Saturday, July 2, 2022

National Citizens Conferences Part III


Posts one and two talked about the fascist mindset; how it's always around; and how harsh economic conditions makes it more influential among the sort of people susceptible to it.  (Some people are more enthusiastic than others.  A few Canadians might genuinely believe that Jewish overlords are trying to swamp "old-stock" citizens with swarthy immigrant hordes.  Considerably more Canadians revere the Canadian Armed Forces and might support a political party that espouses brazen militarism.)

Friday, July 1, 2022

breaking news - The People's Right To Go Ape-Shit


The world is probably scratching its collective head wondering A) Why my last two posts about National Citizens Conferences (I, II) are about fascist numbskulls & B) Why this post isn't a continuation of that topic when I said at the time that my next post would be:

Next post I'll talk about how the Shit-libs cluelessly insist on poking these people and getting them angry.

So the world's collective voice box says "Thwap, what gives???"

The answer to that question my friends is that I feel the need to comment on recent Supreme Court of the United States ("SCOTUS") ruling against women's reproductive freedom.  And to discuss my response to that I'd like to go back to the year 2013 and link to a post I wrote as a response to the Repugnican-controlled Texas legislature's abuse of process to nullify Senator Wendy Davis's filibuster of their anti-abortion bill. (I didn't actually discuss Davis's filibuster in my first post.  I wrote about other conservative and neo-liberal abominations and our overall failure to resist them.  It was only in my second post that it was the events in Texas (and, specifically, the physical abuse by the Texas Legislature security of Davis's mostly female supporters when they shouted in anger at how Davis's filibuster was being knee-capped by the Republican speaker) that inspired me:

I wrote this 2013 post as a reply to a comment saying that fear of police violence was a factor in people's reluctance to defend democracy. I was also, at the time, inspired by my anger at the treatment of protesters during Wendy Davis's filibuster of an anti-choice bill in the Texas State Legislature a couple of months before. I recalled seeing footage of goons from some Texas police force (state troopers or legislative security of some sort) roughly dragging away (mostly female) protesters when they shouted in anger at the way Davis's filibuster was being illegitimately attacked in bogus rulings from the Speaker of the House.

The anti-choice Repugnicans were inventing tricks not in the book to try to stop this legitimate use of a parliamentary tactic. Okay? Do we understand this? If you play by the rules to try to defend your rights, and your opponents break the rules to try to stop you, and use their power unfairly to impose their rule-breaking, they have renounced their claims to authority. They have no right to expect compliance under a system of laws, because they have violated the laws. And when citizens see their rights being attacked, and that this attack is being imposed illegally, they have a right to voice their protest.

Spectators in the galleries of parliaments and legislatures are not supposed to scream and shout at the representatives. This is because in large territories like Texas (or Ontario, or Canada) people who happen to live near the legislature shouldn't have the right to influence (or bully) the representatives of people who live far away. I understand this. But by the same token, when a highly divisive piece of legislation is being advanced, and representatives of people on one side of that divide are trying to resist it with legitimate tactics and the numerically superior representatives resort to brazen abuses to get around this resistance, then all the claims to sanctity of the legislature have been rendered null and void.

It is in that spirit that I would like to say that the building of the right-wing majority on the SCOTUS and its empowering of all the anti-choice Repugnican state legislatures is an indictment of contemporary progressive political strategy and yet further evidence of the need to recognize the people's right to go ape-shit when their lives are under assault.

So, first of all, SCOTUS justices are nominated by presidents.  If the presidents aren't there legitimately it should follow that all their appointments are null and void.  Partisan Repug hacks and corporate media stooges aside it is well understood that bush II stole his first electoral victory.  Therefore bush II's appointments of John Roberts and Sam Alito were illegitimate.

Perjuring themselves during Senate Confirmation hearings is grounds for impeachment.  Among other things, the alcoholic rapist Kavanaugh said he considered pro-choice to be settled law as did Neil Gorsuch.  Therefore they lied.  Therefore they should be impeached.  (If you look this topic up on the internet you'll find many raving right-wing shit-heads blathering about how if Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were lying then so was Elena Kagan who said in her 2009 confirmation hearing "There is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage." before going on in 2015 to establish the constitutional right to gay marriage.)  

A rather more mature version of this argument can be found here at Brookings.  It's not an unhinged rant but it comes to the same conclusion as the right-wing rants.  But this conclusion just doesn't hold water.  When Kagan spoke in 2009 the fact was that there was no federal legal right to same-sex marriage.  She helped to create one in 2015.  Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.  Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were speaking decades later about a precedent, saying that so far as they were concerned the issue was settled.  Kagan overturned no established rights in 2015.  Kavanaugh and Gorsuch just did in 2022.  They lied.  They should be impeached.  

It is clear that the Democrats are useless.  As Chairman of the Sentate Judiciary Committee, Biden helped arch-reactionary, self-loathing, right-wing pussball Clarence Thomas get confirmed by denigrating Anita Hill's testimony against him and forbidding other women from contributing corroborating testimony.  (Biden, after ensuring that the Senate did not hear this damning testimony, voted against Thomas's confirmation.  Eleven other Democratic senators voted to confirm him.  Given Biden's track record his "No" vote was most likely for theatrical purposes.  The same way his early career support for "Civil Rights" was mostly empty words and his real spending of political capital was to fight school integration.)

Biden still calls the stinking embodiment of corruption, Mitch McConnell a "friend" after McConnell's illegitimate styming of Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland because it was an election year and his subsequent shameless rushing through of Trump appointee Amy Coney Barrett in an election year.  By all rights Garland should be there and Barrett should not be.

The Democratic Party, the Biden Administration had a month to prepare for this ruling.  What strategy did they devise to counter it?  To once again fund-raise off of the terrorism of the Republicans and ask people to vote for their "lesser-evilism."  When Obama had a super-majority he did nothing, even though he said he would.

The system is against you, US progressives.  Going ape-shit is your only option at this point.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

National Citizens Conferences Part Two


Last post I mentioned one author who says that Trump's followers are fascists.  I then took some time to describe what 20th Century fascists believed in.  I pointed out that a lot of the fascist agenda was agreeable to "conservative" elites.  Fascism itself came to prominence as a result of the political-economic chaos in Italy and (moreso) Germany.  (Italian fascists were initially more excited about their country obtaining the extra territories they thought it was due for having fought on the winning side of World War I.  Italy had sacrificed 650,000 soldiers lives ... primarily due to the incompetence of its generals ... and fascists felt betrayed.)  Extreme times produce extremist political movements.  Germany would not have produced a Hitler were it not for the immense misery and dislocation caused by defeat in the war, a series of economic depressions and hyper-inflation, and the rise in socialism (that frightened many conservatives).

Saturday, June 25, 2022

National Citizens Conferences


Over 70-million US-Americans voted for Trump.  According to CounterPunch's Paul Street they are all hopeless fascists. (So far as I can tell it, Street's agenda is to write venom-filled journal entries about his country's downfall until his own mortal limitations kick in or civilization has completely collapsed around him.)  But what does it mean to be a "fascist"?  Fascism is a 20th-Century political movement that espoused national unity under an authoritarian dictator who is, himself, also the leader of a mass movement.  This mass movement represents the leader's hodge-podge of ideas with some of the most important being national greatness, racial purity, anti-socialism, anti-capitalism and anti-semitism and other forms of racism. [What's that you say?  "How can fascism be both anti-socialist and anti-capitalist?"  Hitler and Mussolini believed that industry had a part to play in building their societies.  They also believed people had some sorts of rights with regards to their individual property.  But they also believed that the free-market and capitalism were excessively individualistic and that capitalists had to be controlled for the benefit of the nation-state.  Industry and finance could be told what needed to be produced, their profits could be heavily taxed but for the most part there was no expropriation and the wealthy got to remain wealthy.  Think of it this way: Hitler really did sit down to breakfast with the newspaper and if he read about a criminal being convicted of something and he thought the sentence was too lenient he would call up the judge and tell him what the sentence should be and the judge would have to impose Hitler's decision.  It was the same thing with the economy.  Everything would trundle along as before, with the capitalists still in charge of their firms, but if Hitler wanted them to do something, then they would have to do it.]

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Biden Enlists Human Rights Champions Israel & Saudi Arabia to Fight Putin


This meme was probably made by a right-winger.  Perhaps the Democrats shouldn't make it so easy to mock them?

Just to hammer home the stupidity and the hypocrisy of all the shit-head liberals musing about their willingness to entertain nuclear war to stop Putin, ... Joe Biden, the senile corporate whore who stole the primary from Bernie Sanders, is going to Saudi Arabia to plead with Clown-Prince Bonesaw to increase oil production in order to lower fuel prices and thereby injure Putin's Russia.  You see, Putin must be stopped for his provoked invasion of the Ukraine.  So says the USA which illegally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq around twenty years ago and in Afghanistan until 2020 and which still has bases in Iraq.  The USA which also destroyed Libya and tried to destroy Syria through the use of Jihaadist mercenaries.

Joe Biden is so morally certain that Putin must be punished for his aggression and for his overall anti-democratic, authoritarian, corrupt ways that he is turning to an unelected monarch of a state that uses extremist religious obscurantism to deny the rights of the female half of its population; a state that still practices beheadings as well as the death penalty for "apostasy," blasphemy, homosexuality and a few more truly bizarre reasons.  A state that has been conducting a genocidal war of aggression on its impoverished neighbour Yemen, in which civilian infrastructure has been targeted, as well as civilians themselves either as target practice or through starvation as food imports are destroyed.

[That reminds me: Biden continues to keep monies stolen from Afghanistan where people were already starving before food prices started to soar because of the conflict in the Ukraine.]

Biden wants Saudi Arabia to pump out more oil because the disruptions caused by the Russian invasion and the subsequent self-defeating sanctions imposed by the USA's puppet-governments in the EU have raised the price of oil.  Biden wants more oil to be pumped out in any case because the demented dimwit doesn't really grasp that global warming is a reality.

Biden is also stopping over in Israel, the racist apartheid state that has been torturing the Palestinians and stealing their land for longer than I've been on this planet.  Israel which tortures and robs the Palestinians and occasionally subjects them to a mass slaughter. He has asked them not to murder any more American journalists or commit any other atrocities while he's there.  They can get right back to it after he leaves.

Because Biden (and the USA's ruling class in general) are amoral psycopathic assholes.

If Russia backed Hawaiian nationalists to stage a coup in Hawaii and they did and tried to give Russia the use of the Pearl Harbour naval base, ... what do you think the USA would do?

If Russia talked about getting Canada or Mexico to join a military alliance against the USA and flooded us with weapons and military trainers, ... what do you think the USA would do?

Since we KNOW that the USA would not surrender Pearl Harbour but would re-invade Hawaii; since we KNOW that the USA would destroy any Canadian or Mexican government that tried to join an alliance with Russia, we should dispense with the nonsense that the Biden administration didn't know what would happen, ... and that goes for all the US politicians and functionaries who have meddled in the Ukraine since at least 2014.

Biden's criminality, the bipartisan serial violations of international law, the USA's blood-soaked record in Latin America, its support for Israel's racist barbarism and its friendship with the disgusting House of Saud, ... all of this and more gives the lie to the morality of that country.  If you believe otherwise you are brainwashed and have nothing of value to contribute.

Friday, June 17, 2022

A Comprehensive Look At The Lead-Up To Russia's Invasion of Ukraine


This essay from "Rise Like Lions" might sound like Putin-apologetics but that would only be because you're brainwashed.  Everything said about the USA's foreign policy elite psychopaths seeking to weaken, or even destroy Russia is true.  The USA's oligarchic leadership seeks to achieve "Full Spectrum Dominance" against any and all rivals; these being at the moment Russia and China.

If you're brainwashed, you might say: "Well Russia is a corrupt, authoritarian hell-hole and China is an authoritarian, ecocidal, racist (anti-Tibetan/anti-Uyghur) hell-hole.  So what if the USA takes them down a couple of notches?"  But that viewpoint would ignore the corruption and violence of the USA's oligarchs with their prison-surveillance state, their denial of basic human rights to their own majority, their super-corruption and racism, their employment of death-squads to enforce their will in client-states.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; There is nothing to choose from between the USA's rulers and Russia's or China's rulers.  We need world-wide democracy and rooting for any of those teams is worse than a waste of time.  

And it is NOT "rootin' for Putin" to point out that Russia has been targeted by the USA.  Putin might behave like a reckless imperialist expansionist were Russia in a different space-time continuum that made Russia the enormously wealthy super-power and not the United States.  But such a different space-time continuum would have so many other differences that Putin might not have even been born in it.  It's useless speculation.  Russia does not have the wealth to behave the way that the USA behaves.  It's as simple as that.

NOTE:  I would have liked "Rise Like Lions" to have mentioned the precedent for recognizing Crimean and Donbas separatists of the USA's recognition of Kosovo's independence following an internal referendum.  (Something I doubt Canada or Spain would tolerate in the cases of Quebec or the Basques.) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sympathy For The Imperialists


Is it possible that our incompetent, amoral, psychopathic overlords continued to insist that they were "winning" in Afghanistan mainly because they wanted to believe that they were?  In the same way that progressives are forever celebrating their inconsequential and sometimes completely imaginary victories?  (You know, the "victories" here and there that culminate in the working class being worse off with each subsequent year?)

Maybe it ain't cynical propaganda.  Maybe the little darlings just can't take off their rose coloured glasses.