Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lines That Can't Be Crossed

Like a fart in a wind storm, thwap bleats out his opinion into the blog-o-sphere to contribute to the overall political consciousness.

Barack Obama is a monster. Barack Obama is a corporate shill. Barack Obama is an enabler of Wall Street corruption. Barack Obama wants to destroy social security and medicare. Barack Obama is an enemy of the unions and the working class. But, none of that makes him more intolerable to me than any other American politician. Mitt Romney is a racist, a sexist patriarchal asshole, a callous plutocrat, a homophobe and etc., etc., . But Barack Obama believes that he has the right to incarcerate US-Americans indefinitely without charges and he believes he has the right to murder any US-American citizen he wants to.

I don't care about how bad Mitt Romney is. That doesn't save Barack Obama from being an out-and-out enemy of democracy and human rights. Unless and until all people who care about democracy and human rights grasp the the minimal position that Barack Obama is completely unacceptable, regardless of Mitt Romney or the Tea-Baggers or Rush Limbaugh or Paul Ryan or Rick Santorum, or whatever, ... US-American democracy will be at a dead-end. If NONE of the choices are acceptable (and they aren't) then what then?

It's extremely lazy to believe that voting for Obama and the Democrats is the sane, logical choice for US progressives. If NONE of your choices are acceptable, if the SYSTEM is unacceptable, ... what then?

And, for us Canadians, ... what are we to do about stephen harper? As far as lines that cannot be crossed, demolishing the principle of responsible government (as harper did in his first prorogation), covering-up war crimes (as harper did with his second prorogation and with his bullshit vetting process that the NDP wisely chose not to legitimate) and with his tolerating of Bev Oda's forgery and lying and his refusal to share cost estimates with the people's representatives, and for his shrugging of shoulders with the contempt finding against him, and for his obvious orchestration of election fraud, ... stephen harper is not a legitimate political actor in this country. There is no good reason to support him for anything. There is no reason to discuss his bullshit policies and his bullshit government. They are usurpers. You don't pretend that usurpers are legitimate. You fight them. You don't mince words with their deluded or cynical hangers-on. You ignore them. You don't obey usurpers. You defy them. You don't analyze them. You try them and you imprison them.

I have been trying to connect with individuals and groups in Toronto to begin a focused policy of direct resistance to harper. But, just as in the USA, progressives need to go through an evidently massive process of mental realignment to get past the idea that things can be "business as usual" when dealing with the reality of illegitimate government.

For believing he has the power of life or death over his fellow citizens, Barack Obama has crossed the line from corrupt capitalist politician to despot.

For believing that both Parliament and democratic elections can be entirely denigrated and debased, stephen harper has crossed the line form asshole conservative moron to usurper.

There can be no further negotiation or debate.

Friday, September 28, 2012

UPDATED! Margaret Wente & Elite Immunity From Consequences

 Margaret Wente is a lazy, stupid person. As such, she has a great deal of animosity towards people who aren't lazy and stupid and so she writes column after column of lazy, stupid bullshit, mocking her betters and sucking-up to her enablers. (She is enabled by people for whom a debased political culture is the preferred environment for cheating and lying and general corruption.)

Wait a second? Did I say "she writes column after column"? That's incorrect. It turns out that Margaret Wente is so lazy and stupid that she can't even come up with fact-free, faulty arguments and snotty obnoxious drivel all on her own. It turns out, thanks to the efforts of Carol Wainio at Media Culpa, that stupid and lazy Margaret Wente is a serial plagiarist. To repeat: Margaret Wente is so lazy and stupid that rather than pulling bullshit arguments out of her own ass, she collects bits and pieces that other people pulled out of their own asses, smooshes them together with misappropriated facts she found elsewhere and connects them all with a few squirts of rancid diarrhea. [YOU KNOW THAT'S THE REASON YOU READ MY BLOG!!!!]

Now that Carol Wainio of Media Culpa has meticulously documented Wente's stupidity and laziness and plagiarism, Wente and some of her fellow travellers, are reacting in true “conservative” form. They're pretending that Wente is being victimized and they're slandering her accuser. Wente's own “apology” was par for the course for that lazy, entitled booze-hound. She's pretending that an attack on her plagiarism is an attack on her freedom of expression. She's pretending that a reader of her newsspaper who doesn't want to see blatant plagiarism and who writes in dutifully when a Globe & Mail columnist fails to meet the minimum standards for journalistic or literary integrity is an obsessive stalker. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; if you didn't fail so often, Ms. Wainio wouldn't have so much to write about! If your employer had responded to Wainio's documentation of your failure by telling you to shape-up or ship-out, things wouldn't have turned out as they have. You and your employer brought this all down upon your heads and there's no sense in childishly and petulantly looking around in desperation for someone else to blame.

Consequences for one's own actions is supposedly a 'conservative” value. There's enough evidence now to see that that's complete bullshit. Wente's behaviour, both before and after her exposure as a lazy, corrupt, stupid plagiarist is just like so much other right-wing behaviour. It's all about the genuine decay of standards and the lack of accountability our elites have been indulging themselves in while everyone else has to sacrifice both their standard of living and their rights as human beings.

Stephen harper throws a temper-tantrum in front of the Governor General and he gets to defy the will of the majority of the people's representatives and avoid a vote of non-confidence. A democracy shredding precedent if ever there was one. He then gets found (unprecedentedly for any government in any Westminster-style Parliamentary system) to be in contempt of Parliament and he shrugs it off, arguing (falsely as he knows) that it was just a “politicized” decision arrived at by a committee dominated by partisan opposition politicians. This lie helps him to demonize his opponents in the eyes of his psychotic hard-core supporters and, it cheapens and debases the way everyone else regards Canada's federal parliament.Then he and his party blatantly attack the integrity of our electoral process and win a majority government via fraud. harper then stacks the oversight bodies with compliant hacks and, confident that hell will freeze over before his crimes will be exposed, rams through omnibus legislation hundreds of pages in length.  And then .... and then .... and then .... his shit-head fan base calls US the victimizers! The whole thing has been a "leftard" conspiracy from the beginning! The "coup" the demand for documents from Afghanistan, the demand for cost estimates for the prisons and the fighter-jets, the contempt of Parliament motion and the accusations of election fraud, ALL OF IT, is all an evil left-wing conspiracy to deprive the poor lil' harpercons of their election victory! Jesus Christ but the hypocritical sense of entitlement with these people! And the complete inability to register how harper's tactics are totally undermining the integrity of the entire democratic process in our country! The evil and the whining!

Or take Rob "respect for taxpayers" Ford! The buffoon wants us to believe that in 10 years as a Toronto city councillor he can't be expected to have known that 10% of the city's $10 billion dollars wasn't just completely unnecessary "gravy" that could be cut with impunity. The dunce goes from thinking there was $700,000,000 in retirement parties, meeting sandwiches, espresso machines and such like that he could cut and then, when he becomes mayor, the dunce is calling for arbitrary 10% cuts for every department and muses about closing women's shelters! And, after this titanic display of cluelessness and incompetence, his supporters still proudly call themselves "Ford Nation" and whine, whine, god damn it they whine -fucking-whine about the lefty-media conspiracy against their hero.

The stupid fuck speaks to and votes on an issue in which he has a direct financial interest (refusal to pay a fine ordered by the city's integrity commission) and he thinks he did nothing wrong! It's a firing offense but he says he just wanted to "clear the air" before city council voted on the issue that he had a direct financial stake in! This could cost him his job, but everyone is saying: "Oh, do we really want to have another election?" What's this supposed to mean? "There are penalties, but if you're a right-wing white-male with a support base of borderline psychopathic morons who will feel enraged if the rules are imposed upon you, then you get a pass?" What sort of precedent is that?

This hypocritical whining, this entitled belief that consequences are for other people, this revolting behaviour runs from the highest to the lowest levels. From harper, down to Ford, down to Wente, down to the blog-o-sphere.

Check out online idiot and troll Patrick Ross. Outs a blogger. Accuses said blogger of being a stalker and a child molester, using the blogger's real name. Gets sued for slander and libel. Too stupid and lazy to show up in court. Receives a default judgement of guilty and an order to erase the libels from the internet and pay $85,000. Does neither. Goes into hiding. Dragged before a judge again and claims that he's suicidally depressed. (All the while our suicidally depressed 31-year old is hooting and hollering online about further imaginary "victories" over other internet opponents.) Right.

Or, check out this blast from the past. A guy gets suspended from his job for making "racial comments" and returns with a rifle and shoots and kills his boss and shoots and grievously injures a co-worker before killing himself. Okay? Got that?

Online, members of Canada's online right-wing imbecile community admit to knowing the guy. They say he was a nice guy. Such a shame that "political correctness" has run amok and driven innocent white guys to murder-suicide. The crushing weight of "political correctness" causes normal people to SNAP! under the constant pressure and harassment from uppity minorities and their useful idiot pinko allies. Such a shame.

This WHOLE THING is the fault of "liberals" and "leftards."

Then it turns out the guy has a swastika tattoo. Then it turns out his co-workers said he had a hot temper. Then it turns out he was posting sexually explicit, racially charged photos to the staff bulletin board to embarrass a non-white co-worker.

You know how an employer should have right to hire or fire anyone they choose? That principle is out the window when it affects one of their own.

Then it turns out that as a young man, Mr. Swastika stabbed an 18-year old to death over "a spilled beer and a ripped t-shirt."

Once this information is introduced, without skipping a fucking beat, the right-wing imbecile community blames namby-pamby "liberal" justice system for not locking up this menace to society for the rest of his natural life and allowing him to roam free and kill again.

It's always the "liberals" fault. They never do anything wrong. They should never be punished. Investigating them is always a witch-hunt. Or kangaroo courts worthy of Stalin. Or obsessive stalking and nit-picking. Or whatever I'm sick to fucking death of this bullshit.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What the Fuck?

Except some concepts I'll get to in the unfinished piece here, I don't think Margaret Wente's sufferings are terribly important. It is a fun topic though, so that's why I'll write about this:
The incidents of plagiarism uncovered by blogger Carol Wainio on her Media Culpa blog, while certainly a legitimate topic for reporting, do not seem to me to be particularly egregious examples of the cutting and pasting of other people's intellectual property.
That said, Wente is an exceptionally bright woman, and it seems unlikely to me that she didn't know what she was doing when she borrowed these materials.
Nevertheless, it has to be pretty easy to unintentionally lift a sentence or two from another writer and pop them into something you’re writing simply because it's the most efficient way to explain a bit of background. I worry about this all the time when I write this blog -- and I often find myself backwards putting some piece of elucidatory prose just so guilty I won't appear of plagiarizing something I've drawn out of one of the many journals whence come my backward blog ideas.
I'm sorry, but what the fuck? "Wente is an exceptionally bright woman"???? Um, sorry. No. Wente is not "bright" or anything remotely similar. What she is is a fucking idiot. I stopped reading her (after suffering with her crapola for well over a year) because not only is she infuriating, her articles didn't even make any sense. (And now it turns out they're a mish-mash of plagiarized passages taken out of context or misinterpreted or gleaned from hack scholars and writers as disgusting as Wente herself is.)You know, I'm tired of this: "Don't underestimate Mike Harris." "Don't underestimate George W. Bush." "Don't underestimate Rob Ford." "Don't underestimate Ezra Levant." "Don't underestimate Ann Coulter."

No. These people are idiots and imbeciles who need a slap and their toys taken away from them, not rival intellectuals who need to be respectfully debated. It's past time that we gave them the slaps they so obviously deserve.

"The incidents of plagiarism uncovered by blogger Carol Wainio on her Media Culpa blog, while certainly a legitimate topic for reporting, do not seem to me to be particularly egregious examples of the cutting and pasting of other people's intellectual property."

Again, no. This is blatant plagiarizing, and if Climenhaga knows of other people who have been just as guilty but got off scot-free, that doesn't legitimate Wente's total lack of professionalism.

Let's remember what we're talking about here:

Gardner:  "Many NGOs working in Africa in the area of development and the environment have been advocating against the modernization of traditional farming practices," Paarlberg says. "They believe that traditional farming in Africa incorporates indigenous knowledge that shouldn't be replaced by science-based knowledge introduced from the outside. They encourage Africa to stay away from fertilizers, and be certified as organic instead. And in the case of genetic engineering, they warn African governments against making these technologies available to farmers."
Wente:  Yet, many NGOs working in Africa have tenaciously fought the modernization of traditional farming practices. They believe traditional farming in Africa incorporates indigenous knowledge that shouldn't be replaced by science-based knowledge introduced from the outside. As Prof. Paarlberg writes, "They encourage African farmers to stay away from fertilizers and be certified organic instead. And they warn African governments to stay away from genetic engineering. They want to freeze African farms where they are. It's a fantasy of what agriculture ought to be like."
Let's call it for what it is and let's have some goddamned consequences for a change!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Margaret Wente "Wrote" Three Columns a Week?

 There's a howler! Oh my! Such a workload! Writing 3 rambling and stupid diatribes a week, based on cutting and pasting other people's work and pulling facts out of your ass?  Sounds like BLOGGING motherfuckers!! Except when I write a post as long as one of Wente's columns I feel guilty because I've got a job to do. Wente's shit-assed blogging WAS her fucking job!

Payback's a bitch, ain't it Maggie?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hedges vs. D'Souza ...

 Chris Hedges gets to confront the nauseating Dinesh D'Souza in a surprisingly extended moderated debate. Perhaps D'Souza is so disconnected from reality (and cosseted by wingut welfare) that he's incapable of perceiving when he's being utterly humiliated.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Video Magic

This guy looks like he's been through a lot ...

... what??? I'm busy again!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kim Rivera

So, the harpercon cartel has decided to deport US war resister Kim Rivera. The harpercon government (and their brain-dead fans) believe that because you voluntarily join the US military you are bound, legally and morally, to participate in illegal wars and all the other war crimes that follow from that illegal act.

The harpercons believe that Canada should not harbour people of conscience who want no part in the mass slaughter of innocent people (well over 1 million by this point) and the pain and trauma of millions more who are either maimed, wounded, turned into homeless refugees, forced into prostitution or who have lost a loved one.

This is because the stupid, gibbering harpercons wanted to take part in that mass slaughter themselves. (Vicariously of course, because they're gutless, cowardly hypocrites, like most in the US political elite.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

harper the Pants-Pissing Coward

There are a lot of "conservative" scum-bags who are given to braggadacio about harper's political longevity and how their hero has successfully crushed his opponents time and time again. Which is stupid nonsense of course. harper LOST the last election and he'd be on the road to prison if a coalition government (led for the last months of his life by Jack Layton) had formed and begun an investigation into his many crimes. That's why the harpercons pulled out all the stops and STOLE the last election through election fraud.

Now, obviously, a lot of "conservative" scum-bags insist that the entire robocall scandal was invented out of whole cloth by dishonest, partisan, leftard hacks. How curious it is then, that the harpercons are wasting time and money trying to get the Council of Canadians' challenge to seven of the harpercons' stolen seats thrown out of court with the most idiotic, whining, self-pitying and legally empty arguments they can shit out. It doesn't explain why the party that has nothing to fear is embarrassing itself by writing such drivel as "Frank Graves's poll showing a major likelihood of deliberate fraud should be removed as evidence because Graves's polling firm worked for the Liberals when they were the government."

The big, bad harpercons are shitting bricks. These gutless wonders are pretty good at ordering other people to torture but they run screaming from the room if you ask to see their handling of the Afghan detainee files. harper can't function in the light of day. He's like a vampire except nowadays vampires are supposed to be sexy (pale, porcelain skin and thin from dining on nothing but the blood of the living, as opposed to pink and blotchy and lumpy from dining on the ground-up meat of diseased cows and the fried lard of donughts).

This is why, when Parliament re-opened, instead of launching into some sort of bold, forward-looking policies, the harpercons are trying to bury the opposition under an avalanche of lies and talking points. When it comes time to their presumptuous, delusion-based policies, they'll no doubt bundle them all into a 1,000 page omnibus bill and try to ram them through Parliament to avoid the scrutiny they so rightly fear.

harper and his party and his vile supporters will get their comeuppance. Nothing this afraid of exposure can last long.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's Bad Day

I don't want to talk too much about this; what with the disastrous state of Canada's political culture (as represented by the Mayoralty of Rob Ford in Toronto), and the opening of a new session of Parliament which the fraudulent, illegitimate harpercon cartel chose to mar with the constant repetition of falsehoods against the NDP. But the disgusting Repug candidate for POTUS, Mitt Romney has been seriously damaged by the surfacing of a video taken while he was running off at the mouth in front of people he thought were "safe" because they'd paid some money to listen to him. He said that Obama had a lock on the votes of 47% of the electorate, the ones whose incomes are too small for them to pay income taxes. Besides the fact that he insulted these people as being craven dependents of the nanny-state, and besides the fact that Mitt the asshole doesn't pay his taxes either, there's also the fact that many among that 47% are his supporters. (Remember "Joe the Plumber"?)

In Romney's simplistic calculus, poor people vote Democrat and rich people vote Republican and people in the middle are "independent" swing voters who you try to get to tip the balance in your favour to victory.

Besides being insulting and hypocritical, Romney revealed himself to have all the subtlety of a warthog.

But the real reason that I wanted to post about this was this part:
When one donor said he was disappointed that Romney wasn't attacking Obama with sufficient intellectual firepower, Romney groused that the campaign trail was no place for high-minded and detail-oriented arguments:

Well, I wrote a book that lays out my view for what has to happen in the country, and people who are fascinated by policy will read the book. We have a website that lays out white papers on a whole series of issues that I care about. I have to tell you, I don't think this will have a significant impact on my electability. I wish it did. I think our ads will have a much bigger impact. I think the debates will have a big impact…My dad used to say, "Being right early is not good in politics." And in a setting like this, a highly intellectual subject—discussion on a whole series of important topics typically doesn't win elections. And there are, there are, there are—for instance, this president won because of "hope and change."
 A break me fucking give! I suppose that I could go on over to his website and read those white papers. Just as maybe I could go and read L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology bullshit or David Icke's crapola about anti-Semite lizards. Which is to say I don't have time for such nonsense. Romney's been yammering with his Ayn Rand dipshit little pal Paul Ryan all about their simplistic and/or deluded policies. It's a mile-high mountain of fetid compost. Mitt Romney thinking he's too smart for the electorate! It is to laugh!

No Oversight Needed For CSIS

At least that's what CSIS Director Richard Fadden said in response to the Canadian Human Rights Commissioner's recommendations:
In a newly declassified memo, CSIS director Dick Fadden dismisses the Canadian Human Rights Commission's recommendation that national security agencies do more to ensure they are not taking part in racial profiling or other objectionable practices.
"I am confident in the service's existing human rights policies and procedures, as well as our accountability and review structures," Fadden says in the January 2012 memo to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.
"We have taken aggressive proactive steps to prevent discrimination and profiling in the service, and our investigation and reporting are pursued to protect Canadians and not out of any discriminatory bias."
Uh, hold on a second there big guy!  Weren't four CANADIAN CITIZENS tortured in Syria and Egypt because your desk-jockeys couldn't come up with anything on them. (In the case of Abdullah Almalki they said he was nothing more than "an Arab running around.") Golly-gee Fadden, I bet you'd hate to be taken from your family and beaten on your testicles and the soles of your feet for two-fucking years because some donught-scarfing desk-jockeys just KNEW you were a terrorist but had no evidence other than the fact that you're a moron running around.

Aren't you the geniuses who have held a number of Arab and/or Muslim men in prison or under house arrest (some for over a decade) on cases built on sand (or rather from the blood of torture)?

These psychopaths like Fadden have grown too used to being able to say any fool thing that comes into their heads; "aggressive proactive steps" [!] and getting away with it. Obviously the real reason that Fadden doesn't want oversight is because it would lead to exposure of his criminal behaviour and a jail sentence.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Heading Down That Road ...

Not long ago I was talking with a group of mostly Liberals and we were all united in our loathing of stephen harper. At some point in the conversation I mentioned how debased US politics was and how the harpercons were deliberately dragging the filth and cynicism and corruption up north. I mentioned how we're losing our rights and pointed to the example of Barack Obama's insane claim to a legal right to order US citizens to be killed.

Then, one of the Liberals (speaking for at least a few of them, since she finished another's sentence and two more nodded in agreement) said: "That's nothing new. Governments have been doing all sorts nasty things since forever."

I've noticed this on occasion. Partisan dishonesty. All groups are capable of doing this. Notice how I mentioned we were busy criticizing harper. But when I mentioned Barack Obama (who many liberals profess to admire) suddenly even the murdering of his fellow citizens produced only a "Oh well, they ALL do it." (I tried to point out that even if they did, governments never claimed to have a legal right to order your assassination, but that was dismissed with body language that seemed to imply I was being hopelessly naive about the way things worked.)

It was strange. They couldn't come right out and say they supported such insanity. But Barack is their guy so they at least cut him some slack. There's legal grounds for having Obama up on plain old murder charges (none of this "war crimes" stuff that appears to esoteric for many North Americans) but far too many people think that that's something one can choose to look past. Argh.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outrage Fatigue?

I guess the Liberals' getting away with murderous imperialism in Haiti and Afghanistan, and the harpercons' assaults on responsible government, human rights laws, free and fair elections, and etc., etc., ... and my own inability to do anything other than blog about it, has left me disoriented and dazed.

I should have had a much stronger reaction to this:
More to the point, it’s frankly astonishing that the government could announce it was exiling 3100 citizens of this country without raising a peep of at least apprehension from the national media.
Sixth Estate gets right into it here:
 It seems that, in the present case, the government will not even be announcing the names of those so targeted. CBC (at that link) claims that even the Cabinet orders authorizing the revocations do not name the individuals who will be subject to them. That sounds kind of unlikely to me, but if it’s true, it makes the matter even more disturbing. Am I really to believe that the government of Canada has the power to strip me of my citizenship without arresting me, without charging me, without presenting evidence against me, and without even naming me?
Citizenship and Immigration apparently has about 5000 employees. They say they’ve identified 11,000 suspected cheats so far, of which the 3100 named so far are just the second batch to come (after the 1800 announced last year). How many civil servants are involved in this escapade matters, because we need to know how seriously the government is treating this, and how careful they’re being.
So, I'm at least registering my disapproval here. Sigh.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

McGuinty Liberals Contemptuous of Democracy (Again)

So, Chris Bentley used to turn a blind eye to abuses of citizens' rights as Ontario Attorney General. Now he's decided to formally cement his contempt for democracy in Ontario (and, no doubt, everywhere else) by withholding information about the costs of his government's policies:
Secret documents on the cost of scrapping Oakville and Mississauga power plants — both in Liberal ridings — must be released, the Speaker of Ontario’s legislature ruled Thursday.
The decision has Energy Minister Chris Bentley on the verge of a rare contempt of parliament censure for refusing to release the documents ordered by a legislative committee in May.
While the $190-million cost of scrapping the Mississauga plant during last fall’s whisker-close provincial election has been known since July, opposition parties have been frustrated in getting a tab for Oakville.
This is sadly, part of a process. It was stephen harper who first demonstrated clear contempt for Parliament and who then shrugged it off as insignificant when he was found guilty of contempt. Dalton McGuinty is a psychotic robot servant of corporate power as is any heavy hitter in his government. They despise democracy because they despise us. They run for power to control and exploit us. We ignore this behaviour at our peril.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rediscovering the Libyan Debacle

The violence in Libya resulting from the sectarian clods (fundamentalist Christians and Jews) who made an anti-Islamic film (take the beams out of thine own eyes you deluded saps!) has returned the Western media's attention to that devastated country.

In being forced to look at the mess, the media only provides me with grim confirmation that once again, I should stick to my usual radical-left sources and pretty much ignore whatever the corporate mainstream is churning out.

The mainstream consensus was that, as a local blooming of the Arab Spring, the people began to rise-up against the terrorist mad-dog Qaddafi and, unlike in Egypt or Bahrain or Jordan, the USA and its NATO allies decided to stand with the people against their tyrant. With NATO assistance, the rebels prevented Qaddafi from instigating a bloodbath and either beat the shit out of the dazed and wounded old man before shoving a rifle up his anus and pulling the trigger, or they inadvertently killed him in a crossfire. One way or the other, the dictatorship was over and after a brief period of turmoil there were elections and Libya is on the road to peace and prosperity, thanks to Western oil companies and financial institutions.

(It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic and sick wouldn't it?)

According to the news sources that I follow, Qaddafi the torturing dictator was also a Libyan nationalist and a modernizer who shared Libya's oil wealth with Libya's people, rather than with foreign corporations and it was for that grave sin that he was overthrown, using the Arab Spring as cover. Cynical and incompetent US meddlers gave support to whatever anti-Qaddafi forces they could identify and (violating their UN mandate) helped to overthrow Qaddafi's regime. In the aftermath, these numerous armed factions took to fighting one another and the country descended further into bloody chaos. This is all to the good for the NATO political and economic elites because a weak, fractured country has less ability to resist. So long as the official puppets can keep the oil flowing it doesn't matter how many Libyans' lives are ruined by civil war. The important thing is that there are ELECTIONS once in a while, to give the whole thing a patina of legitimacy. (Obviously, the elections can be fraudulent or barely attended, meaningless and for demonstration purposes only. We know that US-elites don't care about their own electoral process and we know that stephen harper despises the idea of free and fair elections in Canada, so why should we expect them to care about the integrity of Libya's electoral process? Elections are a ritual to these idiots. Like some empty words spoken by the somnolent flock at a Catholic mass.

I was going to post a representative quote from that link but read the whole thing. Skim over the empty words of the babbling hypocrite and pathetic closet-case John Baird because his words aren't worth the air they're befouling.

Here's the thing; if a people rise up against their dictator and overthrow him but then set to fighting one another in a bloody civil war, that's a tragedy of sorts. But if you take an active part in that process you are then partly responsible for what happens in the aftermath. That's why we on the loony left are always so hesitant to get involved in one bloody, hypocritical case of imperialism after another. It's called being responsible for the consequences of one's actions. A concept entirely alien to most in the mainstream.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Politics Forces Me to Resist

That's gotta be one of the biggest things, ... the hypocrisy. Obama supporters who used to condemn bush II for spying on Americans who care nothing that their hero, that Wall Street shill, has assumed the right to kill them. Or stephen harper and John Baird yammering about Iran torturing Canadians when our own CSIS had the Syrians torture Canadians for them by proxy. Or condemning Iran's support for the Syrian regime now, against Saudi-financed rebels, when the USA and Saudi Arabia provided material support for Bahrain's murderous suppression of its own rebels.

Very often, hypocrisy is driven by external factors, ... usually something like partisanship. Such hypocrisy is the very definition of not being true to oneself. I do my best to avoid such shameful hypocrisy. That's why I can't make myself even pretend to take sides in the stink.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mulcair's Zionism is Showing

Argh! So, Thomas Mulcair decides to publicly embarrass Paul Dewar for his infinitely reasonable comments on harper's imbecilic termination of diplomatic relations with Iran. Mulcair, babbling like an idiot, says that harper might have important information to justify his decision. Oh right. Top secret, super important info! Either that or it's the hypocritical, stupid, Israel-pandering drivel that it was presented as.

Fuck you Mulcair.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ontario Liberals

A while ago, I made the hard decision to extend credit where it was due. I don't like conceding things to my enemies but I don't think we should refuse to acknowledge and reward good behaviour either. So, I credited the McGuinty Liberals for finally taking over their responsibilities over the poor (and for court security) back from the municipalities after they were downloaded by the murderously incompetent Mike Harris.

It doesn't come as that big of a surprise though, that the slime-ball corporate tools are reverting to form:
For the second time in a matter of months, the city is stepping up to shoulder the cost of social supports slashed by Queen’s Park.
Due to provincial cutbacks, the city has been left with a $7-million hole in its 2013 funding for programs that combat homelessness. At Monday’s emergency and community services committee meeting, councillors agreed to cover about half that amount — $3.35 million, from the tax stabilization reserve — to cover the bare minimum of these services.
McGuinty demonstrably doesn't care if innocent Ontarians are tortured by the police. He despises our Charter rights. He's a robotic servant of bloated capital. He's an enthusiastic oppressor of the First Nations. Nothing he does (or doesn't do) surprises me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Making it Official

For the record, I shan't be commenting at Dawg's Blog anymore. I still admire and read the guy, but it royally irked me to be treated as being somehow the equal of a moral defective like Peter1. Then there was the double-standard of having my pseudonym used as a term of generic mockery while having to restrain my disgust for the monsters. Having made the choice though, I must say I feel a little bit lighter. I now know there will be no more pointless discussions with the lying and disgusting Peter1, the relentlessly deluded Marky Mark, the revolting degenerate kryngathim-kazus, the liar fergusrush, and all the other gang of idiots who pollute his blog.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Learn From Japan

Yeah, I know. The right-wing are braying like the jackasses they are saying that THEIR favourite politicians should be able to engage in any conflict of interest with no penalties, and that the RCMP is pulling private airplanes out of the sky because they are pulling banners that offend his majesty stephen harper the first. But a big part of all the austerity bullshit, all the keep the homeless homeless and starve the hospitals and beat-up the unions and all the other insanity is the canard of the public debt.

That's why, given how it could illuminate this subject and point to how the "debt" issue is the same reeking bullshit it always was, this essay on how Japan is pretending it is broke is so important and you should read it
Japan’s debt-to-GDP ratio looks bad.  But as economist Hazel Henderson notes, this is just a matter of accounting practice—a practice that she and other experts contend is misleading.  Japan leads globally in virtually all areas of high-tech manufacturing, including aerospace.  The debt on the other side of its balance sheet represents the payoffs from all this productivity to the Japanese people.
According to Gary Shilling, writing on Bloomberg in June 2012, more than half of Japanese public spending goes for debt service and social security payments.  Debt service is paid as interest to Japanese “savers.”  Social security and interest on the national debt are not included in GDP, but these are actually
the social safety net and public dividends of a highly productive economy.  These, more than the military weapons and “financial products” that compose a major portion of U.S. GDP, are the real fruits of a nation’s industry.  For Japan, they represent the enjoyment by the people of the enormous output of their high-tech industrial base.
Good stuff.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Malnutrition in Afghanistan

It's "shockingly" high say UN officials:
"What's shocking is that [the malnutrition statistics are] very high by global standards," Michael Keating, deputy head of the UN mission in Afghanistan, told the Guardian. "This is the kind of malnutrition you associate with Africa and some of the most deprived parts of the world, not with an area that has received so much international attention and assistance."
As the Guardian notes: "The Afghanistan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) found 29.5% of children are suffering from acute malnutrition there. A level of more than 30% among young children is considered one sign of a famine."
 In the 21st Century, apparently it's beyond the ability of the USA, Britain, Canada and all the rest of the NATO countries (among the richest in the world) to prevent pervasive malnutrition after over a decade of occupation.

There's a pattern here, for those with eyes to see it:
Charlene, 16 with a month-old son, has come to rely on a traditional Haitian remedy for hunger pangs: cookies made of dried yellow dirt from the country's central plateau.
The mud has long been prized by pregnant women and children here as an antacid and source of calcium. But in places such as Cité Soleil, the oceanside slum where Charlene shares a two-room house with her baby, five siblings, and two unemployed parents, cookies made of dirt, salt, and vegetable shortening have become a regular meal.
"When my mother does not cook anything, I have to eat them three times a day," Charlene said. Her baby, named Woodson, lay still across her lap, looking even thinner than the slim 6 pounds, 3 ounces (2.7 kilograms, 85 grams) he weighed at birth.
Though she likes their buttery, salty taste, Charlene said the cookies also give her stomach pains. "When I nurse, the baby sometimes seems colicky too," she said. 
 Who's kidding who? We know our elites despise the majority of the world's population. "Useless eaters."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Right-Wingers & Unions

 The biggest thing that I took away from my recent swim in the fetid swamps of right-wing insanity is that unions are full of thugs. Thugs. Thugs who practice bullying and intimidation. That's it. Nothing else. Thugs. Thugs. Thugs. Corrupt. Corrupt. Corrupt. And if you question that stupid, sweeping generalization, then you've evidently said that unions are flawless, divinely constructed entities. Because right-wingers tend to find ordinary thinking to be like trying to wield an 80 lb. sledgehammer. Sometimes they reel backwards and fall completely over. Sometimes they bring the thing down "BLAM!!!" more or less in the vicinity of the idea they were trying to communicate.

Thugs. Intimidation. Bullying. Corrupt. Bosses. Anti-Democratic. Lazy. Unnecessary.

And whatever. I've just got to get this nonsense out of my system somehow.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Canadian "Conservatives" and Artistic Brilliance

So, the following videos are pretty much a portrait of the desperate living" quality of your average right-wing mind. But there's also some brilliance there. Look at how easily and carelessly Eunice could have avoided this tragedy. Look at the self-importance of these stunted souls. This isn't mockery of a certain CLASS of people, but of a certain MENTALITY. And the moronic victims of this satire took about 100 years, but they finally were instructed to call it "elitism." And that guilt-trip worked for a few decades, but after seeing the results of these stupid chumps and their political choices, ... well, guess what?

Holy fuck ...


Having immersed myself in the brain-dead culture of right-wing whining and crying for about a week, I realize the extent of their insanity with some more precision.

In their world (as I last posted) their is no robocall scandal. Nothing happened. We (leftards) made it all up. There is literally nothing to investigate. Which would go a long way to explain why Elections Canada isn't investigating anything!

Mental and moral defective "Fred from BC" likes to post in Saskboy's comments section that not one person has come forward to say they actually didn't vote because of having been sent on a wild goose chase (by a mysterious caller who broke the law by deliberately lying about moving polling stations). Of course:
Nobody has said that they were prevented from voting by fraudulent or misdirecting calls during the election, although Elections Canada officials reported in court documents that angry voters in Guelph tore up their voter cards in when they discovered that they had been tricked.
And, then there's statistical evidence:
I show that those polling stations with predominantly nonconservative voters experienced a decline in voter turnout from 2008 to 2011, and that this effect was larger in ridings that were allegedly targeted by the fraudulent phone calls.
But here's the thing: These right-wing fucks believe that all the complaints are from Liberal and NDP hacks. Despite the FACT that these illegal calls were made, the complaints about them are all bogus. (Just try to wrap your head around that particular piece of insanity.) If a poll were conducted asking people if anyone didn't vote as a result of these (illegal) calls, and it was reported that any number of voters were successfully discouraged, the "conservatives" would simply declare that the poll respondents were all Liberal or NDP or Green or some other variant of "leftard" lying for the sake of attacking the harpercons.

Heads they win, tails we lose. Except nobody gives a shit what these right-wing liars and assholes and thieves and morons think about anything. Just shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of the way you dirty-diapered scum.