Friday, December 5, 2014

Conservative Party Deserves a Slap Upside the Head

The harpercon party of Canada follow a revolting coward. In fact, they tremble in fear of their craven, cowardly pathetic "leader." That leader's name is stephen harper. he's a disgusting coward who thinks nothing of sending Canadian soldiers to face death to make himself feel manly, but when he himself faces danger, chooses to pee himself hiding in a closet.

These imbeciles believe (simultaneously) that global warming isn't happening and that it is happening but it's got nothing to do with the carbon gases that industrial civilization has pumped into the atmosphere. Those scientists who measure the changes in world temperatures (which are either happening or not happening, depending on what a denier wants to believe on any given day), and those scientists who measure the greenhouse gases we're depositing in the atmosphere and their impact on the atmosphere, are, ALL OF THEM, part of a vast, left-wing conspiracy. The ONLY truth-tellers are those isolated scientists who (coincidentally) work for the fossil-fuels industry, who deny one or the other thesis of the global warming theory.

(It appears that the vast majority of relevant scientists fabricate their data or twist their theories in order to obtain that sweet, sweet grant money, which is controlled by the "global warming" scammers. The idea that these climate scientists would be happy to tell the truth, but that not even the oil industry can match the research dollars controlled by the global warming conspiracy, is apparently not too ludicrous for denialists.)

As a result of their ignorance, stupidity and delusion, they are putting all of human civilization at risk. They will cause mass-extinction.

And, sickeningly, there are legal barriers in place that should be preventing them from doubling-down on their destructiveness, but they're ignoring them with impunity. Case in point, the treaty rights of the First Nations. I suppose for a harpercon, it's a win-win situation when you can shill for the oil-industry, endanger the planet, and treat Aboriginal people like shit all at the same time:

Yukon chiefs say Valcourt insults them over environmental concerns

The Canadian Press
First Nations in Yukon say federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt insulted and dismissed them at a meeting to discuss their concerns that planned changes to environmental assessments in the territory give too much power to Ottawa.

“We came down here on the invitation of the minister to discuss this and he totally insulted our First Nations, he totally insulted our agreements and it’s like ‘business as usual. Too bad what you think,”’ said Ruth Massie, grand chief of the Council of Yukon First Nations.
Massie’s remarks Wednesday came as a Northwest Territories Aboriginal band appeared in court in Yellowknife to fight similar moves the Harper government has planned for that territory.
“It’s the same thing,” said Massie. “The minister wants to have delegation of authority over our environmental process.”
Massie said she and her fellow chiefs hoped to make headway with Valcourt in a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday. Instead, she said, Valcourt told them he didn’t need to consult them.
“We went to actually talk to him, hoping,” said Massie. “It didn’t matter to him. ‘It’s too bad about your treaties. This is what we unilaterally have decided to do and that’s that.”’

Perhaps it won't be entirely with impunity. The First Nations are mad as hell. All the bleating of racists like Ezra Levant and Pierre Poilieverre and all the other vile gas-bags in the political bowel-movement of Canadian "conservatism" won't save them from the righteous rage that is coming.


Owen Gray said...

In the end, thwap, the First Nations will have their day -- in court and throughout the country.

thwap said...


They spend many days in court, and much treasure, but they usually win there.

For all the good it does them.