Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ontario Liberal Corruption and Arrogance

It is a sign of the debased level of capitalist democracy that we are constantly faced with a "choice" between idiot, retrograde racist asshole thieves (the "Conservatives") and slightly less-idiotic, socially progressive thieves (the Liberals). I pointedly left the insult "asshole" in there because that's how the Ontario Liberals have been behaving with their majority in the face of the Ontario Auditor General's damning report.

When the Auditor General says that Ontario wasted $8 billion on excess costs brought about by private=sector thieves via "Public-Private-Partnerships" the Wynne Liberals say that Ontario simply didn't have the public-sector capacity to build things without the private sector. As if the Office of the Auditor General came to its conclusions mindlessly believing the province had resources that it didn't have.

I mean, the fact of the matter is that the labour movement has demonstrated for years and years that PPP's end up costing more than having the public sector go it alone. The Ontario Liberals are shamelessly corrupt. They know this. All the time that they're cutting programs for the majority, they double-down on the revenue-busting tax-cuts and on the steady, multi-billion dollar gifts for their private-sector masters.

With the fiasco of the smart meters and the above-market energy prices costing Ontarians an extra $50 billion, the Liberal Energy Minister had the audacity to say that the AG had obviously been overwhelmed by the complexities of the issues (and therefore off by $50 billion!!!). The subject matter wasn't too complicated for the corrupt Liberals or their bureaucratic partners.

This is the sort of bullshit we have to deal with, just to hold-off the cromagnon abominations of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and shit-head Tim Hudak's dreams of being the errand boy of the Walton's and the Koch Brothers north of the 49th Parallel.

Sickeningly, the ONDP and the federal NDP can only see themselves being a more "reasonable" set of corporate sell-outs than the Liberals. The whole thing makes me sick.


greg said...

been meaning to say. I like that you mix up the topics. I never know what you'll write next. A lot of people, I can kind of guess the direction they are taking, but you change it up. If I had a blog, I'd just talk about the people walking up and down my street. It would not be a good blog. I'd end it with who I saw on Ferguson. He's leaving. I didn't mean the town. Jesus, is there any place on earth with some good news. "Prime Minister Harper admits all his decisions have been terrible. He apologizes from the bottom of his heart and promises to govern from a place of goodness from now on. Warm fresh out the oven chocolate chip cookies for everyone."
Look out you bastards, I want the cookies!! No, no!!! " To end this comment, send 9.95 to...

thwap said...

I've thought of having a theme. Maybe i could be the "go-to" blog for some topic. But I get bored too easily.

So i post about whatever the hell is flitting across my consciousness at breakfast.

greg said...

Anyway, my Dad is not voting conservative because he cares about the environment more. He's been voting conservative since 58. IF harper doesn't care about old white guys, then he doesn't care about being re=elected. My theory is Harper is just trying to get am much shit passed before he leaves. Scorched earth or something. A year ago, my Dad loved Harper. Thought he was a great economic manager. I told him Harper is fucking awful. I don't think I had anything to do with it. There was just a tipping point. I think there are more old white guys who may be reaching that point. They see their grand kids and ask themselves what the fuck is going on. Then he asked me who to vote for and I said I didn't have a clue.

thwap said...

Well, as long as one harper voter stays home, you've done your country a great service.