Monday, December 8, 2014

Wynne vs harper & his prostitution law

I'm not a fan of Kathleen Wynne. She was a willing team member of the corrupt and anti-democratic McGuinty gang. She passed a "progressive" budget that's chock-full of privatizations and revenue-busting tax-cuts. But the fact of the matter is that I hate harper even more. His regime is vastly more corrupt and anti-democratic.

So I'm finding it interesting that Wynne and harper are in conflict over his recent anti-prostitution law. I don't like this law because it uselessly re-criminalizes sex-work in ways that the Supreme Court already found unconstitutional. I'm willing to see how the Nordic Model works in practice, but only if a law focuses on the buyers of sexual services, and only if it is accompanied by social welfare support programs that the Nordic countries have.

But it's interesting that Wynne has chosen this issue (which has divided the feminist community) to take a stand against harper. There has to be some political calculation on her part to make a public criticism of harper on this. I also think its a sign of things to come as the harpercons get more desperate and insufferable. They're no friends of Ontario and i think Wynne is going to force them to make this very clear to Ontario voters in the federal election.

harper has avoided meeting with Canada's premiers because he's a gutless wonder who is terrified of meeting with anyone as an equal. We forget that Canadian premiers are very powerful people within our system. I think Wynne, with her majority, is set to make stephen harper very aware of this fact.

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