Monday, January 28, 2019

Hooz Kidding Hoo? We Suk

It's simply a goddamned fact that stephen ["OMG! Where's the Closet?!?"] harper desecrated every single basic foundational principle of our Westminster System of Parliamentary Government. He committed election fraud to steal a majority. He sabotaged the work of parliamentary committees. He used public resources, such as the Canada Revenue Agency, as weapons to attack his ideological adversaries. He lied repeatedly and brazenly and obviously and there's no question about it he was lying and everyone knew it, on a regular basis in Parliament. He insulted the Crown. He withheld information from Parliament. He used "national security" to cover-up war crimes. He used his stolen majority to ram through one massively gargantuan omnibus bill after another through Parliament with practically no debate. I could go on [sadly] but you get the picture.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Humanity Is Doomed: December 2018 [January 2019] Edition

Donald Trump is disgusting. He's a racist, misogynist, hypocritical, spoiled, stupid grifter. His tax policy, his health care "policy," his environmental policies, his immigration policies, ... they're destructive, murderous, cold, evil. He's scum.

But the majority of the US political class is scum. Psychopaths. Corrupt. Representatives of, or mere servants to, a psychopathic, insanely entitled capitalist class. So, there's not much sense in getting excited about the present set of alternatives. Impeach Trump if you're so inclined US-Americans. I'd support it. Because his personal corruption, his refusal to divest his personal holdings and his subsequent use of his position as president to enrich himself, it's all there in broad daylight. His payment of hush money to women he'd slept with, out of campaign funds, is undeniable. If you want your laws to mean something (even after George W. Bush and Barack Obama used your country's Constitution as toilet paper for sixteen fucking years) by all means impeach him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Bernie Sanders n' Misogyny

I think Bernie Sanders is too old to run again. I'm on record as saying that I want Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard to run.

[Neither of them are perfect but Warren with power will be great on economic policy and Gabbard's commitment to not wasting military lives for the petro-state will be an improvement on foreign policy.

They would be a big step in the right direction. And, it's most likely that neither of them has committed sexual assault in the past. Because they're women and all.]

But this article rubbed me the wrong way. The jist of it is that during the 2016 primaries, when the Sanders campaign [by its success and by necessity] exploded into a 1000+ people enterprise, some of the men on the campaign engaged in sexist behaviour. Sanders has recently been informed of this and is apologizing and promising to be more diligent in the future. The NYT's and Hillary Clinton's army of hypocritical, mewling troglodytes are saying this is evidence of the bedrock of sexism and outright misogyny that Sanders represents and that they will harp on this issue as much as they can to knee-cap Sanders' popularity with Democratic Party supporters.

"Bernie-bros." This stupid meme was introduced by Hillary Clinton's sycophants to falsely accuse Bernie Sanders' supporters as being almost uniformly white, male, sexist boors.

Is there a lot of sexism and misogyny online? Sadly yes. Should Bernie Sanders have spent half his campaign shouldering the blame and apologizing for it? No. The fact that he once did stop to condemn the abusive misogynist ranting online was used by the Hillary campaign as a weapon against him:
Clinton-supporting journalists this week made much out of the fact that the Sanders campaign felt compelled to issue a statement asking its supporters to comport themselves respectfully online, as though this proved that Sanders supporters really are uniquely abusive. That’s absurd. What that actually proved is that pro-Clinton journalists at large media outlets vastly outnumber pro-Sanders journalists — that’s what it means to say that she’s the “establishment candidate” — and have collectively used their platform to spin this harmful narrative, forcing the Sanders campaign to try to defuse it.

And, as long as we're blaming candidates for the behaviour of their supporters, can we see if we can get Hillary Clinton to denounce the Islamophobia of this charming female. (If you stick to the end you'll hear her say she's a Hillary Clinton supporter.) A survey of the opinions of her fans show that they have a low opinion of Blacks. Should she have taken time out from her campaign to admit to this problem, own it, and apologize profusely for it? Well, sure. Especially since she was demanding similar grovelling from Sanders.

Anyway, Clinton wouldn't do that given her own proclivities to racist attitudes and behaviour.

Why am I still talking about Hillary Clinton? Well, because she's actually still around and her nauseating fanatics are still shrieking out the same old hypocritical bullshit. And (more importantly) because Donald Trump and the fascist inclinations he's enabling is and are a fucking disaster. And Hillary Clinton helped bring us to this point.

By stealing the primary from the guy all polls showed would easily beat Trump; by shitting all over progressive Democrats by picking a VP candidate who was to the right of her; by openly courting anti-Trump Republicans rather than the activists in her own party; and by continuing to be the war-monger, Wall Street shill, corporatist scum-bag she'd always been, Hillary Clinton inspired millions of traditional Democrats to stay home. That's why she lost. Yes, yes, ... some "Bernie-bros" voted for Trump. Some working class people (mainly white but from all demographics actually) voted for Trump in the delusional hope that he'd bring their factories back. Some people voted for Jill Stein (which is entirely their right).

But the main reason that Hillary Clinton lost is because she didn't mobilize her party's voters. Truth be told, she DISCOURAGED them. That's on her. It's not on Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or Russia. It's on HER. Her and her shitty, arrogant, racist campaign.

(Repugnican suppression of minority voters and gerrymandering also hurt her. But that's been going on for years without much -if any- comment from the likes of Hillary. If anything she should be more incensed with that scandal than with this Russia-gate crapola.

But the longer she, and the political bowel-movement she's a part of can get people to fixate on Russia, and on the [largely imaginary] misogyny of Bernie Sanders, the less time there will be to reflect upon the failures of her campaign and the failures of the political economic model that she represents.

This NYT article is just more of the same hypocritical nonsense to marginalize progressive political movements and perpetuate the rotten status-quo.