Friday, December 12, 2014

Mulcair/Trudeau would DESTROY this country!!!!!

Right-wingers are given to hyperbole because they're not good at putting things into perspective. Hypocrisy is second nature to them. So that's why you'll often hear one of them bellowing words to the effect of how either of the Liberals or the NDP would be a disaster for Canada.

To my knowledge though, it tends to be right-wingers who are in power when people die from drinking tap water. It's right-wing governments that cause us to die from eating tainted meat. It's right-wing governments that decimate our hospitals to the point where people die in ambulances driving around looking for an emergency room that can take them in.

What about AdScam? ADSCAM ADSCAM ADSCAM ADSCAM ADSCAM (!!!!!) ?????

The harpercons are guilty of AdScam on steroids! All that money for "security" since 2006, ... money that they can't account for,  or, in the case of Tony Clement, simply brazenly used to pork-barrel in his riding. All those outside lawyers they've been paying, only they won't tell us what they've been paying them for. All those contractors they've been hiring for reasons unknown, ... are we to imagine that the election fraudster harpercon party has been on the up-and-up, hiring people for necessary government work?

Look at the total disregard, the total contempt for our parliamentary system of government harper has displayed. What's left to be destroyed?

No. Anyone who supports the harpercons is either abysmally ignorant, a shameless hypocrite, or a cynical liar.


lungta said...

I believe Mulcair/Trudeau in their inability to declare a truce and form a united alternative to harper are almost guaranteeing a clear path for the conservatives.
"Mulcair/Trudeau would DESTROY this country!!!!!"....becomes a real possibility with their lack of co-operation.
I also don't think that either Mulcair or Trudeau if elected will do much more than continue on in the bunker harper built with little attempt to repair the conservative damage.
Monkeys flipping coins to make political decisions would be right half the time and a whole lot cheaper

thwap said...


That's a valid fear. Unlike those dullards and hypocrites who pretend that harper is a saner alternative.

I've always seen JT as the Canadian Obama. And Mulcair has always been a disappointing turn for the NDP.