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Keeping Up With The Thwapmeister General

I said that I'd take a break from online "activism" but yet, still I blog. It's because I'm an egotistical narcissist. Also, ... I'd say my blogging has been reduced. Also, I'd say that it's much more slap-dash. (I often don't bother to put in hyperlinks to stories. Look it up yerselves if you don't know already, is my attitude.) Plus, there's a lot less passion in the way I write. Not so much outrage. More contempt.

I also understand that some people don't blog because they want everything to be perfect before they publish something and don't have the time for that. But they like to read like-minded analysis or else they go crazy listening to "fair and balanced" sources that take a pathological liar like stephen harper at his word.

That's it I guess.

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Ford Nation and Obamabots

"Ford Nation" (the amorphous group of ignorant yahoos who believe that taxation is evil and that public services they like should be free and who therefore like ignorant yahoo Rob Ford) stands fairly firm at 25% of the Toronto electorate. This is even after their hero is accused of having been video recorded smoking crack with the gangsters that Ford Nation and its daily gospel the Toronto Sun refer to as the scum of the earth for the violence and mayhem and human suffering they cause.

If they were paying attention, they'd know that the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail and the National Post have all mentioned the many blank spaces in Mayor Ford's official schedule. Ford Nation believes that their boy is the hardest working mayor Toronto has ever  seen and they therefore believe him when he says that a lot of his work is done at home or out with constituents. So, in the case of this public servant at least, actual accountability can be damned and glib assurances are A-Okay.

Of course, when news of the crack cocaine video came to light, Ford's reaction was to hide from the media. And, for one reason or another, Ford's chief of staff's response was to tell the Mayor to go to rehab to get help for his problems. (Problems which supposedly don't exist.) Later, two of his communications people abruptly quit, based (supposedly) on the nature of his statement last Friday, saying that he does not use crack and is not addicted to crack. This statement deviated widely from the one his aides had prepared and apparently was written largely by Ford and close family members.

Nonetheless, Ford Nation, by and large, continues to support their tax-fighting hero. Ignorance, indifference and hypocrisy comes with the territory of having joined Ford Nation in the first place.

In this, they are not much different from the so-called "progressives" who continue to support the monstrous Barack Obama. One difference that I do acknowledge is that Obama has legions of repulsive critics, the scuzzery of whom might distract them from the villainy of their hero. (Rob Ford has critics too. The Toronto Star is, to them, evil because it is "socialist." Socialism is evil to the denizens of Ford Nation because taxes and Ford Nation is stupid. Pinkos, artists, people who ride bicycles in the city, social workers, poor people, homeless people, non-white people who step out of line, feminists, environmentalists, public transit advocates, etc., etc., ... these generally innocuous or admirable people are the enemy to Ford Nation because Ford Nation is comprised mostly of ignorant cretins.)

As a matter-of-fact, if Ford Nation lived in the USA and had the steady diet of right-wing, fascist propaganda blaring at them as steadily as their US counterparts do, they'd be just as revolting as Obama's critics are. Obama's political opponents in the Repugnican Party stall legislation to provide disaster relief for the orphans of war veterans, cut-off basic needs for the unemployed in a recession and indulge in filibusters to prevent .01% tax increases on multi-billionaires, all to ostensibly stop the deficits that they had no problem with when their guy, the never-elected bush II was creating them.

Obama's critics in the media and among the general public are a screeching, delusional, disgusting crew of stupid racists. Obama is a seething mass of negro rage. He has inherited the irrational hatred of white imperialism of his demented father and has therefore schooled himself in the hateful philosophies of marxism and fascism in order to impose a Third World supremacy over the political control of the USA. The United Nations will take over America and white people will be forced to pay sky-high taxes to pay for the oppressive police state of uppity negroes led by then President-for-Life Barack Obama, the uppitiest of them all. (Why, oh why, can't blacks be more like Korean variety-store owners??? Imagine how peaceable a kingdom the USA could be if only!)

In the face of Obama's vile critics and the bullshit scandals they invent around him, liberal Obamabots have circled the wagons and made themselves immune to any genuine, deserved criticisms of their hero. Obama is a Democrat! Democrats are not Repugnicans, therefore infallible. Obama is the first black president therefore a triumph and an icon. Obama is composed and classy and therefore morally impeccable.

But Obama has prosecuted twice as many government whistleblowers as all previous presidents combined.

Obama murders innocent people in countries that the USA isn't even at war with. (Pakistan and Yemen.)

Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan and thereby presided over a lawless campaign of rape, torture and murder.

Obama sought to prolong the criminal US occupation of Iraq beyond the deadline negotiated by bush II.

Obama has coddled Wall Street criminals and filled his cabinet with them.

Obama lectures black Americans to be more self-reliant and personally responsible.

Obama has presided over the torture of whistle-blower Bradley Manning.

Obama is, in short, one of the vilest, murderous, hypocritical, treasonous, criminal presidents ever. He is a disaster on human rights and the rule of law. An absolute, inexcusable, disaster.

But Obamabots stand by their man and resent it when you point out their appalling stupidity. When Medea Benjamin stood up and yelled at his mewling, hypocritical, revolting garbage at the press conference where Obama babbled incoherently trying to justify his inhuman rights policies, Obamabots swooned when he lectured Benjamin about her need to give him a chance to answer her questions. "Oh! He's so polite! Even when she was so rude!"

What utter insanity.

If you are an Obamabot, please, please, pull your head out of your ass. There is no justification for such stupidity and ignorance!!

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At one point in his extended temper tantrum on his wingnut radio program, Councillor Doug Ford disparaged his council colleagues:
Coun. Ford suggested that most of his fellow councillors would be unemployable if they weren't in the positions they were at City Hall.
"Do you know something, Rob? I'll tell you right now, the vast majority couldn't get a job. I'll tell you that right now and that's fact," he said.
That's rich, coming from a guy who inherited the family firm. To be fair though, Doug is apparently capable of being the boss of a firm that is well up and running. Perhaps he acquired his business sense in the alleged career as a drug dealer that the Globe & Mail describes.

But when it comes to genuinely unemployable, perhaps Doug should look at the sweating, wheezing, bullying drunken fool of a brother he has sitting in the mayor's chair.

What a couple of pecker-heads.

Just One Life

Sometimes, in some amoral struggle between two cynical nation-states, an eloquent person can say how seeing how one life was cruelly snuffed-out by the other nation-state was what made them choose the other nation-state.

The valid idea is that one human life unnecessarily snuffed-out is a crime. We should always believe that. But too lately, when a life is snuffed-out in a worthless cause, ... many Canadians feel unapologetic in saying that history will be the judge and that "there's plenty more where that came from."

But if even one Canadian citizen gets tortured, it's too much. If one vote was suppressed because of harpercon fraud, it's too much.

That's how we should think. But collectively, we don't. Collectively, we acquiesce as one after another, the representatives of the greedy and/or stupid people transmorgrify into one train-wreck after another.

Friday, May 24, 2013

This Day In The Debasement of Canadian Democracy

Our top story: A federal judge ruled yesterday that fraud definitely occurred in the six riding elections where the results were challenged citizens supported by the Council of Canadians. The judge also ruled that the fraud and voter suppression was almost definitely carried out with the harpercon party's CIMS voter database. The judge did not, however, assign guilt for the fraud to anyone. Nor did the judge overturn the six election results.

harpercon scum and their scuzzball loyalists are claiming that they have been vindicated.

Add this to the treasonous Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Etobicoke-Centre, wherein the majority on the court ruled that votes in excess of the number of voters must be presumed as legitimate and that deliberate fraud must be proven before they can be overturned, we can basically say that the Judiciary in Canada has just shit its pants and disgraced itself.

Perhaps if the CoC's case had been heard before the challenge to Etobicoke-Centre, the corrupted Justices in the majority would have been forced to mitigate their asinine reasoning by accepting the reality that the 2011 federal election was rife with unprecedented fraud and vote-suppression efforts.

Following that: Senator Mike Duffy, who is a resident of Ontario, but who unconstitutionally represents PEI in the Senate, and who fraudulently billed the taxpayers for both the costs of his Ontario home (as if his cottage in PEI is his primary residence) and for his expenses on the road campaigning for the Conservative Party of Canada (as if that was his Senate work), and who was ordered to pay back $90,000 of fraudulently obtained taxpayers' money, but who was bailed-out by the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff (for reasons unknown), and who then neglected to report this gift, and who is now sitting as the "independent" Senator for PEI, is now calling for a public inquiry so that the people of Canada can hear the whole story. (He himself, instead of telling reporters the whole story, chose to hide in restaurant kitchens and is now holed-up in his PEI cottage, making it, for the first time, his primary residence.)

Finally: Rob Ford, the mayor of Canada's largest city, is embattled by recent allegations that he has been video-recorded smoking goddamned crack cocaine with gangsters. I will add that the goddamned gangsters who the mayor is allegedly smoking goddamned crack cocaine with are Somalian, because the goddamned mayor who allegedly is on video smoking goddamned crack cocaine with them was always going on about "deporting" the goddamned drug dealers who were bringing violence and death to Toronto neighbourhoods, including the downtown shopping district.

Normally, when told that the mayor of a major city, a "world class city" has been found smoking crack, the response of most of the general public would be something like: "I don't believe it!" In the case of Rob Ford however, the response has been: "Oh my god! Really???"

Toronto is now an international laughing stock. I must admit that I'm laughing too. It's comedy gold. It's entertaining. That having been said, politics and government shouldn't be entertaining in this day-and-age. It should either be inspiring (as is the case when traditional injustices are overcome by hard work, dedication and idealism) or boring (as when intelligent, honest people respectfully disagree as to which necessary thing gets priority and which necessary things get attended to in a reasonable amount of time).

A city like Toronto shouldn't be sitting on the edge waiting to find out if their drunken, absentee mayor has actually been smoking crack with the reviled gangsters.

Anyhoo, Mayor Ford just fired his Chief of Staff for his having told him that he needs to get help. Mark Towhey was actually escorted out of the building by security.

Speculation: Mayor Rob Ford is the hardest-working mayor Toronto has ever had. He's held the line on spending, including intimidating the unions into settling contract negotiations on taxpayer-friendly terms, and he's privatized city garbage collection west of Yonge Street (though whether the latter achievement is of any great benefit hasn't been established yet). These drug-dealers (who have gone to ground) have a fake video and the three journalists who saw it have only been duped. Rob Ford is a simple man. He has said the video allegations are "ridiculous" and untrue. He genuinely wonders how many times he's supposed to go in front of a camera and repeat the same thing to these scandal-mongering media parasites. Sure he drinks to excess on occasion. He isn't perfect. But he cares. HE IS THE HARDEST WORKING MAYOR TORONTO HAS EVER HAD!!!!!

All that having been said; why was the response of his chief of staff, ... a man who should know that Ford is busy 18 hours a day working for his constituents, when told of this ridiculous video slander, to tell Ford to go to rehab? What? If somebody, somewhere told him that Rob Ford was trafficking in sex workers, would Towhey report him to the RCMP???

Or is it the case that the allegations are true? And that the mayor's office is starting to seem more and more like the bunker scene in the film "Downfall"? (Especially as the Gawker crowd-sourcing fundraiser gets closer to the magical $200,000 that the gangsters are asking for the video?)

Even more speculation: The video allegations are true and the gangsters first tried to extort Ford, and went to the media afterwards. The video allegations are true and Rob Ford is hiding out and saying nothing, until Chief Bill Blair (who no doubt extracted a hefty price of future promises) has the Toronto Police Service out looking for these drug-dealers (one of whom was shot dead in a drive-by shooting since being photographed with Ford) and, when all the loose ends are cleared up, Ford will reappear, knowing that the crisis is truly behind him and he can go back to business as usual.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

When Right-Wingers Vote

 Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a democrat, through-and-through. "Democracy is the worst form of government; except for all the others that have been tried" and all that.

But thinking about the train-wreck that is Rob Ford; "Is the mayor of the largest city in Canada (and the fourth-largest city in North America .... [okay, I recall hearing that on the news, but fourth? Mexico City, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, ... at least? Oh well.]) going to have his crack smoking video bought by "Gawker"? Seriously, ... that's the question on my mind this morning: How much of the $200,000 has Gawker raised to buy the video that allegedly shows Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine?

Who'd a thunk it?

Rob Ford, George W. Bush, stephen harper, John Baird, Vic Toews, Tony Clement, Helena Guergis, Patrick Brazeau, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Grant Devine, etc., etc., ...

Even when the Liberal Party of Canada is acting like a bunch of entitled, arrogant, corrupt eltists, ... they tend not to embarrass us to the world. (Except in the fervid brains of right-wing shit-heads who get enraged at things like "umbrella-gate." Fucking morons.)

These right-wing idiots elect "law and order, family values, fiscally responsible" candidates only to have them turn out to be lying, corrupt, sexually adventurous (but tortured) spendthrifts who make their city, province, country, and international laughing-stock.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crack Cocaine & Child Pornography

Scene from the 2013 Sun Media Celebrity Weekend
If things keep going on as they've been going, ... are we going to end up hearing about how Rob Ford is going to appear on "To Catch a Predator: Canadian Edition"? Inquiring minds want to know.

Given the moral caliber of our "conservative" overlords, is it possible that Ford, harper, Flanagan and the Duffmeister General (and whatever harpercon/Con scumbag you care to think of) are all hiding out at Duffy's cottage smoking crack and watching child pornography?

I'm just asking here.

Rob Ford's latest Chief of Staff takes a question.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Obamabots: Lessons For Canada

Let's all remember that it was the Liberal Party of Canada, under Jean Chretien and then Paul Martin, who helped bring us to our present sorry state. Chretien and Martin began the process of tax cuts (ostensibly to "spur growth" and we all know how well that's worked out) and austerity (in the name of "deficit reduction" but actually in the cause of class warfare). In this, they were similar to the other North American "liberal" who dominated the 1990s: President Clinton.

It was under the lovely Liberal Party of Canada that our disgrace in Afghanistan began. It was under them that Maher Arar, Abullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin's torture began. If not for Chretien's street smarts, Canada would have been dragged into the cauldron of Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It was the brainless Paul Martin who agreed to overthrow President Aristide of Haiti and to return that country to the cabal of kleptocratic scum who later reduced their fellow citizens to eating dirt to fill their bellies.

My fear is that just as bush II was worse than Clinton and now Obama is worse than bush II, so will it be the case that as harper is worse than Chretien and Martin, Justin Trudeau will be worse than harper. Justin Trudeau has been described (sometimes mockingly) as a blank slate. There are ominous hints of atrocities to come however. Chillingly, the same was said of Obama; that he was a blank slate upon whom people could project whatever they wanted. There were hints of the disaster to come though. It is for that reason that I'll bother to write about US-American insanity even though this is a Canadian blog.

Monday, May 20, 2013

They Never Figured On stephen harper

Should the Governor General dissolve  Parliament and call a new election based on the blatant criminality of the harper regime? Technically it's possible. But the exercise of such raw power would be considered monarchical and the story of the Westminster Parliamentary System is of the gradual diminution of the monarch's power before the rising power of the people's representatives.

But to tolerate a cabal of fraudsters, installed by fraud and contemptuous of the entire system they base their authority on, it actually makes people willing to resuscitate the monarchy's power. harper has realized that the people who made the rules for our system never really considered that someone as amoral, cynical and contemptuous of democracy would ever be prime minister.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conservatives on Crack

You know, I've said elsewhere that given the fact that US-American right-wingers have embraced draft-dodging, adopted daughter banging, brood of abandoned children spawning, intellectual and moral degenerate Ted Nugent as one of their own, simply for his gun-loving, vegetarian-hating, chickenhawk ways, ... it seems entirely plausible that Canadian "conservatives" would stand by their boy Rob Ford even if the alleged crack smoking video was released and played for them on a giant IMAX screen.

But just for the record (not like it matters given their hypocrisy and stubborn loyalty to their own) but I think it's officially time for these drooling half-wits to retire their whole "corrupt Liberals" meme.

Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Rob Ford, Bruce [Paul?] Carson [the old dude with the 20-something wife who tried to extort the First Nations]; and on and on: Tony Clement, ... ah, the whole gang of shit. They're now "The Corrupt Conservatives."

Friday, May 17, 2013

More Books

 Reading Susan George's book Another World Is Possible If ... , Susan George has been writing great, readable stuff since the 1970s. I've read A Fate Worse Than Debt and How the Other Half Dies. If you want a good introduction to the political-economic history of the postwar period and how we've found ourselves in this sorry state, I'd recommend giving her books a try.

What makes this work a little depressing is that it's from 2004, and in it, George makes the entirely reasonable argument that if there's to be any hope for social justice in the world, then the population of Europe must stand up to the USA's neoliberal onslaught and expand their welfare states and their environmental regulations and all the other things that we embattled leftists in North America recognize as the source of Europeans' generally better living standards (all things considered).

Alas, the neoliberals are in the driver's seat in Europe now as well, and are succeeding in their divide-and-conquer strategy to destroy the European welfare state and bring on the inequalities of wealth and the resultant financialization of the European economy that has so benefitted North American elites.

I also picked up the paperback version of the fourth volume of Robert Caro's awesome biography of Lyndon Baines Johnson; The Passage of Power. I'm afraid that I haven't actually read the first two. I've only read Master of the Senate, but it was fan-fucking-tastic. I've only just started The Passage of Power but the writing is top-notch. I'd curl up with it for a few days and read it cover-to-cover but I'm so behind in everything else in my life that it'd have terrible consequences.

Also, a while ago I mentioned that I was reading The World That Never Was by Alex Butterworth. I can't say enough about it. It's a sweeping survey of what has become a fairly neglected portion of political history: The story of anarchism, terrorism, and the state's response to it. Butterworth writes as a principled liberal. He's critical of the anarchists but he's more critical of the hypocrisies and corruptions of the system they rebelled against. He paints the anarchists he describes as flawed human beings, but nonetheless, human beings inspired by noble, humanist ideals. Furthermore, he shows how the police apparatus of provocateurs, double-agents, international law-breaking, was, in the final analysis, more dangerous than the anarchist bomb-throwers it was designed to combat. That is the focus of the book. It's not intended to be a history of anarchist thought or philosophy.

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I Can't Blame KirbyCairo

Sick at heart of all the stupidity and evil being rewarded, Kirby Cairo has thrown in the towel when it comes to blogging. Joining Boris at the Galloping Beaver and Rural at Democracy Under Fire. Alison at Creekside took a hiatus from hopelessness not too long ago; perhaps with Christy Clark's surprise majority she'll take another pause. And I've been blogging lightly for a while myself. (At least it feels lighter. Like I don't care or something.)

Blogging is speaking out to the world, hoping that like minds will agree and that perhaps (if only in a small way) we can add to a collective cultural reality and somehow influence the broader culture.

Once in a while though, the bloggers that I like grow dispirited and depressed. They feel like they're swimming against the tide and their efforts are futile. Of course, you'll occasionally hear such emotions from bloggers you disagree with (mainly on the right) as well. As if nobody's happy.

Consider the plight of these fuck-ups: Their great white hope, stephen harper, refuses to immediately outlaw abortions. Homosexuals can get married and it's against the law for federal public servants to discriminate against them. Even worse: innocent children are told they can't bully homosexual schoolmates into suicide! It's politically correct insanity run amok!

Oh yeah, back to stephen harper ... the great betrayer ... ; he campaigned on small government, low taxes and balanced budgets, while racking-up the largest budget deficits in Canadian history!!!! What we obviously need is ruinous crushing austerity and plenty of it!

Meanwhile, "the corpse" [CBC] continues to thrive [in their fervid imaginations anyway] while Sun Media struggles for its life in the face of public apathy or antipathy. When, oh when, will Canadians be free to tune into Global, CTV and Sun News, free of encountering the Maoist collectivism of the state broadcaster?????

I suppose these shit-heads are also incensed that Arabs and/or Muslims can roam about our land freely, as if they're citizens or something, and document all our vital resources and our weak-points.

And don't get them started on the First Nations. (Please, for the love of Allah, don't get them started on their racist, childish, idiotic conspiracy theories.)

Yeah, occasionally these insane, inbred, ugly-minded simpletons feel like the mainstream is out of touch with them.

The important difference is that these pieces of shit are acting as a drag on our collective intelligence, with their self-evidently stupid yammerings being subsidized by greed-head manipulators who know that the longer idiots can fixate about teenage single mothers, the less time they'll have to connect two-and-two together and realize that single mothers on welfare aren't a politically powerful demographic and that they therefore can't have too much of an impact on the average Canadian's material well-being.

Canadians have to be reminded that the neo-liberal theories of the elites haven't done a good job once you factor-in all the younger Canadians forced to live with their parents decade after decade. Or once you consider the enormous rise in household debt levels and imagine what would have happened to economic growth over the past ten years without it. Or once you think about the rising tuition rates and delisted health care services. Add in the billions in G20 security, public safety funds lost, gas plant contracts torn up, crumbling infrastructure, ORNGE waste, outside consultants paid for in secret,$20 billion wasted in Afghanistan, etc., etc., ... All that money could have gone to real services for real social needs. And then there's the $100 billion to prop-up the economy as a result of the financial bubble implosion.

Piss on all those elitist scum-bag incompetents and thieves and their shit-for-brains chump supporters.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Country is Fucked

This whole fucking world actually. This whole fucking human race is doomed. The greed-heads aren't going to be torn to pieces by the ravenous hordes. The ravenous hordes will tear each other to pieces. The biggest greed-heads will survive in their isolated fortresses, and congratulate themselves on their inherited wealth and their prescience at having survived the calamities they brought upon us all.

What happened with the corrupt, duplicitous BC Liberals? They won a majority? Why? 50% of the electorate too "smart" to bother voting? Green-NDP vote-splitting? Whatever. Here comes the pipeline, protected by all the resources the federal government, the Alberta government, and the British Columbia government can muster. (Which will obviously include the murderous RCMP and the nefarious agents of CSIS.)

So, ... dig, I go to an event last night. Rick Salutin and Steven Shrybman (the lawyer representing the Council of Canadians' challenge to six election results over election fraud) about "taking back our democracy." Shrybman gave a nice presentation about the case that filled in some blanks for me. But, obviously, taking away six seats from an 11 seat majority isn't going to change anything. Even if it succeeds, a majority is a majority is a majority.

It was up to Rick Salutin to tell us how exactly Canadians can "take back their democracy." So the old hippy gets up there and starts babbling about how elections are ridiculous, proportional representation is a dead-end, political parties are anti-democratic and democracy is just people in a circle having a conversation.

Far-out man.

So, if we had an entirely different world, it would be better than this one? Is that it?

Barack Obama continues to defend Wall Street CRIMINALS, he continues to MURDER people around the world, ... and any opposition appears to be coming mostly from insane, hypocritical deluded "libertarians" and whatever the fuck they are Repugnicans.

The Canadian opposition parties continue to treat the harpercons as just another rival party, no different, no more contemptuous of Canadian democracy than any of the others.

Rob Ford will be re-elected in Toronto and stephen harper will win another majority.

The left will respond by having a protest somewhere, some afternoon, at the indulgence of the police. Leftist men will respond to their powerlessness by raping a few female comrades.

And of course, the planet will start to burn in the next couple of years.

I'm feeling another bout of Miley Fever coming on!

Whatever's going on between Miley and Liam, I hope they both find happiness!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

harpercon defeated; an okay day for Canada

It's tough getting around to visit all the small communities in a place like Labrador. That's why getting free plane rides would give a huge advantage to any candidate who could score 'em. And, the smaller airline companies who serve Labrador might not have the liquid cash sitting around to donate to the harpercon candidate who could get them some sweetheart government contracts later, would have the wherewithal to provide those free rides.

That's called corruption 101.

Penashue tried to blame it on his inexperienced enthusiastic staffer, but that was bullshit.

In the end, blatant, glaring corruption brought down a harpercon cabinet minister. Amazingly, stephen harper believed that Penashue's idiotic excuses would be enough to placate the people of Labrador. Perhaps he was thinking that Penashue's bragging about how he'd hold up projects elsewhere until Labrador got some swag would convince the voters to pick the government stooge again in return for more goodies.

But the downfall of Penashue was a good thing. It meant that at least nominally, in some cases or circumstances, the rule of law is still a factor in Canadian politics. Evidence of this has been in short supply for a long, long time. And, Penashue's subsequent rejection by the voters of Labrador is even better. It shows that some Canadian voters are willing and able to put integrity before possible material gain.

I am saddened somewhat, by the final outcome. The riding had been narrowly won by Penashue from a Liberal. It had been a Liberal stronghold. Since it had basically been won by fraud, the party that lost by fraud should have had a clear field to go against Penashue in the byelection. I believe the NDP should have taken the high road and stepped aside to, really, let what had been the intention of the voters of Labrador last time, to prevail. Instead, the NDP is thinking about partisan self-interest. And doing so stupidly and ham-handedly. Despite the NDP's having polled a distant third last time, Mulcair and his brain-trust must have believed that to look like a contender for power, they should campaign to win in Labrador. And, they lost. Which was to have been expected. A perfect storm of circumstances combined to make the Liberals implode in 2011 and to make the NDP the head of a coalition government with the Liberals, ... er, um, ... I mean to make the NDP the Official Opposition in the face of the harpercons' stolen majority government. The NDP's response to this windfall has been to work mightily to become the intellectually and politcally bankrupt Liberal Party and thereby steal all the votes that the Liberals lost. (It doesn't make any sense to me either.)

The riding went to the Liberals as it should have. But that doesn't make me happy either. Because human beings are stupid creatures. And I'm human too. But one bit of stupidity I don't possess is infatuation with the very handsome Justin Trudeau. Lots of other people do. Even though Justin Trudeau is fine with shredding our civil rights in the name of anti-terrorism, and destroying the atmosphere in the name of the Tar Sands and the political power of big oil and Alberta's voters. He's Canada's Barack Obama. Just think of how Canada will look on the world stage with a dreamboat like Justin Trudeau as our representative!

Who cares if he's business as usual or worse? Look at all the nice US Democrats shrieking about how sweety-pie Obama has a right to kill you in the name of Wall Street. It's sickening.

In the end though, harper's in-your-face scuzzery and contempt for democracy is the real threat. The NDP should have taken the high road, given the Liberals their victory, and advertised it as a blow against the demonstrated enemy of Canadian democracy, stephen harper.  They should focus their attacks on harper, harper, harper, and then embrace those aspects of the NDP that made them viable and the absence of which made the Liberals wither, and just advertise themselves as the antidote to the humiliations and abuses of late-capitalism that Canadian voters are asking for.

(I'll leave off by saying that in my search for the links for this place I saw an editorial about "What the Harper Government should learn from Labrador byelection defeat" [or words to that effect] by repulsive newspaper troll John Ibbitson. As if I'd bother to read what that yammering hack has to say about such an important subject! I'd prefer "What John Ibbitson should learn about how he's a contemptible, disgusting practical joke of a human being.")

Monday, May 13, 2013

For Your Consideration

Crazy-assed meth cook Walter White:

Canadian Spaceship Media Whore Chris Hadfield:

Safe return Commander!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


US and European elites will intensify their efforts to destroy their fellow citizens' living conditions in the hopes of becoming even more insanely wealthy and powerful. They will succeed because the deluded, brainwashed voters in these countries will waste their time on contests between pea-brained right-wing nutbar parties and mewling, milquetoast "liberals" or "social democratic" stoops.

The elites don't worry about the debts of their governments because they own that debt and that debt is used to justify the austerity needed to wring it out of the chump majority's pockets.

But Japan will devalue the Yen and engage in hogwild stimulus spending, making North American and European products just as expensive as they always were.

China's elites will refrain from stimulating the domestic economy because their whole system is built on exploitation. Rising wages and employment levels and more secure housing would only make Chinese labour less passive and, essentially, give them ideas above their station. So China will stagnate because Europe and North America can't import as much.

Behind it all, world temperatures will rise with increasing speed, and the world's ability to sustain life (let alone civilization) will become increasingly in doubt. It's anyone's guess whether the vindication of the environmentalists will mean that environmentalists will be listened too, or whether they will be gunned down in the streets by the last gasps of the Archie Bunker brigades.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Congrats to Miley Cyrus!

As you know, this blog is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. Anyway, ... some magazine voted her one of the top-50 sexiest women in the world. I don't know if ephemeral is on the list. Or those two chicks I saw walking home yesterday who were checking out a restaurant menu. I'm not going to link to the magazine awards. I really don't care. I'm not really a Miley Cyrus fan. I read about the "sexiest women" list in some column in one of the free dailies yesterday.

I'm just typing shit for the sake of typing shit.

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Why Liberals r the Real Haters ...

Hi! Welcome back to thwap's increasingly insane schoolyard! I'm going to continue to channel the right-wing mind because I have no desire to type about anything else.

Today I'll be learnin' you on how it's the pinkos, liberals, commies, white-guilt types who are the real racists in society. They're racist against white people in that they hate them (even though most of them are white themselves) and they're racist against everyone else with their "affirmative action" quota system that shows leftists don't think minorities can make it in society on their own elbow-grease and wearing their own thinking-caps.

This all goes against what you hear in the liberal-dominated media, wherein it's conservatives are bigots and racists and it's the (no surprise in a liberal-dominated media) lovely liberals and leftists who are the heroic champions of human equality. How do they argue this "Big Lie"? It's really a crude circular argument.

STEP 1: Liberals don't believe that minorities are smart enough to make it on their own so they invent affirmative action programs to give jobs to minorities even if they're not qualified for them.

STEP 2: Conservatives speak out against racist discrimination against white people and racist insults to minorities of these embarrassing quotas.

STEP 3: Liberals call conservatives racist for opposing racist affirmative action programs.

In so doing, the liberal political-correctness thought police silence conservatives with the smear of "racist" ... but thankfully, more and more conservatives are cottoning to this tactic for the lying smear that it is and are refusing to stay silent!

As well, the liberals get all the minority votes because of all the jobs they give to unqualified minority members. Now, if I was a sane person, I would notice the contradiction between my saying that affirmative action programs are seen as an insult by minorities while at the same time saying that they win votes from minority voters. But I'm not sane. I'm a conservative. So, my "affirmative action is an insult" sits quietly in the background, while my "affirmative action wins votes" stays in the foreground and I use it to argue that minorities are full of lazy people with a false sense of entitlement given to them by A) liberal propaganda which they cunningly exploit and B) their own degenerate cultures of failure and sloth and short-term gratification.

Now don't get your knickers in a twist! Racism is when you say that certain homo-sapiens (or "humans" as it says in the Bible) are genetically inferior and need to be exterminated like vermin. Criticizing people's cultures where they are defective is NOT racism and is, in fact, meant to be kindly and constructive.

[I'll post this as is and finish it later. I want to play "Candy Crush" and then do the dishes.]

Friday, May 3, 2013

Channeling the Right-Wing

So, for the continuing entertainment value of left-wing Canucks who long to see some similar thinking as they browse gloomily through the inter-tubes, I've decided to try to think like a right-wing voter. Yes, yes. Crude stereotypes, doesn't do justice to the  nuanced worldviews of this demographic, elitism, blah, blah, blah-fucking-blah.

Anyhooooooo .....

I believe that human life begins at conception. That means women should be forced to carry pregnancies to term. They can put them up for adoption afterwards. The stupid sluts. But they'd no doubt want to collect the welfare. And they'll get themselves knocked-up again as soon as the child benefits start to run out. Believe you me. I say NO! None of this subsidies for sluts. Make the teenage mothers marry the teenage hoodlums who knocked 'em up! That is if they can figure out which one of those morons got them pregnant while she was letting herself get gang-banged at that booze and drug orgy that today's teenagers call a "party."

I can think of nothing more Christian than to condemn pregnant women to lives of poverty and marriage to the first minimum wage teenage father who agrees to try to support her. And, anyway, if she's truly destitute, she can, as I said earlier, always give the kid up for adoption.

I can see no connection between my attitude and the decision many young women take to have an abortion. What? And, just because a woman (and if I'm a right-wing anti-choice female, ANOTHER woman) get's raped (and even if it isn't HER FAULT that she got raped) and she gets pregnant, she should be forced to carry her rapist's baby. Just because (so I've heard) that the first thing a woman wants to do after being raped is to wash the filth out of her, and carrying a pregnancy to term means feeling the effects of that rape day after day, month after month, ... I can't see that it's any big deal. It's not the baby's fault its father is a rapist. Anyhow, she can always give the baby up for adoption if she hates it that much. Simple really.

And if the pregnancy puts the mother's health at risk, ... well so what? She had her time. Nobody put a gun to her head and forced her to have sex. You play's your money you take's your chances I say. Maybe they'll both pull through anyway.

And if the baby is going to be born with a terminal disease or painful disability, ... well all life is precious. And if it's too much for her and whoever, they can always give the baby up for adoption. There's plenty of people who would like to adopt a painfully disabled child requiring 24-hour care. I haven't adopted any child like that, but I'm sure there's like some kind, rich folks out there somewhere.

Anyhow, ... the number one cause of unwanted pregnancies is sex. And sex is evil. Unless and only, if it's between a man and a woman (who were born that way landsakes!) who were married by a duly-accredited minister of some recognized religion. But especially Christianity. The one, true faith (I'm not sorry to say.) Other religions are okay as long as they help people to control their animalistic urges. Which is what sex is. But don't take that to mean that we're animals. We're made in God's own image. Well, men are anyway. God has a dick. And no tits. Or pussy. Or maybe he doesn't have anything between his legs. He doesn't need one after all. He's God. He doesn't need to have sex or pee.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. So, just because we reproduce the way animals do, and eat the way they do and defecate and piss the way they do and fall prey to germs and viruses and stuff, and all that; we're separate from the animals. Because. Have you ever seen a dog drive a car? (Not in the circus!)

Can I give you a lift?

Ain't they cute?

Oh yeah, sex. Sex needs to be controlled. Pregnancy and childbirth are God's way of punishing women for having given Adam the apple to eat. From listening to a snake. This is true. It says so in the Bible, which is the revealed Word Of God. Everything you need is in the Bible. How do you know when the Earth began? Were you there? God was! So that's why women can't have abortions. And that's why teenagers who have sex are evil. And they're especially evil if they use birth control. Because it lulls you into a false sense of security it does. No contraceptive is 100% proof against unwanted pregnancies or venereal diseases (another punishment in case you're too stupid to get it from just one!). Chastity is the surest protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases.

And I'm not even going to listen to you when you start talking about how US states with the most Christian kids and the lowest access to birth control have the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies. First of all, statisticians are scientists. And most scientists are heathens who worship bullshit theories like evolution and deny the wonders of God all around them. So, you can make statistics say anything you like. After all, how the hell would anyone know this stuff? Do you really believe that somebody goes around Mississippi and Wisconsin and adds up all the teenaged mothers and then, on top of that, asks them if they've been saved by the Blood of the Lamb? And even if they do, you're pretty trusting to believe they tell the truth, what with their humanistic agenda and all.

I guess it makes sense to him!

Did you know that Planned Parenthood started the Nazi Party? It's true. I read that Margaret Sanger wanted to kill all the crippled babies and all the "inferior" races (like the precious Blacks and the Indians) that the leftists (who are the real racists) pretend to care about. (If they cared so much about the Blacks and the Indians, they stop letting them wallow about in the squalor of their own degenerate cultures and teach them to embrace the ways of the White Man, who, I'm sorry to have to say, built modern civilization entirely on their own without any help from anybody. What's that? Slavery? That was a long time ago! Quit trying to guilt me for something my ancestors did hundreds of years ago. And, anyway, ... it worked out for the slaves. Their kids get to live in America instead of the hell-hole that Africa is.)

Where was I?

Africa, slavery. Gangstas. Alcoholism. Babies? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Birth control? Oh yeah! Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger wanted to kill crippled kids (just like the abortionists) and the "inferior" races, just like Hitler! You can look it up. It's true!

The face of evil!

Well, I have to go. I've got to change the laundry and get the kid's lunch ready. Come by tomorrow and I'll tell you about how it's the leftists who are the real racists!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Random Things

Almost a decade ago, I spoke to a group of socialist academics and activists. I said that if we were to move forward we needed to come up with something big but nevertheless doable with the political system as we know it.

I proposed utilizing small-l liberal values about democracy and human rights to begin campaigning for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing liberal rights of citizenship (including freedom of speech, assembly) of workers within their workplaces.

It's rather developed and I've discussed it elsewhere (to no effect!) so you're free to read about it here or at or rabble-babble. I'm mentioning this today because, for one reason or another, I was reminded of that talk and how the audience just basically stared at me (apart from one Marxist-Leninist who took umbrage with my criticisms of the oppressiveness of the Soviet Union). They didn't guffaw and mock me for the sheer stupidity and insanity of my proposal. They didn't cheer and carry me around on their shoulders. They didn't ask questions or provide comments about the likely feasibility of the project. They just stared at me. About 16 people.

And, you know, given the fact that the left's grand narrative since then has been to "Organize! Educate! Resist!" around the shredding of civil rights, the weakening of the labour movement, the rising levels of inequality, species extinction, global warming, ... all of these defensive campaigns and all of them losing ones, ... it's not like there was something else in the works that they were privileging over my own proposal.

It seems to me that the left (or "progressives") are essentially catatonic.

My other random thought is that yesterday I was talking to ephemeral about imagining how life is actually lived in a wealthy Rosedale or Forest Hill neighbourhood. Specifically (and inspired by real-life examples strolling by as we sat in a park with the dog) I thought about how the wives in these households get plastic surgery done on their faces. How is that lived? Just like you'll see a really obese person in sweat-pants every once in a while in a poor neighbourhood, in my part of Toronto (where I'm definitely an aberration) you'll see women with obvious plastic surgery. Like maybe once a week.

Why do they decide to do it and their husbands don't? How do they talk about it? How do they pay for it? How do they time it? How do their kids talk about it? Basically I was trying to put myself in their lives and imagine how it's all carried out.

And I think that's what we need to do when confronted with this austerity agenda. It's pretty clear that almost the entire political class has bought into this bullshit. And it's not like it's a one-time decision they make based on their decision to screw the working class. Obviously there's some of that. But that whole anti-worker agenda itself, ... it's not the case that a moron like Jim Flaherty sits around cackling about how evil he is. No, the dunce lives his life 24-7. He's motivated by some sort of worldview as we all are. Same as Michael Ignatieff. Same as Barack Obama. Same as Christie Clark.

Quite clearly, it's an imbecilic, incoherent worldview. But they're immersed in it. They FEEL it. And, finally, they're elected at least in part by the lunkhead I was reading in the National Post comment section who was ranting about how terrorist immigrants have made it expensive for Canada Post to ship parcels. (Or something like that.)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wut d kidz r list n 2 deez daze

Stuck standing on the GO bus becauz all d yung-ass punx wanted to hear deez muther-fukkerz: