Friday, May 27, 2016

Brief Return On harper's Departure

So, stephen harper is retiring and plans to open a consulting group that dispenses foreign policy "expertise" (which is really just a polite fiction whereupon his corporate masters reward him for his services to keep him quiet until such a time, if ever, when they can kill him and whatever secrets he has on them go with him to his grave).*

*[Unlike most other things, it's impossible to go wrong on foreign policy. The only people who suffer will be the poor people from mainly non-white countries who will die. They absolutely don't count in the eyes of the Masters of the Universe. If harper wanted to pretend to dispense actual economic policy advice, it would have a good chance of being demonstrably bad, money-losing advice.]

So, the corporate media is praising him. No surprise there. In so doing, they only cement their devotion to a man who showed a complete and utter contempt for the foundational principles of parliamentary democracy.

Not enough is being said about his disgusting race-baiting as he flailed about in his last desperate days. His covering up of war crimes. His unilateral abrogation of our Treaty obligations to the First Nations. His brutalizing of protesters. His dizzying economic incompetence. His betrayal of veterans. The people murdered by his deregulatory policies.

We aren't reminded of his inherent cowardice. Whether it was running from hard questions when it was clear his interlocutor would not be satisfied with brazen lies and evasions, or whether it was abandoning his own colleagues to their fates when as their "great leader" he slithered away to a broom closet during a gun-man's rampage on Parliament Hill, ... harper's whole career was marked by cowardice.

A stupid, contemptible man. Too repulsive to even be funny.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Politics: Don't Let The ...

Don't make the futile the enemy of the appalling.

Friday, May 6, 2016

On the Apparent Death of "EnMasse.Ca"

I think it was a couple of weeks ago that  thread was started announcing EnMasse dot CA's tenth anniversary. I thought about contributing a few words but I had nothing celebratory to say. And very few people I wanted to interact with.

Now it appears the site is kaput.

Oh well.

I did learn a lot from and and even from b n' r. About gay rights and feminism and about Canadian politics in general. But for the amount of time and effort? I really can't say.