Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Post

I've had five days straight off of work and a lot's been happening in the world. Blogging is a waste of time but I've got time to waste today so ...

"Elbow-gate": - Ramming through legislation without debate is icky. NDP working with the Conservatives for any purpose is icky. The delaying tactics were silly. But Liberals do them too. Trudeau's choice of words showed that he lost his temper. I don't think he hurt anyone physically but he came off looking petulant and entitled.

The whole thing reflected badly upon everyone involved.

Jian Ghomeshi: -

Ahh. This is more boring than I remember it being.

Ghomeshi should have been convicted anyway. What any of those women did after the FACT that he hit them from out of nowhere is irrelevant to the FACT that out of nowhere he hit those women without first obtaining "consent."

I was going to say something about US politics, but I'll just toss those two little opinions out into the ether and leave it at that.