Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Growth of Entitlements

I was reading the comments section to this Royson James article, wherein he points out that Ford obviously lied about how he could find a billion dollars worth of "gravy" at City Hall and eliminate it without having to cut services. As a result of his threatened service cuts and library closings, some of the people who voted for Ford feel betrayed.

Obviously, the anonymous comments section was full of nonsense, but a couple of Ford-fellators wrote words to the effect of how the growth of entitlements and government spending has finally reached the crisis point: there's simply no more money to pay for all our demanded ponies and sugar-plums anymore.

I hear this from time to time, and it's an especially common refrain among the US-American right-wing.

But it's complete bullshit.

I've been watching spending and services being cut for decades people, and I've been watching politicians cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations for all that time. But for these guys, it's eternally 1972 and the welfare queens are calling out for, and getting, all the "free stuff" from the hard-working white people.

You don't debate with these people because they're either liars or abominably ignorant.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

More Disgusting Bullshit From Rob "Lying Sack of Shit" Ford

So, it turns out that the lying, cowardly prick is unimpressed with the lack of suggestions coming from the citizenry:

During the interview, which was recorded in the morning or early afternoon, he [Ford] was asked by Cybulski to identify the best suggestion he had heard during the meeting. He responded: “Actually, I haven’t heard anyone wanting to reduce. They just want to keep everything. So I don’t think people understand that if we don’t do anything with the $775 million (budget shortfall), you’re going to be looking at thousands of dollars of property tax increases.”

He added: “I haven’t heard any good suggestions on saving money. I’ve just heard ‘don’t cut this and don’t cut that.’”

That's right you stupid, rancid slab of pork. Do you know why? Because you blurted out over and over and over again that the problem at City Hall was a massive gravy train that wasted (presumably) HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. YOU, and nobody forced you to say this, that you could cut taxes, freeze property taxes, and that there would be NO CUTS, GUARANTEED.

Ford is either a shameless liar or he's dismally stupid. More and more I'm leaning to the former option (obviously).

This is a goddamned farce. The Chretien-Martin comedy duo cut taxes for the wealthy and downloaded spending obligations to the provinces. In Ontario, the shitty diaper-brained Mike Harris downloaded spending obligations to the municipalities and cut taxes for the wealthy.

We need to RAISE TAXES on the wealthy. (For their own sakes, as well as ours, because awash with cash in a stagnant economy, they end up "investing" in fraudulent, speculative, pieces of nonsense which inevitably explode with a stench.) We should RAISE TAXES and SPEND ON PUBLIC SERVICES.

The reason why we don't is because the short-sighted elites saw that the welfare state made frightened, isolated workers into confident, empowered citizens. They don't want to go down that road again, ... but WE DO.

Ford is an errand boy. The least talented member of a wealthy family, he was sent into municipal politics, where his aw-shucks, regular guy shtick resonated with simplistic, ignorant people, and allowed him (campaigning against the sleazy Liberal alternative George Smitherman) to become mayor of Toronto and finish the wrecking job started by Mike Harris.

He's a complete fucking liar who doesn't deserve to be listened to. Every word out of his stupid mouth is either a lie or a brain-fart. He is beneath our respect.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Un-Fuck You Rob Ford

So, the liar, the coward, ... during his insulting marathon communication strategy has decided to lie about his father's legacy, and the legacy of his father's chief, the murderously incompetent Mike Harris, and to obscure their role in impoverishing Toronto and smashing together the discordant communities of downtown Toronto and Etobicoke.

Check it out:
John Cartwright, president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, told the executive council that, rather than a budget-cutting exercise, they are part of a mission to dramatically shrink city government, reduce its workforce and contract out as many services as possible.
"We are being made captive of a Tea Party mentality that is destroying the economy," Cartwright said, referencing Wal-Mart and other employers he said are trying to drive down workers' wages.
"Poverty jobs should not be the goal of the City of Toronto."
He said the current councillors didn't campaign on making layoffs. Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti countered that union jobs were in fact an issue in the election, that on voters' doorsteps he constantly heard about unionized city jobs and the 2009 civic workers' strike that saw garbage piled up in parks.
In response to a question about the wages paid to staff who clean police stations, Cartwright said light duty cleaners earn about $20 an hour and heavy duty cleaners make about $22.
He said the labour council helped convince the provincial government to raise Ontario's minimum wage to $10.25 an hour, but doesn't think it would be right for workers cleaning City of Toronto facilities to make that "poverty wage."
He was one of several deputants who have blamed former Ontario premier Mike Harris for downloading responsibilities onto municipalities and helping put Toronto in an annual deficit position.
"We've seen this movie before. It was called the Common Sense Revolution and it didn't end well," said Cartwright, whose council represents 190,000 unionized workers in Toronto.
Mayor Ford, who has refrained from putting questions to any deputants and has made few comments as he chairs the meeting, reacted to the Harris government comparisons.
"I'm surprised they're not blaming Diefenbaker, never mind Harris," Ford said.
His late father, Douglas Ford Sr., was a backbench Conservative MPP when Harris was the Conservative premier.
Typical cowardly dissembling. Harris had a lot to do with the mess we're in now. And Torontonians and Etobicokans should be made to understand that Ford is lying so blatantly because he's trying to hide the fact that he's finishing Harris's work. Harris downloaded services and slashed funding to the municipalities, and then he amalgamated communities to deprive them of the political ability to effectively resist the subsequent need to slash and burn to survive the new reality. Now, fat-head, lying, stupid, pampered son of privilege, Rob Ford charges onto the scene, elected on false premises, elected on complete lies, bullshitting his way to cuts, cuts, cuts, aided and abetted by whining stupid fucks who refuse to admit they were sold a bill of goods that only completely ignorant, deluded people could have fallen for.

Oh yeah, and put The Toronto Sun among the whining, lazy, cowardly, lying groups of fucks who brought all this upon us and who refuse to come clean about what they're doing and refuse to accept responsibility for the sufferings and misery they've caused.

Rob Ford's "Core Service Review" Consultations

They're today and I hope the lying, shameless doofus gets an ear full for his bullshit. Him and his stupid asshole brother, and all the other lying dorks who cluster around them hoping to score some post-politics swag and to beat-up on the poor and the weak.

Ford lied. Ford LIED. Ford LIED when he said he could cut fees, freeze taxes, and avoid any service cuts. We knew this at the time, we know it now.

But, typically, Ford is insulting our intelligence by saying he's "finding efficiencies" and not making cuts, and, still more typically, his stupid fans are refusing to admit the obvious truth that Ford is a lying fraud and an obnoxious ass. He's still number one in their books. These people are shameless, stupid liars themselves.

There's no debating with these fools. I'm beginning to think there should be no compromise or acquiescence with them at all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

harper: "Majority government allows me to embrace my inner racist!"

So, now the prick (inspired by the tutelage of his senile mentor Tom Flanagan) has decided that the need for pretense is over. They were never conquered. They signed treaties with us. We broke them. We stole their land. In the 1970s, they began to rise up and challenge the illegal status-quo.

Trudeau tried to ignore them.

Mulroney tried to suppress them at Oka but eventually conceded to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, which produced far-reaching recommendations (which have been uniformly buried).

Chretien and Martin allowed them to fester in neglect and poverty until the international embarrassment of Kashechewan compelled Martin to sign the Kelowna Accord, laying-out billions of dollars in long-delayed infrastructure spending.

(Liberal zombies will insist that I mention that it was Jack Layton and the NDP who fired the first shot to topple the Martin government. I fail to see the argument against Layton. He was demanding that Martin take serious steps to halt and reverse the creeping privatization of our national health care system. Supposedly, Aboriginal affairs are a passionate issue for Paul Martin, and his commitment to medicare was also steadfast. Curiously though, he endangered Kelowna to avoid having to account for his treatment of public health care. Perhaps he truly cared about neither?)

Regardless, stephen harper first oozed to power with a minority government in the subsequent election and proceeded to abandon the Kelowna Accord (as well as the Martin national daycare plan with the provinces). In fact, the only promises that harper respects are commitments to kill brown people with the US-Americans. I guess getting other people to kill brown people is a "sacred trust" for the cowardly psycho, and very little else.

While he hasn't bothered to pay for clean drinking water on First Nations reserves, harper has come up with very stringent standards for these reserves, without giving them the ability to pay for them. Enter the lawyer-thief Bruce Carson. A "fixer" for the harpercon scum. By driving through the gaping loopholes of harper's laughable "Accountability Act" Carson was able to inform First Nations band councils that if they bought the water treatment systems fronted by his fiance (who is decades younger than him and is apparently cuckolding him), they'll get the money they need.

As if all that sleaze isn't enough, harper has decided to terminate the land claims negotiation process that has been constructed in the face of Aboriginal militancy. He's going to give the First Nations a "take it or leave it" offer and force them to turn to a court system that can only award $250 million a year and which is to be wound-down in ten years time. This means that they can win a maximum of $2.5 billion when there claims are in the tens of billions.
“They [the First Nations] have invested a great deal of time — in some cases, decades — getting this far in the process. And they have been promised justice. The Prime Minister himself in 2007 announced a policy called ‘Justice At Last’, which many of us are now calling ‘Just For Laughs’ in honour of the comedy program. The promises that the Prime Minister made in the summer three or four years ago are being dishonoured. And First Nations are very angry,” he said. “I can tell you that the claims community, the professionals and the First Nations who are in claims across the country, are in an uproar and outrage. I’m not going to make any predictions about what may happen, but I will remind– I would remind the federal system that when Justice At Last was announced, it was in response to a Senate committee report called ‘Negotiation or Confrontation: It’s Canada’s Choice.’ And Canada’s pushing First Nations back, away from reconciliation. And as the Senate predicted, it will be some form of confrontation that will be the result. That’s my prediction.”
Perhaps this latest outrage could be the catalyst for massive civil disobedience against the anti-democratic harper regime. It's pretty clear that the First Nations peoples, pushed to the wall by over a century of racist colonialism and bullshit government negotiations, aren't going to take this arrogant contempt lying down. Sane and decent non-First Nations people should stand with them. We should stand with them and against the harpercon scum and the whining racist un-Canadian hypocrites who support them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Unions, No Welfare State, No Justice

Used to be that unions (or the threat of unions) could compel employers to pay decently. Government efforts to achieve something approaching full employment, combined with welfare payments (or unemployment insurance) to the unemployed or marginalized, mitigated poverty somewhat.

These government actions were paid for through taxes, proportionately falling upon the wealthiest.

But now, globalization has killed jobs. Union-busting has weakened the ability of many workers to get a living wage. Tax-cuts (mainly benefiting the wealthy) have reduced governments' ability to pay (even more necessary) welfare benefits, or to fund counter-cyclical public works.

It has not been a recipe for success.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Proper Way to Respond to International Tragedies

OH! Somebody did something horrible and killed a bunch of people! I hate that person!

OH! A different group of people did something horrible to another different group of people! What's wrong with the people who did the horrible thing??

OH NO! The group of people who were attacked did something horrible back to the people who hurt them! The world is crazy! Two groups of savages! "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

AGGHHH!!! The Palestinians did something terrible to the Israelis! Kill those sand-nigger death-cult psychos!!!

EEEK! Some terrorist terrorized the USA for no reason whatsoever that I can discern! Kill the psychopathic mother-fucker! He was probably a Muslim anyway!

HMMM. Says here, Canada and the USA have hunter-killer squads murdering suspected Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan and sometimes they kill innocent people and make necklaces out of their fingers and ears. Let's wait for more evidence (that won't be forthcoming) before we say ANYTHING about this. The people telling the stories are no doubt Taliban-sympathizers who hate the troops. I've forgotten what we're talking about already.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Helping the Neighbours ...

My neighbours were trying to build a tree-house for their kids, where they and their friends could play. But they didn't know what they were doing. A few broken bones later, I decided to help.

But then it occurred to me that I was really busy and I didn't want to spend any of my time or money really working on it. Plus, I didn't really know what I was doing.

Long story short, I did a shitty job. Sub-standard materials and brainless architectural engineering and etc., and there've been even more broken bones and concussions.

What I don't get is my neighbours lack of gratitude. What I REALLY don't get is that the assholes think that I'm somehow legally responsible for the accidents that happened after I helped! It's not like there weren't accidents before. Why should I be sued for having attempted to help???


I thought I'd leave it for a day before explaining that this is the mindset of Canadians who didn't grasp the danger of getting involved in the US adventure in Afghanistan.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Steady Diet of Garbage

Radio alarm clock wakes 'em up to some spewing hate-fest.

Turn on the television and there's FOXNews telling them that Obama the fascist-socialist is spending them into penury and the only option is to cut taxes for billionaires and slash social security and medicare.

Read a Charles Adler column at the breakfast table. Something about how Christian virtues are needed more than ever.

Got Christie Belchforth's new book about how we should shoot all the fucking Indians.

Syria's got Saddam's WMDs!

Israel's existence is threatened by homemade rockets.

There's $800 million of "gravy" at Toronto City Hall. You just have to pay people to find it for you!

We "won" in Afghanistan.

Global Warming is a hoax. It isn't getting warmer. Or it is, but it's the sun's fault. Climate science has long been a hot-bed of Marxism.

Single mothers on welfare hijacked our democracy. They were too powerful for our politicians to resist. The business lobby was powerless against their political clout, but things started to go our way again in the 1980s.

Nelson Mandela is a terrorist.

We're going to save the world by invading Iran. And then China's next!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Come on Lefties!

So, ... Rob Ford campaigned that there wouldn't be any cuts to services because there was so much easily discernible waste at City Hall that cleaning it up would uncover hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings.

Turns out that was complete bullshit.

So, ... decades of assaults on the livelihoods and resources of ordinary people around the world has produced a hollowed-out economy, top-heavy with a bloated financial sector that resorts to investing in fraudulent investment instruments, producing a mammoth, multi-trillion dollar economic collapse.

Our elites respond by bailing out the financial sector with taxpayers' dollars and imposing austerity to cover the deficits. And everybody just goes along with it.

First the Liberals, then the harpercons, send our troops to fight, kill, and die to prop-up an incompetent, corrupt, thieving, rapist, unpopular puppet-government, force our soldiers to hand prisoners over to torturers, and then, the harpercons violate the fundamental principles of parliamentary government to avoid having to account for their war crimes, and then they nickle and dime the troops when they're maimed or wounded.

And they get away with it, whereas we're slandered as hating the troops.

And on and on it goes.

And what do we do?

Oh, sometimes we form little "civil society" debating clubs. Or we engage in small, local "actions" that often accomplish nothing. Or, when we're really fired up, we have a rally and anywhere from 50 to 50,000 of us show up and chant and sometimes march and hold signs for an afternoon. And we're ignored. Sometimes, "radical" "direct-action" types smash some windows (which local window repair people probably like) and then scamper away leaving the peaceful afternoon protesters to be brutalized by the police truncheons. Other times, police agents provocateurs do the smashing, "justifying" the brutal response. And, still other times, people are brutalized just because our elites are in a hippie-smashing mood. But, the main thing is that aside from some shots of vandalism replayed over and over on the television news, or the gripping footage of riot police beating up innocent people, we're ignored.

Oh yes. One other thing stands out: Our carbon-fuelled economy appears to be putting the survival of civilization at risk. Unfortunately for us, our carbon-fuel industry appears to be powerful enough to compel most of our politicians to do nothing about it but deny the crisis. It's financed public-relations campaigns to create doubt about the science, which, generally right-wing shit-heads (some of whom can do math) embrace whole-heartedly, as it allows them to make asses of themselves yet again, pretending that climate scientists are all hippie-airhead commie saboteurs, out to destroy Christian civilization.

This is an outrage! Let's have rally to protest it next weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Great Summary of the Hollow Core of Rupert Murdoch's Populism

Jeff Sparrow: "The Phony Populism of Rupert Murdoch":

Consider the United States, where, after decades of the neoliberalism that Murdoch has unceasingly championed, an extraordinary ten per cent of the total personal income goes to the top 0.1 per cent of the populace, a disparity only rivalled by impoverished nations like Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. Strangely, those who belong to America's gilded fraction are not refugees or welfare queens or pampered prisoners, nor even pretentious professors or fussy multiculturalists or the other easy tabloid targets. Rather, they are very much a traditional ruling class, made up of people who look very much like Rupert Murdoch, his sons and the rest of his corporate lieutenants.

And that, in a nutshell, is why the populism that comes from News International will always be so phoney.

Politics Costs Money

And we don't have it. In the 1970s, the government started to fund groups to provide alternative analysis. They don't do that anymore. Because alternative analysis is dangerous.

From the 1950s to today, the trade unions are a huge source of funding for lefty initiatives. However, under decades of neo-liberal counterattacks, and derided by environmentalists as a selfish interest group with a vested interest in our eco-destroying system of production and consumption, they've shrivelled.

Meanwhile, corporations use OUR money to pay full-time public relations teams and full-time lobbyists to influence the media, the wider society and the politicians who write the rules. And some of us are convinced that small groups of isolated individuals, or environmental organizations relying on uncertain individual donations from a society marked by increasing economic inequality, is enough to fight back with.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did they find those WMDs yet?


Oh, ... and when did Rob Ford decide that some of Toronto's library branches were part of the "gravy train" of "waste" he's been screeching about?

Everything our opponents believe seems to turn out to be a big pile of garbage.

Given their demonstrated contempt for democracy, when can we demonstrate our contempt for them?

(And I really have to say, the right-wing trolls who pollute my comments section every now and then, remind me of some gibbering idiot pissing all over himself in a burning building. You yell at them to get out and they continue to shower themselves and giggle at you like you're a fool. Then you give up in frustration and allow them to burn.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Would Any Canadian Government Recognize Palestine's Right to Exist

So, the stupid, lying, pathetic closet-case who pretends to be Canada's Foreign Minister says that Canada won't recognize Palestine's right to exist.

Having just torn apart Rosie DiMoron's incoherent, rambling gibberish that was her attempt to defend Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, I realize now that Canada's political culture is so debased that DiMoron is actually taken seriously by a small, but significant minority of people.

I realize that I live in a world where perhaps 50% of Canadians cheered lustily when the Israelis murdered unarmed peace activists on the high seas last summer. There are millions of Canadians who genuinely believe that nuclear-armed Israel, with one of the world's most modern fleets of fighter planes, with a standing army of 150,000, is at risk of destruction from the Palestinians and their rockets and machine-guns.

In such a debased, stupid world, I wonder whether or not any political party in Canada would have the strength of character to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Somehow I doubt it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Fisking" Rosie DiMoron's Steaming Pile of Crapola on Afghanistan

Keep watching this space if you're interested. If you haven't read her stream of nonsensical gibberish, here it is.

Bye for now.


I don’t have any respect for Rosie DiManno. None whatsoever. I’ll admit that it’s gratifying to read her trashing the moronic thug, TPS Chief Bill Blair over his atrocities at the Toronto G20 Summit, but I don’t give DiManno much credit for her stance. In that case, it’s simply that the truth is so obvious that even Rosie DiManno gets it. Nope. I don’t have an iota of respect for this psychopathic windbag. I’ve heard the theory that The Toronto Star features DiManno as a one-woman freak show because she generates “controversy” and, therefore, readership. I would like to say again, that one of the reasons that I won’t pay for the Star is because they feature this useless, babbling idiot.


We don’t listen to soldiers in Canada.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. You know who else doesn’t get listened to in Canada? The left. The social justice activists. The free trade critics. There are all sorts of occupations that don’t get listened to: teachers, climate scientists, social workers. Why should we listen to soldiers above everyone else? If soldiers feel ignored, they can take a number and get in line with a lot of other people.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Do We Actually DO, We People of the West?

I've been reading a lot about World War II lately. I don't romanticize the conflict. Unless epic tragedies caused by deluded fuck-wits can be romanticized. But I do think about the future those people were fighting and dying for. (Or, in the case of the civilians murdered by the leaders, the future that many simply missed by being killed.)

To a great degree, in the Western democracies, democracy was never stronger than after the war. The ordinary people, who felt deserving of a say after the shared sacrifices of the war, and all the hooting and hollering about "democracy" and "equality" from those leaders inspiring them to fight, made their demands very clear. And those demands were all about material concerns, and why not? Protection from the appalling insecurities of unemployment in an industrial capitalist economy. The right to unionize to deal with the collective of the industrial corporation or conglomerates with some degree of equality and dignity. The taxation of the super-rich to fund a more human way of life in the great cities. Access to education. Access to decent health care.

Here's the thing: These material benefits helped produce generations of people, of whom, MANY (but not all) had the privilege and comfort and peace of mind, to be able to think about people and issues other than themselves.

I'm talking, of course, about the much-maligned "hippies." The feminists. The peace-movement activists. The civil-rights activists. The environmental activists. Derided by small-minded, stunted, twisted souls today, these people thought beyond their own immediate self-interest and helped to create many improvements and bring a degree of sanity to our civilization. At the same time that they were doing this, our governments and capitalists, were both building things. To a great degree this was made possible by the wealth created by the reforms that had been demanded in the post-War period.

Not all of these things were blessings. The St. Lawrence Seaway has caused a number of unintended ecological consequences. The CN Tower is actually a monstrosity (even though I've been up it twice).

But I look at these public projects, from the 1950s and the 1970s, and I think: Has there been any project of similar ambition and confidence produced since the 1970s? What have we been doing as a people?

For the most part, it's consisted of austerity at home, and, lately, throwing money down rat-holes in military adventures like Afghanistan. Oh, that, and shovelling even more money at the wealthiest in the faint hope that once they're lying on heaps of gold deep enough to swim in, they'll feel some "confidence" and "invest in the economy" to hire people. (This after they've been laying us off for years pronouncing our labour costs as "unrealistic" or "un-competitive" with wage rates prevailing in Mexico, Brazil, China, or India.)

And what have we, as a people, been doing? For the most part we've been complete cowards. Gutless dupes. As the elites have turned against the post-war compromise and counter-attacked, the majority of us, it seems, are all fired up to beat on the weakest and the poorest. Supposedly petty criminals and welfare recipients held us all hostage for decades and wrecked the economy in their mad lust for substandard housing and poverty-level incomes, but NO MORE! Or else it's immigrants; both too lazy to work and stealing our jobs at the same time. Anti-immigration hysterics can't seem to find the time to research the probable causes of immigration to Canada. They're too selfish, stupid, and oafish to look into how the Western elite-managed IMF imposes economy-destroying policies on those countries. US-Americans shriek about the Mexican invasion, never looking at how NAFTA has devastated Mexico's economy.

Large minorities of Canadian voters embrace wars on the weakest and the poorest, as well as upon those groups (some of whom are simultaneously among the weakest and the poorest) whose work over the decades was so crucial for improving the Canadian standard of living (feminists, environmentalists, artists, civil rights activists), and cheerfully support shit-head politicians who blatantly rob them and cheat them, and acquiesce (probably out of laziness and ignorance) to an economic system that increases their economic insecurity and reduces their chances of a future. They read garbage and swill, suitable perhaps to their level of mental and moral illiteracy (Toronto Sun, National Post) that only clouds their minds with delusions and lies.

As a result of the ascendancy of these morons, we have governments that do nothing for us but brutalize us and lie to us. We have an economic system lurching from one crisis to another (larger) crisis. We have an industrial-consumerist way of life that is suicidal. We build nothing. We achieve nothing. Nothing but our own sad, ridiculous demise.

And, while it all goes down, these witless fools will renounce ALL of their legal and civil rights, in the pathetic hope that the governments and elites who betrayed them and led them to ruin, will torture and execute the "right people" to keep them safe.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can't Believe the Bullshit that People Fall For

Yeah, ... so apparently we're leaving Afghanistan, but for a few hundred sad sacks forced to work as trainers of the soldiers and police who are notorious for raping and pillaging on behalf of warlord governors and the Karzai kleptocracy.

Ten years of that shit. Ten years of lies. Ten years of "support the troops!" Ten years of torture. Ten years of insulting Canadian democracy.

And then the worst offenders get a majority government.

Don't get me started about the economy.

The fucking G20. Call me crazy, but I expected better of my fellow Canadians. I didn't expect such bovine complacency at the complete waste of one billion dollars and the blatant disregard for their human rights and our international reputation that was demonstrated there.

And now, sick of the thuggish, incompetent, corrupt McGuinty government, my fellow Ontarians seem poised to move all the way across the political spectrum from the centre right to the right-wing. They're prepared to punish the revolting McGuinty by electing the delusional, revolting Tim Hudak, who can then join fellow deluded right-wing fuck-ups Rob Ford and Don Cherry on the stage where they can bray like the stupid jack-asses they are while the world burns around them.

People really are consumed by their own little worlds. And, for the most part, our worlds, mine included, are filled up with wishes and desires created by corporate marketers and public relations brain-washers. Thus, we have the politics of idiocy. It was ever thus. Thus it ever shall be.

Schopenhauer was right, ... except for the part where he believed we could escape.

There's no escape from the ceaseless gravitating between frustrated desire to frustrated boredom.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Footnote on harper's Stupitity

Last year I blogged about an incendiary Toronto Sun cover story about a theatre festival featuring a play about a Canadian terrorist.

I just found out that the festival in question; Summerworks, lost its $47,000 in federal funding. No doubt part of the reason is that the harpercons don't believe in public support for the arts, as much as they believe in spending billions of dollars to beat us, arrest us on bullshit charges, and then incarcerate us in new super-max prisons which will be built at taxpayers' expense but run (at an exorbitant charge to us) by private sector rackateers. But I'm also certain that the biggest reason the harpercons pulled the funding was because they would be loathe to fund anything which challenges the notion that the "War on Terror" isn't the biggest fraud going.

Apparently, the play, which would have received approximately $890 in federal funds from the Summerworks federal grant, is an uneven thing, which tries to portray the accused terrorist sympathetically, but which doesn't (the reviewers say) glorify terrorism in any way, shape, or form.

But in harper's Canada, anything that doesn't have us belching and hooting in delirious, orgasmic joy at the thought of Canadian soldiers dying for the Karzai government, or acquiescing to the tortures of our fellow citizens in Syrian, Sudanese, or other prisons, simply can't be tolerated.

The Maple Leaf Uber Alles.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The New Homophobia

It's fooking amazing innit?

Have you heard of "The New Anti-Semitism"?

Apparently, when people criticize the IDF for shooting Palestinian children in the back, or the government of Israel for launching an illegal invasion of Gaza or Lebanon and carpet-bombing civilians, it's really just an excuse to indulge in "anti-Semitism." (This is different from the old anti-Semitism because, ... um, those old anti-Semites didn't have Israeli atrocities to use as a cover, ... as if the people committing the atrocities can't ever be legitimately criticized for them.)

But have you heard of "The New Homophobia"?

When homophobic creeps like Ford or Mammoliti start wailing about "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" and political messages at PRIDE, they're really just using it as an excuse to indulge in homophobia. (It's really just the same old homophobia, but the whole brouhaha about QAIA allows me to have fun with two stupid ideas at the same time.)

(That plus the fact that Ford and Mammoliti get turned-on by the idea of shooting Arabs, like all good, upstanding North American "conservatives" do.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Margie Gillis and the War in Afghanistan

Some, some dumb-ass moron at the wingnut welfare news channel was hypocritically bitching and moaning about how Margie Gillis's dance company got $1.2 million over 13 years.

This in a country where the government won't even tell us what it's multi-billion dollar fighter planes and prisons boondoggles are going to cost.

But then, the self-same dumb-ass moron took Ms. Gillis to task for having an opinion about how compassionate Canada is, dredging up the deaths of 150 Canadian soldiers in our fools' errand in Afghanistan as an example of our compassion as a people.

First of all, this shameless exploitation of the troops as a foil for an irrelevant segue from a conversation about arts funding, is truly sickening. Secondly, if we're going to talk about wasted money and treasure and blood, the ten year idiocy in Afghanistan must surely rank up there as among the greatest wastes.

If that dumb-ass teleprompter reader and incoherent ranter could stir herself to read something sensible, she'd know that those 150 Canadian lives were wasted, absolutely wasted, to prop-up one of the most corrupt governments in the world. A torturing, thieving, raping monstrosity, fraudulently elected, and dependent upon mercenaries and foreign troops for its very survival. An occupation has been conducted, ostensibly to defend and expand the rights of women, but after ten years, Afghanistan remains one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.

True, much of the danger stems from the fact of the conflict itself. However, since the conflict itself is the product of the depredations of the corrupt, brutal government, it's hard to fault the insurgents only.

The whole thing is a tragedy. And as Canadian government policy, one of the biggest wastes, one of the biggest clusterfucks. But because it involves the Canadian military actually shooting at people, it's all good with the wingnut welfare receiving, teleprompter reading, ignorant ranting fool at the useless right-wing news channel.