Thursday, December 18, 2014

Haven't Written About the USA's "Torture Report"

Other people are doing it, but I haven't been able to see the point really. Because we've known for a long time how the bush II regime openly practiced torture (and that this disgraceful practice has been adopted by Canadian institutions as well). We've known for a long time that Dick Cheney is a repulsively evil man. We also know that Barack (Wall Street shill/imperialist puppet) Obama is steadfast about "looking forwards, not backwards" and that there will be no accountability. This report was only released because the retiring US Senate has a  Democratic majority that will be gone this coming January. It's focused mainly on the argument that the information gleaned from torturing people was often useless and counter-productive to the "War on Terror." (Which is kinda weird because the whole "War on Terror" itself is almost complete bullshit.)

So, while there are some writers/bloggers who do an awesome job of chronicling the utter debasement of our society, writing the "first draft of history" as it were, I'm afraid that my efforts would be like nothing more than the morbid recounting of a car accident.

Because nothing is going to be done about bush II's and Cheney's war crimes. Obama isn't going to hold them accountable for the quite clearly criminal behaviour they engaged in. (He engages in it himself.) Just as he's not going to prosecute Wall Street leaders for their clearly criminal actions.

He'll just stand there and have the unmitigated gall to tell angry citizens protesting the abuse of process that let the murderers of Michael Brown and Eric Garner walk free and tell them to be peaceful (ie., ineffectual) because this country of torturers, super-corrupt banksters, and kkkiller kkkops is "a nation of laws."

Okay, okay. I'll talk about the torture report. Glenn Greenwald (who is literally hated by the shit-for-brains liberal "Driftglass" for criticizing the loathsome Barack Obama) has a great article about how the media is dredging-up all these torture-enablers and apologists to blather on about how necessary it was/is to slice at the penises of innocent men, in order to get information about terrorists armed and funded by US-ally Saudi Arabia, ... but they hardly ever (or never) manage to find air-time for the victims of these despicable practices, and allow the people to hear their views on the pros and cons of torture.

How about that piece of shit Jeffrey Folmer, who says that the fucked-up nut-case cop who murdered 12-year old Tamir Rice was "justified" in so doing? I think Folmer, besides being stupid, is also evil. I think somehow he has a sense that the words he was spewing were rancid and would cause hurt and anger among certain communities. That's why he said them. To enflame. Either that, or it was a sick exercise of unaccountable power.

How about Barack Obama, fresh off of telling outraged Americans to respect the law that he himself rapes with a broom handle on a daily basis, has decided to take Venezuela to task for their occasionally getting physical with the asshole, murdering, fascist scum-bags who were trying to bring down their government recently? (Meanwhile, the mass-murdering Colombian government, right next door to Venezuela gets gifts of free weapons so they can kill more peasants and trade-unionists. Go figure 'eh?)

Finally, ... people are literally starving in the Canadian north. People are actually foraging in garbage-dumps for food. Sure, we made hay for a few days about the lying psycopath harpercon Leona Aglukkaq (who probably "won" her seat in Parliament through fraud), but what are we doing about it? What CAN we do? (Maybe we should think about that last question.)

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