Friday, November 13, 2020

Too Stupid Humanity; Part 2(a)


I meant to say in my last post about stupid corporate Democrats pretending that they actually believe that progressives/left-wingers almost cost them the presidency and that they are certainly to blame for their disappointing Congressional and Senate showings, ... that centrist Democratic hack propagandists "Driftglass" and "Lawyers, Guns, and Money" have been posting furiously all through the election and its aftermath (as I can see from the self-updating blogroll at "The Galloping Beaver," but that I haven't read a single one of their posts, and hardly any of their titles (except by accident). I don't care what they think because they're stupid hacks whose lies stand in the way of the vital major overhaul necessary to save the USA from fascism and the rest of the world from an eco-pocalypse.

Both of them have the brains to not write shit-headed drivel trashing Bernie Sanders or David Sirota or the Green Party USA. "LGM" especially is an intelligent, sensitive soul. But they have CHOSEN to sacrifice their integrity to this evil nonsense. Gaslighting, shameless motherfuckers.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Humanity Too Stupid, Nov. 2020, Part II


So, last post I talked about the relatively dismal showing of the Democrats against the massively corrupt, incompetent and vile Trump Republicans. Then I spent some time talking about how loathsome and disgusting the Republican base is. I neglected to mention their sickening hypocrisy shrieking about election/voter fraud in this election when their hero Trump had already openly stated that he was sabotaging the US Postal Service's ability to process mail-in ballots. Trump was certain that more of his brain-dead supporters would show up at the polls during a pandemic than would Democratic voters. Because his group are shit-heads. So he wanted to exploit that advantage.

These people truly are disgusting. Nauseating self-pity and hypocrisy. They have two modes: Arrogant bullies or mewling crybabies. Fuck them and fuck their stupid feelings.

But just when I work myself into a paroxysm of rage against these idiots I look and I see the enormity of stupidity coming from the pens of liberals and progressives. The insane clinging to the moronic "Russiagate" conspiracy. The hypocritical whining about Republican voter suppression and dirty tricks right after stealing the primary from Bernie Sanders and getting the Green Party USA knocked off the ballot in several states. The same arrogant, entitled delusion of blaming the Left for the party's poor showings when its the Leftists whose voices are excluded and the party's entire message was to appeal to "moderate" Republicans.

Here's a stupid take from one Damon Linker about how the miserable failure of the pro-war, Wall Street slaves Democratic Party leadership is somehow a crushing of the Left.

Democrats didn't just want to win and govern in the name of a deeply divided nation's fractured sense of the common good. No, they wanted to lead a moral revolution, to transform the country — not only enacting a long list of new policies, but making a series of institutional changes that would entrench their power far into the future. Pack the Supreme Court. Add left-leaning states. Break up others to give the left huge margins in the Senate. Get rid of the Electoral College. Abolish the police. Rewrite the nation's history, with white supremacy and racism placed "at the very center." Ensure "equity" not just in opportunity but in outcomes. Hell, maybe they'd even establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to teach everyone who voted for or supported the 45th president just how evil they really are.

No wonder so many Republicans turned out to vote. Democrats proved to be the most effective GOTV operation for the GOP imaginable.

Linker appears to be confusing random statements from Democratic Party supporters and leftists with the official positions of the Biden campaign. Biden did not run on abolishing the police. The corporatist Dems openly rejected expanding the SCOTUS. There is no party platform to eliminate the Electoral College. As well, he misreads Kamala Harris's ad about equality and equity. It says nothing about equalized outcomes. It specifically talks of giving resources to people suffering from societal disadvantages. And the "Truth & Reconciliation Commission" is just a pipe dream or thought bubble floated by individual commentators. For my part, the sentiment is understandable considering how vile and stupid Trump and his political bowel movement of racist, christo-fascist hypocrites is. But what is Linker saying? That right-wing people don't also besmirch the character and intentions of people on the left? What nonsense!

These were prominent Democrats — progressive politicians, activists, and scholars and prize-winning journalists at leading cultural institutions — talking this way. Joe Biden himself usually did the smart thing and tried to distance himself from the most radical proposals. But in the end it wasn't enough to mollify fears of an ascendant left hell bent on entrenching itself in power and enacting institutional reforms that would enable it to lead a moral, political, and cultural revolution.

Sorry, no. Chris Hayes, Robert Reich, etc., do not set party policy. 

And therein lies a paradox that should be obvious but apparently isn't: Democrats live in a country with a large, passionate opposition. Arrogant talk of demographic inevitabilities and transformative changes to lock Republicans out of power in the name of "democracy" has the effect of inspiring that opposition to unite against them, rendering political success less assured and more tenuous.

The country's demographics are changing. And it's also a fact that the Republicans only win by utilizing inequities in the US electoral system (where votes in sparsely populated rural states count for far more than do votes in states with higher populations such as California and New York), gerrymandering and open voter suppression. Supposedly leftists must resign themselves to this cheating by their opponents, but any talk by leftists of reform or even complaining hurts the tender sensibilities of Trumpian shit-heads and justifies said shit-heads' desire to destroy them?

There will be no court packing. No added states. Nothing from the toxic progressive-fantasy wishlist will come anywhere close to passing. Instead, we will have grinding, obstructive gridlock. Some will demand that Biden push through progressive priorities by executive order. But every time he does — like every incident of urban rioting and looting, every effort to placate the left-wing "Squad" in the House, every micro-targeted identity-politics box-checking display of intersectional moral preening and finger-wagging — the country will move closer to witnessing a conservative backlash that results in Republicans taking control of the House and increasing their margin in the Senate in November 2022, rendering the Biden administration even more fully dead in the water.

As if there's any chance of Biden wanting to placate progressives in Congress! As if the corporatist Democratic leadership has EVER desired to or felt the need to placate its Democratic wing! As if the Democratic leadership hasn't consistently abused its progressive base for decades!

That's the playbook. We saw it in 1994, when Republicans leveraged opposition to Bill Clinton's effort to pass health-care reform into a successful effort to take control of the House for the first time in 40 years. We saw it again in 2010, when Republicans leveraged opposition to Barack Obama's successful push to pass the Affordable Care Act into the largest shift of seats in the House in 62 years (and far bigger than the one Democrats managed two years into the Trump administration in 2018). This time the leverage is likely to come from culture-war conflict, but the Republican strategy will be the same.

I don't know enough about 1994, but 2010 wasn't about the ACA. Democratic voters were demoralized by the Obama administration's failure to end the wars and rein-in Wall Street even with majorities in the House and the Senate and many of them stayed home. The Democrats did push through the corporate-friendly ACA against Repugnican obstructionism, but that was one of the very few moments when Obama and Pelosi took off the gloves to combat the other side's openly stated policy of rejecting everything Obama proposed. How does Linker propose progressives meet such a toxic attitude from its political opposition? Has he written anything about this? 

But it did. And that should give Democrats serious pause. For four years Donald Trump has proven himself a corrupt, mendacious ignoramus utterly unfit for the position he holds. He's led the nation through a pandemic that has left nearly a quarter million dead, is currently surging unchecked across the country, and has devastated the economy. And yet, the current tally shows him beating his showing from 2016 by 3.7 million votes. Trump may well come up short where it counts, but he still gained ground with the electorate relative to four years ago.

So please, Democrats, look in the mirror and show a little humility. You're not nearly as self-evidently wonderful or widely loved as you'd like to believe. You are not destined to prevail anywhere. You share a country with a large group of people who hate your guts, and who aren't going to submit to your rule or go along with your giddy plans to remake the nation in your image. It's time to start acting like you understand this implacable fact and all it implies about the limits of your power and the parameters of the possible.

American politics is a war of attrition right now. The sooner Democrats learn to live with that fact, the better.

Once again, this is all shit.  The right-wing base turned out because they're racist fuck-faces and whining ignoramuses and deluded Christo-fascist chumps. These stupid fuckers don't play fair. They celebrate their own side's cheating and bullying and whine like spoiled brats at the very idea of receiving the same treatment. Also, the Democratic Party did not campaign on a progressive platform. They courted "moderate Republicans." The Democratic Party has been moving rightward for decades and this suppresses their own voter turnout (combined with Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics).  Progressive policies have the support of majorities of Republican Party supporters. Linker's whole essay is a waste of time.

And here's a CommonDreams article reporting on the centrist fuck-faces in the Democratic Party themselves blaming the Left for their woes.

These stupid fucking asshole corporate Dems!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Humanity is too stupid to survive: November 2020 Edition


What a fucking travesty. As of this writing (November 5th, 2020) the election is looking more and more like a narrow victory for Biden. For the Democrats in the legislature it's a disappointment. They still run the House of Representatives (though I've heard their majority has been reduced) and they didn't win the Senate.

Because they're a shit party with shit policies. They spent so much political capital trying to court disaffected Republicans, which by necessity meant shitting on their own progressive base YET AGAIN (and lecturing them on the need for "compromise" while abusing them), only for Trump to strengthen his hold on Republican Party members. The Democratic leadership loves the idea of a "moderate Republican" because that's what they see themselves as. Rich people with a social conscience and liberal social values. Sure, they no likey the taxes that rich people would have to pay for there to be a decent society in the USA where medical bills don't bankrupt people and where there are financial supports for people condemned to live as the "Precariat" in a world of rising food and housing expenses. But aside from that TOTALLY understandable sentiment, they're just fine with embracing diversity and tut-tutting brazen displays of sexism or racism comes naturally to them. Barack Obama described himself as a "moderate Republican from the 1980s."

If only those card-carrying "moderate Republicans" could see just how "moderate" the Democratic Party has become, why, they'd abandon the GOP in droves and leave it to the Kochs and the Sheldon Adelson's and other plutocratic extremists, as well as those deplorable hillbilly, deep-South redneck, inbred imbeciles, and there'd be a true, blessed, Moderate Hegemony ruling the USA in peace and prosperity for decades to come!

Except that's not the case. And gambling that it was the case was just that, ... a gamble. What wouldn't have been a gamble would have been reaching out to the goddamned party's base and mobilizing them and inspiring them with policies that would help them. But again, for the leadership of the Democratic Party (and the bulk of their politicians who are wealthy, with many of them being millionaires) this would require higher taxes on the wealthy and assaults on sources of profit for their corporate benefactors. Which makes advocating for popular policies a non-starter.

But let's not leave the nauseating Republican Party USA and its deplorable voter base off the hook. I haven't spent as much time trashing the Republicans during the past couple of years (I don't think) because I believe that it goes without saying and I've been more interested (when I'm interested at all) in getting my fellow progressives to abandon such waste-of-time fixations as "lesser-evil" voting and capitulation to centrist "pragmatism." But make  no mistake about it: I think Trump is vile. I can't stand the man. He's obviously a victim in some ways from a truly despicable, psychopathic father. But at some point you have to hold people accountable for their actions. Whatever traumas in their past, what they do to other people is part of who they are. Perhaps we shouldn't condemn them entirely, but neither should we completely exculpate them either. So here is my evaluation of Trump ...

Donald Trump is a disgusting imbecile. He's a stupid, stupid man. Vain, selfish, arrogant, entitled, racist, misogynist, rapist, corrupt, stupid and disgusting. I can't stand to (are rarely did) watch his "press conferences." The belligerence. The brazen lies. The nauseating self-pity. I don't know why so many outlets continued to participate in those farces. After all, repeated stories about his lies and scandals simply made people numb. Desensitized. I barely paid attention to these reports. But on the few occasions where I watched snippets of a Trump press conference, I would quickly become angry and disgusted and turn off the video.

Like a lot of idiotic, toxified masculinists, Trump appears to think that the environment is either gay or female. Should we simply abuse the planet that gave us life and tries to sustain it, or should we full-on rape it? It's dangerous. Destructive. Stupid. Inexcusable. And, finally, because it represents his insecurities and rages; pathetic. 

Trump was raised by a nazi. He's a right-wing racist himself. He panders to racists. He strengthens racists. He is the sort of human filth who would gleefully watch innocent people being executed for crimes they didn't commit if he didn't like their skin colour.

Who votes for Trump? The wealthy people with no sense of community who always vote Republican. Ordinary people taken in by the Republican Party's espousal of so-called "traditional values." (These people might not be hateful racists and homophobes.) And, finally, the demographic that is being increasingly pandered to as the party abandons all pretense of caring about the lives of ordinary people: Ignorant and/or stupid racists, dimwits, authoritarians and closet-cases. "Conservatives," studies show, are more fixated on threats and are possessed of strong "fight or flight" instincts that often overwhelms their rational brains. Such people are not necessarily white skinned. You will find racialized minorities who love Donald Trump and women from all sorts of demographics who like Trump, despite his racism and sexism. This is because Trump represents an extremely crude version of the dominant figure in our society. He's a rich white male. Obviously Mitt Romney is also a rich, white male. So are many (most?) US politicians. But Trump is a showman version of it. He's crude/extreme. His "alpha male" presentation is over-the-top and that's why it resonates with certain people. 

What can you say about the bulk of his supporters? They support murderous police racism and only become agitated when they hear that the oppressed people are fighting back. And then they fucking whine about "cities burning" and the "racism" and "violence" of Black Lives Matter. 

They (like their Canadian conservative counterparts) wail about voter fraud against them (which is essentially non-existent) ten seconds after hooting and hollering in their approval for their own sides open, blatant voter suppression tactics. Rank hypocrisy.

They shriek about dangerous "illegal immigrants" when confronted with refugees created by their own nation's rulers. They worry about becoming a minority in their own country because they themselves treat minorities like shit and they project their own disgusting racism on everyone else.

They cling like the idiots they are to their religious delusions and all the constricted moralism that entails. They use their "values" as an excuse to attack women, GLBT people. And then they throw themselves at the feet of a corrupt, sleazy businessman who is a serial rapist and who has publicly stated that he has lusted after his own daughter since she was an adolescent. Why do they do this? Because they're shit-heads.

The last thing I'll say on this post (It's taking to long to say what I wanted to say so I'll do it in installments. And this is all just me getting stuff off my chest.) is that these idiots with their COVID-denialism are disgusting. Blowing away all the froth of their stupid internet theories and arguments, the facts remain that COVID-19 is a real virus. It is far more deadlier than the seasonal flu. It is highly contagious. And disease experts, public health experts, health care workers, etc., ... these people are not all charlatans, Soros-funded tools of "globalists," or "crisis actors."  These right-wing conspiracy theorists would be laughable if the stakes weren't so high. These stupid fuckers can't process that capitalists and domestic surveillance and law ENFORCEMENT institutions are in charge.* Instead they inhabit an Alice in Wonderland society where the gravest threats to freedom are "social justice warriors," climate scientists and, now, public health experts. Everywhere, right-wing people are confronted by conspiracies, being advanced by stealthy, long-term campaigns, to cunningly destroy society from the inside. The traditional family is being undermined. Economic freedom (to exploit and destroy) is being subverted. Individual liberties are being reduced. (By people telling you to self-isolate and wear a mask when outside during a pandemic.)

It's all so self-evidently stupid. And these idiots, parading around without their masks and sneering at the "sheeple" who accept reality, are making the pandemic last longer and spread farther. And Trump, even after openly admitting he downplayed the danger out of a delusional effort to prop-up the economy and who even contracted the virus himself (through his negligent behaviour most likely) is personally responsible for the untimely deaths of at least 110,000 US-Americans. (Canada at 1/10th the USA's population has lost 9,000 people. A poor showing compared to places like South Korea but better than the USA. 9,000 X 10 is 90,000. Trump's stupidity has produced 200,000 deaths. 110,000 more than 90,000.) It's an undeniable catastrophe, but deny it they do. Because these dickheads will deny anything in order to prop-up their preconceived delusions.

I could say more but I won't.

* Strangely, while they worship local police forces, and ICE and DEA agents, many Trumpists have an incoherent relationship with the FBI or the CIA. Some see the latter two organizations as the main players in a Jewish/globalist dominated "deep state" that is opposed to human freedom. Others simultaneously love and loathe them for being cops and for attacking countries like Russia, China, Venezuela, etc. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

US-Americans Should Have Focused on Resisting BOTH Candidates


Well, yet another interminable US-American election is coming to its climax. And the degree of thinking that's gone into whether it will be Trump or Biden is depressing. BOTH candidates are literal death sentences for civilization and as such both should be regarded as unacceptable. Certainly Trump's insanity, stupidity, sheer awfulness makes Biden the least objectionable of the two of them. But come on man! Biden helped created the incarceration state. He's an enthusiastic imperialist. He's a climate change denier. He wrote the Bankruptcy Bill and the predecessor to the post-911"Patriot Act."

All I'm saying is that if US progressives and the international leftist intelligentsia had spent more time thinking about the inevitable need for resistance to the SYSTEM that vomits up specimens like Biden and Trump than they did whining about Trump's singular menace, humanity would be a lot better off.