Sunday, February 26, 2023

A Right-Wing Revolution in Europe?


So, the Biden administration's insane war on Russia has produced an energy crisis and increased inflation in Europe.  People in the UK are freezing to death I've heard.  And most of Europe's ruling political parties, from the centre-right to the centre-left are cravenly submitting to cooperating in their continent's downfall. (They'd been orchestrating the immiseration of the European populations in a big way since the 2008 financial crisis already.)

The only politicians voicing objections to this US-led insanity and hypocrisy have been on the far-left and the far-right.  And the only politicians voicing objections who have any power are far-rightists like Hungary's  Viktor Orban.  Russia's Vladimir Putin is a right-wing authoritarian himself and he has been subsidizing far-right parties and individuals in Europe for years, including outright fascists.  Putin's stated goal of "de-nazification" of Ukraine isn't complete bullshit however.  Ukrainian fascists ("Banderites") are anti-Russian fascists.  Their organization has historical links to Nazi Germany.  For that reason Putin is opposed to them.

Of course, we mustn't then forget that it is the US government that is supporting and enabling the Ukrainian fascists.  In the same way that they support violent Islamic extremists in Syria and Libya (and Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere) despite having claimed that "Islamism" is the great threat of our time.  The USA needs psychopathic morons to work their will because what they want tends to bring ruin to the lands in question.  So it's Jihaadist nutbars in the Middle East and nazi stooges in Ukraine.  

But back to Europe.  The people of Europe have been protesting this shit.  It isn't reported here because our news media is now 100% propaganda and censorship and hypocrisy and obfuscation and it is so blatant and brazen.  But the Europeans are angry.  And if it turns out that the only groups willing and able to tear power away from the neo-liberal US lapdogs and the soulless, insane neo-liberal bureaucrats in Brussells are the far-right, then this whole selfish US policy of maintaining hegemony, de-industrializing Europe, and subsidizing both the military-industrial complex and the fracking industry could well back-fire and lead to a pro-Putin, pro-Russian, far-right Europe.