Saturday, April 23, 2016

Surprised About the Catholic Church's Avoiding Its Obligations to Residential School Victims?

So, it's like this:
The Canadian government released Catholic groups from an obligation to try to raise $25-million for aboriginal healing so that it could hold the groups to other promises they made in the historic 2007 residential schools agreement, a draft of their agreement reveals.
In return for paying $1.2-million for healing programs, the 50 Catholic entities wanted to be released from any and all of their obligations under the residential schools settlement agreement, government officials told The Globe and Mail. 
But what are we to expect? This institution is infamous for its enabling of pedophiles and for avoiding real accountability for that.

Why should we expect any different from them on any other topic?

Criminal scum. Enabled by criminal scum.

And people still trot out every Sunday to obtain moral instruction from them.