cowardice during this incident:
For what it's worth, I had a gun pointed straight at my face (from perhaps 3-5 meters away), so I know they're scary. I might have wanted to hide when there had been shots fired in the hallways outside the Chamber. I'm also sure that there were security personnel who were obligated to protect the prime minister (even though that position is occupied by a usurper) and they would have been very insistent that he be taken to a safe place. I might have allowed myself to have been convinced by their insistence.

But then, if I was a guy who had bullied and brow-beaten my cabinet and caucus for a decade, and lied, cheated and stole to get where I am, I think I would have no problem telling those security people to forget about dragging me off to a broom closet.

Then I heard something about Mulcair praising a security dude who blocked the doors of the NDP's caucus room and I realized my impressions of the event were off the mark. I went back to the CBC and read that he'd been in a meeting in the harpercon caucus room.

But I still thought security personnel had instructed him to go and hide in a closet.

My friends, you really have to have gone a couple of months not knowing that, at the first hint of danger, harper decided, entirely on his own, to abandon his people (including Michelle Rempel, who depends on him to keep her safe), and ran to a closet, so quickly his fellow caucus members had no idea where he was. You have to have first thought that he had been surrounded by RCMP security insisting: "Sir! We have to get you to safety!" and then pictured harper meekly acquiescing to their instructions.

The thought of this towering tube of lard and shit hearing the gun-shots and dashing for the relative safety of the closet, before anyone else has a chance to ask then what they should do, .... it's too much.

It's comedy gold!

It's political manna from heaven my people!

This militarist with the uniform fetish is a thorough coward! So cowardly, he'd naturally play the role of the coward in a film from the 1940's!

You just know he'd have been a stereotypical chicken-hawk in the USA, where the military is a bigger part of the public life, but somehow war-mongers like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, etc., use clumsy excuses to avoid the military life they find exhilarating when other people are doing the drudgery and the mental abuse and the terror of combat.

harper certainly knows how to nickel and dime wounded veterans like a good US chickenhawk.

Perhaps (if I may indulge in a little armchair psychoanalysis) it is their awareness and shame about their total, disgusting cowardice, and its conflict with their shit-headed desire to see the use of force as an answer to difficult questions, that turns people like harper into the tormented, hateful, sadistic torturers of veterans that they are. A soldier who was wounded in action fills someone like harper with visceral self-loathing. But since harper is a shallow narcissist, with inflated ideas of his own importance (witness his fleeing to the closet and leaving his MP's to their fate), his self-loathing is soon projected outwards, to the wounded troops who make him feel so awful. They must be made to pay for their lives being an indictment of his own. he makes sure that they suffer. They are denied benefits. They are lied to. They are ignored.

My friends, you know I have hated harper for years. I despise the man. But he has managed to sink even lower in my estimation in this than you can possibly imagine.


lungta said...

prior to the first harper minority government
the conservative machine phoned here looking for support
"really?" i asked
"yes ...any contribution would help"
"well i would like to help you ....look around the room and take a deep breathe"
"can you smell it?"
"not really"
"well if you could that's the smell of germany in the 30s"
silence and telephone disconnect
true story
i'm with you thwap 100%
right down to this harpertoon reichstag fire incident
the only difference might be
that i initially set stevies bar much lower
nothing he has ever done has lowered my opinion of him
it has only reinforced it

thwap said...

If you'll see my post about becoming "radicalized," you'll see that I don't think this was a Reichstag fire episode.

I think we had a mentally ill man picking up clues from the surrounding environment, and (in his own deranged way) acting upon them.

I think harper likes for these things to happen, just not near him.

If this had been all been a hoax based on a conspiracy, don't you think harper would have found some way to make himself look less idiotic and cowardly?

But, anyway, at least we both agree that the man is contemptible scum.