Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Trudeau on Left-Wing Cynicism

 Apparently our shit-head prime minister Justin Trudeau is distressed by the "casual cynicism of the left."  We affect him more than the far-right crazies who want to hang him for "treason."

"Cynicism" the moron says.  He probably doesn't understand the meaning of the word.  Justin me boy!  Did you think you could brazenly break your promise to end our antiquated and anti-democratic First-Past-The-Post electoral system and not make people cynical?  Did you think forming the LIMA Group with fascists like Brazil's Bolsonaro, the Death Squadders in Colombia and the Honduran Mafioso to target the people of Venezuela with deadly sanctions over the alleged human rights abuses of their government wouldn't endgender cynicism? Did you really believe that it wouldn't make people cynical to pull billions of dollars out of thin-air to bail-out an oil pipeline project?  Did you think that signing the UN Declaration on the Rights on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and while not accepting the obligations that entailed wouldn't make people cynical?  (On top of your continued serial abuses of the First Nations?)

I can't imagine the intellectual and moral debasement of those who practically swoon over this stupid asshole Justin Trudeau.  I do know that normal people regard both the man and his fans with contempt.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Nature Trying to Get Rid of Us?


Sometimes you read about natural systems, like fungi, or whatever, ... feedback loops, ... nature keeping things balanced.  Too many herbivores leads to starvation, so predators keep their numbers low.  A delicate balance that has been thrown-off by humans.  Maybe the virus is stage-1 of the Earth trying to get rid of us.  It's not a conscious thing.  But it's genius nonetheless.  

One the one hand, we are the most "intelligent" lifeform that we know of in the entire universe.  I don't think dolphins are aware of the vastness that is the universe.  And if we get snuffed, ... well the universe will continue to wind its meaningless way without us.  And animal consciousness will thereafter be limited to seeking food on limited grazing/hunting ranges on this planet.  And it won't matter because we're a stinking, ugly, stupid, boorish, arrogant, moronic species.

Friday, January 14, 2022

The Snivelling Hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau, our air-head pretty-boy prime minister, has decided to continue Canada's almost century-long tradition of toadying to the USA's insane, imperialist and morally bullshit foreign policy.  Remember: Justin Trudeau is the sort of piece of shit who decided to use Canada's very first National Day For Truth and Reconciliation to take a beach vacation!  As prime minister!  When it was also, just that year, that the First Nations obtained physical proof of what had been known for a long time; that there were mass graves of Aboriginal children buried under the grounds of many former Residential Schools. MASS. GRAVES.

Justin Trudeau then, is either a really, really, stupid air-head or he's a callous racist prick.

Anyhow, what I want to talk about today is Trudeau's brainless, morally bankrupt siding with the USA and NATO against Russia.  The Biden government hates Russia for the same reason the permanent Deep State/foreign policy hive-mind has always hated Russia (and China): Because Russia and China are countries with enough power to resist total US hegemony. That's it. 

I'm starting a new paragraph to emphasize something. Let's put aside for a moment whether China really wants to conquer Taiwan or whatever and let's put aside Putin supposedly wanting to invade the Ukraine.  What is US hegemony?  Is it a benevolent, "rules-based international order"? No. Because it is neither "benevolent" nor "rules-based."  The US-led hegemonic international order is a social order where individuals in the "core" countries (the USA, UK, Japan, France, and many others including Canada) are treated simultaneously as "consumers" and "workers."  As "consumers" we are as valuable as our disposable incomes.  And our disposable incomes (or more accurately, our credit limits) are there to be exploited for short-term benefit by the capitalist system.  We are to be compelled to spend as much as we can on things that we don't need.  If this requires going into unsustainable debt, so be it.  We will have put up assets as collatoral which can be seized.  And if we go bankrupt, ... well Joe Biden himself did what he could to remove bankruptcy protection from US-American households.  Including bankruptcy for debts incurred by having to pay for medical care through private health insurance.

Sigh. I always do this.  Start talking about a specific topic but end up talking in great deal about something only tangentially related.  But I truly believe that the evil of US-led capitalist imperialism is that it is part of a whole of something else.  For instance; I was going to eventually point-out that Justin Trudeau is imposing sanctions on Russia for a non-existent troop build-up on the Russia-Ukraine border while continuing to sell armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia while that country continues to conduct a genocidal air campaign and blockade against Yemen.  But the big question would remain: WHY do our leaders do these things?

And that brings me back to how we're treated as consumers to be fleeced on the one hand, and on the other hand, as workers, or "inputs" to production, which is to say "costs" to be "minimized."  If we could be replaced by machines we would be (and obviously are).  Until we can be replaced by machines we are treated like machines. Worked for as long as possible with the minimum of maintenance and upkeep until we breakdown.  It it is cheaper to replace us with a new machine then we are replaced.  And don't forget: This is all short-term thinking.  If an employer sees more short-term profit from replacing an experienced older worker with an inexperienced newer worker, they will do so, and simply push the newer worker to match the productivity of the experienced worker until they either fail utterly or stumble along at some acceptable rate of semi-success, learning along the way.  Regardless, the point is to continue to make the price all inputs, the costs of production as little as possible, while extracting the maximum of output and profit from them in the short-term.

The same thing goes for the material resources of the production process.  Raw materials are to be extracted as cheaply as possible, as much as is necessary, regardless of the ability of the planet to absorb this gouging.  And the waste products of production (from carbon emissions, to toxic chemicals, to mountains of debris) are to be sloughed off onto the eco-systems of the community (the "society" that the cretinous Margaret Thatcher said did not exist) with the minimum of compensation from the polluting capitalists.  Hence we have global warming; mountains and seas of plastic garbage; the toxic abandoned sites of the oil industry in Canada

So you might ask what this has to do with Russia and China. Especially since Russia is now capitalist and China (despite retaining a strong administrative state) is now fully integrated into the international capitalist economy. I'd say the primary reason is that the military-industrial complex is a huge part of the USA's political economy.  This is guaranteed, publicly financed, high-profits.  As well, this revenue stream helps to enforce the domination of international capitalist order.  For the USA, this meant the destruction of the autarchic German (and Naziism) and Japanese (primarily under the military) economic blocs. Did Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan want what was best for the countries they planned on incorporating into their orbits? Of course not. But that wasn't what was pissing the ...

You know what? Fuck it. I thought about venting. So I vented. But I'm not going to waste an entire morning constructing yet another world-historical essay putting the bullshit of Biden's manufactured "Ukraine Crisis" into its proper context and then trashing the clown Justin Trudeau's latest attempt to slurp shit out of some US president's asshole while trying to preen like a "statesman."  I could wipe the floor with an asshat like Terry Glavin, both intellectually and physically, but my viewpoints don't serve Western imperialism whereas Glavin's do. So Glavin makes a living from his writing and I don't.

I'll just leave off by saying it is nauseating that in this era of REAL world crises (especially COVID and Global Warming) that Biden (or whatever is pulling his strings) sees fit to waste our time with this bullshit.  That he's able to posture like this despite his supporting the holocausts in Yemen, and Iraq, as well as the crimes against democracy across the US empire.  And the fact that there are millions of idiots who are stupid enough to take all this garbage seriously.

Monday, January 10, 2022

COVID-19 Can't Read the Charter of Rights & Freedoms (and other thoughts)


Again: Start from the premise that the pandemic is real.  The contemptible shit-head that I raged about last post no doubt denied that COVID-19 existed, probably "evolved" to acknowledge it was real but downplayed it's dangers, probably didn't wear a mask or practice any sort of sensible social distancing, definitely didn't get vaccinated, definitely caught COVID-19 and definitely threw himself upon the mercy of Canada's public healthcare system, which saved his sorry ass whereupon he didn't learn a fucking goddamned thing and continued to babble stupidly and arrogantly about "freedom."

As the contemptible shit-head painfully learned: COVID-19 is a real and deadly virus.  It would have killed him.  That means that all the stories that he formerly denied were true.  It's real. It spreads from person to person.  The more people it spreads to the more people get sick. The longer the virus lasts. The more chances the virus has to mutate. The more sick people flood our emergency rooms. The longer this lasts the more chances of increasingly dangerous mutations and strains of this virus arising.

Jesus-fucking-Christ but I am so exhausted, mentally and physically, from being constantly enraged with these shit-heads.  These stupid, arrogant assholes riding public transit without a mask.  Babbling their vomit theories about how masks and vaccines violate their precious bodily sovereignty and their Charter rights.

The fucking virus can't read.  The virus isn't thinking about a Charter challenge. The virus's opinion on your bodily sovereignty is diametrically opposed to yours.  Now there's talk about a combination of a variant with Delta and Omicron aspects.  Contagious like Omicron and deadly like Delta.

Here's a reasonable sounding forecast of the consequences of pandering to shit-heads and capitalist vermin: "COVID Colonizes the Future":

The future does not look bright, regarding the health of the human species. What it looks like is, well, lots of people dying from covid, all the time, as the virus mutates, becomes endemic and slashes life expectancy in countries that have not controlled it.  ... So while covid is a disease for all people and animals, it remains a fatal one for the elderly, even if one variant, omicron, is milder. Reduced longevity looms, going forward. This is a permanent setback for the human race.

It didn’t have to be this way. As countries like China and New Zealand demonstrated, covid can be controlled. But for this you need a strong central government that cares about public health. Even better would have been a U.N. on steroids, a strong, central WORLD government, which, other than world capitalist rule, global political and military bigwigs are in no way ready for. And in any event, the window for humanity to contain this disease closed over a year ago. The death cult that is capitalism refused financial sacrifice for human well-being. 

As with global heating, so with COVID.  Only COVID worked fast enough that ... ah, who am I kidding.  Even if you denied COVID, refused to get vaccinated, caught COVID and almost died from it, ... some people can still be babbling like shit-heads about their "right" to go unmasked and unprotected.  We're doomed.

So, while I've been grinding my teeth in simmering rage over shit-head anti-vaxxers/COVID-deniers, I've been reading (skimming really) both mainstream and left-wing accounts of the disgusting, contemptible Biden administration's hypocritical nonsense about the Ukraine.  Ted Snider writes an excellent backgrounder for you all:

Six Things the Media Won’t Tell You About Ukraine - CounterPunch.org

The piece provides lots of evidence about the lies to not bring NATO closer to Russia's borders; that the EU-deal with the Ukraine would also have meant military and foreign-policy integration with the EU and NATO; the USA's close involvement with the coup in the Ukraine; all among other things.

And everytime someone tries to point out the FACT that Putin (being the leader of a weaker power) had tried to be patient and accommodating until the USA's psychopaths forced his hand, they always have to deal with some shit-Lib dupe accusing them of being blind to Putin's nastiness.  But even if Putin was totally the cause of this current "crisis" ... which he isn't ... Who the fuck are the blood-soaked, thieving maniacs like Biden and Blinken to criticize him.  Anyone who sides with the USA on any issue of foreign policy is a brainwashed imbecile.

And, lastly, ... I just gotta say that I don't find Joe Biden funny. I don't find Kamala Harris funny.  I don't find Pete Buttigieg funny.  The orchestrated destruction of Build Back Better was the nail in the coffin for an electoral response to global warming.  Biden (as senile as he is) knew what he was doing.  Harris and Buttigieg are deeply unpopular (with their party's base) because they are corrupt sociopathic losers.  The delusional shit-head Hillary Clinton is again sniffing around trying to capitalize on the Biden/Democratic Party's stumblings, to again try to put herself forward to take on Trump.  We're poised on the precipice of ecological armageddon and a genuine danger of fascism, and the rapist Biden pointedly refuses to use executive orders to help ordinary US-Americans, and therefore his own party's chances of victory!  And besides the senile, racist, mass-incarceration, blueprint for the Patriot Act, idiot Biden, the only other "contenders" they have are the shameless, principle-less Kamala Harris and the robotic, racist, weirdo Buttigieg and the always insanely entitled Clinton.

The reason that all these people are hated by everyone except die-hard partisan shit-heads is because they're corrupt, lying, arrogant filth.  I gave up on that party entirely in 2016.  

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Should Have Left Him To Die


I've never particularly been a bleeding heart. And the infuriating stupidity of this stupid mother-fucker makes him someone for whom my heart turns absolutely cold.  I first read his stupid name in this post from Owen at Northern Reflections.  

In that post, Owen recounts a news story about some Halifax mother hysterically relating how some 13-year old girl who is a friend of her daughter had her heart stop immediately after getting the vaccine.  Nova Scotia's top doctor, the IWK Health Centre, and Emergency Services Halifax all say this didn't happen.  Now, either all three of these public functionaries in Nova Scotia are IN on this big globalist plot to steal our freedoms, or, more likely, they're just public health managers doing their jobs.  And that given a choice between believing this woman and believing them, all sane people will believe them.  There was no 13-year old girl in Halifax whose heart stopped after she got a vaccine injection. In which case that stupid woman was crying and shrieking about something that didn't happen. (And her sort do a LOT of that.  Worrying about Sharia Law being imposed by a Canadian Taliban if she's not allowed to hate Muslims.  Worrying about how responding to global warming will have her busting rocks by with a pick-axe by the side of the highway whilst wearing a burlap sack. Worrying about how wearing a mask is the same as being Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth.)

Why didn't she just stop to find out if this was true?  It's an obvious lie.  Did she call the girl's mother? Did she make any enquiries?  It never happened so if she'd taken any of those steps she would have found that out. But then she wouldn't have had the chance to make her attention-grabbing post on Facebook. Which is probably the whole point. Attention. Delusion. Arrogance. 

Owen's post continues:

This was simply untrue. But, in Saskatoon, defeated People's Party candidate Mark Friesen picked it up:

Fresh from a fourth-place finish as a People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate in the federal election, he tweeted a link to Sheppard’s video along with his own video, filmed from behind the wheel of his truck.

“There are kids dropping like flies all over the world!” said Friesen, struggling to control his temper. “There are adults dropping like flies all over the world from this vaccine that you’ve now mandated! And the rest of you people, you just accept it because the government says so, because the f–king media says so, while we watch our kids die!”

Sheppard's video spread like a wildfire:

It doesn't appear that any of this is true.  And given the track-record of these fuck-faces: denying COVID-19 exists/claiming COVID-19 was manufactured by the Chinese/claiming COVID-19 is no worse than the seasonal flu/claiming that wearing a cloth or paper mask can kill you or drive you insane/participating in anti-mask/anti-public health rallies and then having their stupid asses end up in the hospital with COVID-19; etc., etc., ... it's 99.99999% the case that these hyperbolic claims aren't true.

So, none of their ridiculous claims about the dangers of vaccines are true.  The hospitals aren't filling up with vaccine victims. They have been filling up with COVID victims.  It's a simple as that.

But one "mr. perfect" said in the comments:

The aforementioned Mark Friesen, not long after spreading his lies on social media ended up being hospitalized with Covid-19, was intubated and spent the better part of 3 months recuperating, receiving physiotherapy to learn how to walk again after losing 60 lbs. Of course he denies he was sick with Covid, instead claiming he suffered from necrotizing pneumonia. Necrotizing pneumonia frequently happens to those who are intubated when suffering from Covid. I can't recall anyone I know Friesen's age who out of the blue gets NP and loses that much weight. Friesen still spends time on social media being anti vax and anti mask while suffering long Covid. I read somewhere intubated Covid patients have a 50% chance of passing away within the first year.

This made me want to learn more!  I soon found this link:

Friesen says Ontario hospital stay ‘initiated by COVID,’ has no plan to get vaccinated | 650 CKOM

Former People’s Party of Canada candidate Mark Friesen says he has “never denied” that COVID-19 landed him in hospital in Saskatchewan — and eventually Ontario — earlier this year.

“This was all initiated by COVID and I’ve never denied that,” Friesen told Gormley on Monday.

“There’s a narrative floating around — especially on social media — that I’m denying I had COVID. If you look at my Twitter, there’s a number of tweets I’ve put out that obviously this was started by COVID.”

Oh my! What a brave truth-teller!  He's never denied that what sent him to the hospital (an Ontario hospital because his province is run by a shit-head who panders to shit-heads like him and their own healthcare system became overwhelmed by the products of this mass shit-headedness) was the virus that he refused to get vaccinated for.  Notice how he has to turn his shit-headedeness around and struggle to portray himself as a man of principle and honour instead of just a worthless shit-head!

Friesen said his COVID infection eventually turned into pneumonia and then necrotizing pneumonia — one of the outcomes of COVID on the lungs, Friesen agreed — which has left him with three lung cavities. While initially doctors weren’t sure those would heal, Friesen said they’ve been reducing in size.

“(The) prognosis is good,” Friesen said. “Obviously, I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m hopeful.”

Hopeful of what you stupid fuck?!?  Hopeful that you'll recover your health and therefore continue to be a festering boil on an unwiped anus???  Why don't you instead take this opportunity to apologize to the overworked, exhausted healthcare workers who have to clean up after your stupidity? And the tax-payers who financed the treatment for your totally avoidable, self-inflicted health crisis???  And, perhaps, also (if you can pull your gaze away from your own reflection, which you bizarrely find infinitely fascinating) perhaps a thought for the people you've likely infected with your delusional stupidity?


His weeks-long hospital stays haven’t made the former Saskatoon-Grasswood candidate rethink his opinions on COVID-19 vaccination or mandatory mask requirements, though.

“I cherish freedom, I cherish the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I cherish people’s ability to make their own choice and I will continue to fight for that,” he said. “Regardless of the experience I’ve had, that doesn’t change my principles or my values around freedom. It’s too important.”

Friesen continued: “Without freedom, we have nothing. It’s just something I’ll never back down from.”

What in the sweet name of Christ are you babbling about you stupid, stupid, stupid mother-fucker???  "Freedom"? You yammering shit-head!  Do you remember that virus that landed you in the hospital?  That virus that would have KILLED you had selfless, heroic healthcare workers not worked long and hard to carry you through and treat you despite your arrogance and stupidity???  You have intimate knowledge of the dangers of this virus.  You know how horrible it can be.  Having suffered from it you must now admit that the stories of thousands of seniors dying in long-term care homes, the 30,000 Canadians dead (even after the lockdowns and social distancing and the wearing of masks by people who aren't self-aggrandizing, selfish, narcissistic delusional shit-heads) are not hoaxes.  This isn't a "plandemic" engineered by global elites.  The virus is real.  It has killed 30,000 Canadians.  Every stupid thing you said about the virus you now know was completely wrong.  It almost killed you.  But you babble about your unimportant opinions of "freedom" as if you still think you're a hero instead of a worthless shit-head.

Friesen also shared information on his own health status, stating he is precluded from vaccination because of an “autoimmune situation.”

He explained he has had opinions given to him by “a number of doctors that I’ve been in discussion with and they’ve all recommended do not take the (vaccine) based on my health condition.”

More stupid lies.  Listen Friesen, you fuck-face, given the fact that COVID almost killed you, and you've been exposed to the world as a complete moron, you're going to have to provide more specifics about your excuses for remaining unvaccinated than this vague drivel about "an 'autoimmune situation'" conveyed to you buy "a number of doctors that [you've] beein discussion with." You know, most doctor's offices are closed. But somehow you've been able to talk to "a number" of doctors about your vauge "autoimmune situation."  How coincidental that the stupid loser who has always thought that COVID-19 was a Jewish plot to take away his arid notions of "freedom" just so happens to have an "autoimmune situation" that happily coincides with his belief that getting a vaccine would be yet another surrender to the Elders of Zion!

Friesen also shared a post about that to his Facebook page on Friday.

“What about all the other people throughout our province and our country that have these conditions, that can’t take a (vaccine) but are still being discriminated against in our society?” he asked.

“Because of the vitriol and the hate that’s directed to me, I’ve chosen to make it public, so maybe … some of these people will derive some understanding instead of wishing me dead.”

If I had the time, and a strong enough stomach, I would research this asshole's social media and see what he thinks about Muslims, the First Nations, environmentalists, etc.,  Since he wants to wallow in nauseating self-pity.

On the issue of masks, Friesen told Gormley his primary concern is that they are mandated.

“If we’re social distancing, what are we wearing masks for?” he posed. “If you want to wear a mask, go ahead, wear a mask, I don’t care … but don’t tell me what I have to do.”

JEEEZZIZZ KRYYYYST!!! It's not all about you, you stupid fuck!!! There's a goddamned respiratory virus going around you big fucking baby!!! So wear a fucking mask!!! Asshole!!!

There's a little bit more to the article but it's just more opportunity for this stammering idiot to babble on about concepts he knows nothing about.

But fine.  Mr. Friesen [stupidly] does not want to get vaccinated.  Again: Fine.  So, if he shows up at the hospital emergency room, whining like the entitled, arrogant dipshit that he is about how they just HAVE to save him from the consequences of his own actions, he should be dumped outside on the sidewalk and he can either have his family or friends take him home to die or he can just die there on the street.  Which is what they should have done the first time he came crawling to them for help.

Fuck these people.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Brief Thoughts on "Don't Look Up," "Vice," and "Casablanca."


Not much to say about the new Netflix film "Don't Look Up" since I haven't seen it and might never see it. I'm just reacting to the way that many leftists on my social media and internet sites I frequent are trashing it for how it didn't, instead, choose to be an uplifting film about the people coming together and showing their glorious and beautiful human spirit and overthrowing the oligarchs who are standing in the way of what obviously needs to be done.

Uh, "thwap to ever-optimistic leftist activists: You guys have been living in fucking fantasy-land for so many decades that it's hard to take you seriously. You have achieved SHIT. You have achieved NOTHING. We are closer to global heating catastrophe than ever before. Your record on Israel-Palestine, on Peace, on Inequality, on Police Racism & Violence, is terrible. It's your blinkered, unjustified optimism that keeps you going (Gawd bless you) but maybe you should shut-up here and sit this one out."

Also, some of these precious darlings object to the way that the mass of people are meant to look stupid. Because the people united can never be defeated. It's always our evil overlords who work full-time to divide us who are to blame. You know, to make those of us who think not being shot like animals in the street by racist cops for the colour of our skin should be a human right, to hate the slobbering racist troglodytes who celebrate that and who protest when a window gets broken or a fire gets started in anger over racist state violence. Those damned elites!

Also, ... while I'm sure that a film with this cast of Hollywood A-listers will no doubt be filled with smug, shit-lib hypocrisy and arrogance, ... I'm also pretty sure it's a satire. Or should we also toss Jonathan Swift and Joseph Heller and Terry Gilliam and South Park into the gutter for failing to recognize the eternal beauty of human nature?

Next: I watched about half of "Vice" (about bush II's sleazy VP Dick Cheney) on Netflix early in the pandemic. (The lockdown was why I got Netflix in the first place.) I stopped watching it because the filmmakers seemed to be repeating the term "Unitary Executive" without ever (in my opinion) explaining what it was, why Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted it for and what - therefore - made it so dangerous.

But here's some stuff that I found interesting: Cheney's girlfriend (and later wife) Lynne, apparently wrote his entrance exams to Yale (since he was incapable). Somehow or other his behaviour gets them kicked out. (Either his drinking, or they're living together. I honestly don't remember. But they both had to leave.) He gets work as a telephone lineman but his drinking continues to escalate. Lynne gets him out of jail for drunkeness and sits him down and tells him straight out that her father was an abusive drunk and she is NOT going to live her mother's life. Dick Cheney has to either shape-up or ship-out. 

That took a lot of guts and determination. For a young woman with such a childhood, to stand up to a man and read him the riot act like that. And Dick Cheney doesn't hit her in a drunken rage. He agrees to sober up. And does so. And together, with Lynne's help as the brains of the operation, he gets a career in Washington. Working for like-minded scumbags.

Lynne Cheney's long-suffering mother drowns in suspicious circumstances. She's convinced her father murdered her. At the funeral Dick Cheney tells his (drunken) father-in-law to never try to come near his wife or their two daughters ever again.

I can't remember which scenes came first, but at one point Dick Cheney suffers a heart attack right before an election campaign and Lynne is forced to make speeches on his behalf. (Some of his advisors didn't think Cheney's crowd of voters would listen to a woman but she is clearly good at it and they love her.) I've often said that I never thought Dick Cheney was very smart. His leadership of Haliburton was a disaster and he had to go back into politics and employ raw power and naked corruption to toss public dollars at Haliburton to get it back in the black. From this biopic it really appears that Dick Cheney was Lynne Cheney's creation.

The last scene that I want to mention is the hospital scene after Mary Cheney's car accident. Lynne Cheney thinks Mary has had a fight with her close female friend. But Mary blurts out that she's a lesbian and that they'd broken up and that's what made her so upset that she ended up in a fender-bender. Lynne Cheney's face registers disgust but Dick Cheney immediately says that she's their daughter and that they love her unconditionally. From her Wikipedia page it says that Mary Cheney is a close confidant to her father, so there's some cause to believe this scene happened in life as it did in the movie. Which is touching until you think about all the blood on Dick Cheney's hands. All the millions upon millions of lives he's harmed. It's kind of similar to how the racist father of the USA's racist, mass-incarceration policies of the 1990's, Joe Biden, no doubt loves his wastrel son Hunter, who would probably be serving a life-sentence if he was Black or poor by now.  It's entirely possible for these political psychopaths to be doting parents. loving spouses and true supporters of their inner circles, but that doesn't change the monstrous nature of their policies.

Lynne Cheney's courage and willpower, to not only NOT live her mother's life, but to be a female public speaker and writer, is cancelled-out by the sickening policies of oligarchy, delusion and hatred that she embraces. Dick Cheney's love for his family is totally cancelled-out by his boorish stupidity and indifference to the lives of anyone outside his own chosen circle.

Finally, and like a lot of other people apparently, I've taken to watching movie reaction videos on YouTube. There's two different female YouTubers that I watch. And recently they've each watched "Casablanca." It's a treat to see these millenials become so invested in the story and the characters and to both respond with such shock to the relatively mild (compared to the present day) violence, such as when [SPOILER ALERT!!! ;) ] Rick shoots Major Strasser.

But at the end of her video, one of the YouTubers refers to Strasser's death and says "Bad stuff was happening." IOW: The Nazis were bad. They were villains. That's what happens when people fight back. And both of these YouTubers are from the United States. And so much of the bad stuff happening now is because of the USA. In Iraq. In Libya. In Syria. In Palestine. In the Sudan. In the Ukraine. In Iran. In Venezuela. In Central America. In South America. In US prisons. In Yemen. 

No. The US oligarchy is NOT as 100% racist as the Nazis were. Their system is quite racist but I'd say a large minority of the US capitalist elite could easily tolerate a non-white person for almost an entire day. And, no, the US system of domination has not created literal factories of murder such as the gas chambers. They just use starvation sanctions, brutal mercenaries of all sorts, their own military, and other methods of slaughter to destroy or end the lives of tens of millions of people. If you want to question that then you've already identified yourself as an imbecile.

Then there's the stirring scene where the Czech anti-Nazi patriot Victor Lazlow leads the crowd at Rick's nightclub to sing "La Marseillaise" in response to the Nazi soldiers singing "Die Wacht am Rhein." The whole crowd of French refugees and unhappy Vichy collaborators and residents remember their love of country, homeland. They stand up to their conquerers. They do so in French-controlled Morocco. I wonder how the Moroccans felt about their French occupiers?  I once worked with a man from a former French colony in Central Africa. He was about my age (fifties). He recalled that when he was a child his father asked him and his brother if they dreamed in their native language or French. He told his father that he dreamed in French. His father got visibly depressed. [FWIW: "Die Wacht am Rhein" is a song, based on a poem, about German Rhinelanders resisting French attempts to conquer them.]

I don't want to claim that that's not a stirring scene or that "Casablanca" isn't a great film. Or that those two young ladies are contemptible ignoramuses. I actually watch them because of the few reaction video YouTubers that I've seen, their responses are consistently eloquent and their editing professional. It's a guilty pleasure and I don't want to get too involved with it.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Surveying the Failures of Neoliberalism


Greg Fingas's blog "Accidental Deliberations" often has posts containing links to many excellent mainstream and alternative political articles, essays and analyses. A while back there was a link to this article from the Roosevelt Institute: "The Empirical Failures of Neoliberalism." I just wanted to mention it here. Some choice quotes:

Advocates of deregulation promised both more efficient markets and economic growth (as measured by gross domestic product) that would “trickle down” to benefit the economy as a whole. Such an approach, they promised, would be like a rising tide that lifts all boats. Contrary to the theory, however, regressive policies, including lower tax rates for corporations and the already wealthy, deregulation, and privatization, have resulted in slower growth, greater income inequality, wage stagnation, and decreased labor market mobility.