Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canadian Liberals in Opposition

It's always nice to see condemnation of the machinations of crooked Canadian governments. Unless, that is, it's coming from "conservatives" when they're in opposition. For two reasons: 1) There's the reality that the "conservatives" promise us far, far worse when they call for the end of a Liberal government, and 2) The intellectual level of "conservatives" is generally very low, so that the blog-o-sphere ends up sounding like this: "The Liberals are failing because they're socialists and homosexuals."

Liberals do a better job of criticizing a CPC government than vice-versa. And it's been fun reading all the Liberal bloggers trashing the Harper mal-government for its sleazy violations of election financing rules. Harper's gang of idiots are as entertainingly evil and stupid as the bush II regime down south, which they revere and adore. It's also been fun to read the steady stream of liberal ("Democrat") condemnation and exposes of bush II's thuggery and incompetence.

On the other hand though, it's frustrating. Yes, McCain is a clueless asshole, unfairly and incompetently bashing Barack Obama, but Barack Obama is just another corporate/imperialist shill. Can we stop paying attention to the sufferings of poor Obama and start thinking about what US-Americans can do to restore democracy to their country? And, yes Canadian Liberals, what "conservatives" do to the electoral process is dangerous and disgusting, ... just as shameless and disgusting as giving money to Liberal advertising firms under the guise of fighting separatism and using it for electoral propaganda or funneling it back to Liberal Party itself.

Yes, Liberal Bloggers, you're intelligent, generally decent people, and the Harpercons need a tight leash and a quick political death, but your party is almost as bad and isn't the answer to the malaise that's been growing in this country for over two decades. Get your heads out of your asses and abandon that corrupt institution and help us improve this country.

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