Thursday, May 30, 2024

Just To Recap:

 The "lesser evil" candidate is committing a genocide and he refuses to stop committing genocide when his genocidal actions are harming his re-election prospects.

It us up to the people sickened by Biden's genocide who must change their views if they want to stop the "existential threat" to US-American "democracy."  Biden (the genocidal "lesser evil") views exterminating the Palestinians as more important than stopping Trump.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Only Genocide Joe Can Save Democracy!!!!


Pol Pot, the genocidal dictator of Cambodia who the USA later protected because the Chinese didn't like him.  (It all makes sense somehow.)  [???]

Genocide is the worst thing that a society can do.  It's the collective version of a serial killer.  It is monstrous.  Everyone knows this.  Except for people who have been living in an insane and debased culture for so long that they've managed to normalize mass murder and genocide.  People like Robert Ivie at CommonDreams who write editorials such as this: Opinion | If Democracy Dies, So What? | Common Dreams

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Justin Trudeau's Finds ICC Ruling "Troubling"


Former pretty-boy (according to some women I've worked with he's "hit the wall" ... which is the phrase misogynists use to describe a woman older than 25) and once and forever airhead Justin Trudeau says that he finds it "troubling"null [????] that the International Criminal Court has found both Hamas AND the Israeli government guilty of war crimes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thinkin' 'bout Blinken


Ce n'est pas un falafel

When you really think about it, Antony Blinken's performance of "Rockin' in the Free World" in Kiev is astonishingly stupid.

Let's step back for a bit.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

David Deutsch Again


I've been slowly making my way through Deutsch's The Beginning of InfinityThe Beginning of Infinity (along with two other books) and I've been accepting the occasional bad metaphor, unfair generalization, vague wording, because, on the whole either I agree with him or I get where's he coming from.  All the while though, I'm thinking that I wish he had a co-writer or a more courageous editor.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Blinken Rockin' Out Like the Complete Idiot That He Is

 So, after hearing about it a few times over the last couple of days, I decided to look it up:

I can't bring myself to watch the video.  I just can't.  [Same as I was never able to muster the courage or the enthusiasm to watch a video of stephen harper singing.]  And that means that I really don't know whether or not the performance included someone singing Neil Young's dystopian lyrics.  

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Leftovers From My Last Post (and other shit)

It was supposed to be a work of satire.  But it is easy for people to take things the wrong way.  Even putting "satire" in the title as I did wouldn't prevent an zionist or zionsymp from using my tongue-in-cheek "rethinking" of Adolph Hitler by the same criteria we judge other genocidal maniacs like Bibi and Biden (comparing Hitler's racist obsession with the Jews with Bibi's racist hatred of Arabs; looking at Hitler's opposition to communism according to the way that right-wing shit-fucks like stephen harper etc., similarly see communism as a monstrosity; looking at Hitler's economic accomplishments the way that Biden's supposed good policies today mean that we should OVERLOOK his active support for the murder of two million people.  [Obviously if there were six million Palestinians, Bibi and his crew of racist religious nutbars would gleefully starve them all to death without batting an eye.])

But I decided it was too much work for a stupid blog entry so I brought that post to a finish as quick as I could.

I just thought that today I'd write about how, with the Gaza genocide, the Left has once again revealed its pathologies.  We seem to be happy just to say that we protested, and then leave it at that.  The fact that in a democracy, where there are nominal rights to protest, write to your representatives, and exercise our right to free speech (including the sharing of information via media), the Canadian government can continue to provide diplomatic and material support for an ongoing genocide for eight months, ought to be seen as an indictment of our tactics and the cause for a soul-searching debate about alternatives.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Rethinking Genocide (Satire)


We have all been raised to believe that the state of Israel is a virtuous outpost of the glorious Western Civilization in the barbaric and backwards Middle East.  It is a democracy where [Jewish] people are free to be straight, gay, trans, ace ... whatever.  Women have political and social and legal equality.  And they have cutting-edge electronics. Oh yeah, and a public healthcare system that US-American taxpayers stoically deny themselves.

We also know that trying to eliminate an entire people (whether by erasing their culture and their sense of themselves as a people or by simply murdering them down to the last child) is called genocide. And we are told that genocide is a bad thing because the Nazis did it, the Stalinists supposedly did it, the Chinese Communists are doing it, ... and (maybe) us Canadians are doing it and if so, we should stop it.  Hindu-Nationalist BJP leader Narendra Modi has the anti-Muslim progoms in Gujarat brought up whenever the USA wants to criticize him for not supporting NATO.  So, genocide, and the racism it springs from, are supposedly bad.  As a society we appear to be quite clear about that.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Thoughts at the Beginning of Reading Two Books


I've just started two books.  They've not yet been mentioned on the page where I'm sharing my 2024 readings with an inordinately curious world.  They won't be added there until I've read at least two-thirds of 'em.  I just have some observations from reading the first little bits of them that I want to deal with.

First up is The Panic of 1819 by: The First Great Depression by Andrew Browning (published in 2019).

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Canadian Colonel Facing Court-Martial for Doubting Ukraine's Ultimate Victory


This is from John Helmer's blog "Dancing With Bears.

A senior Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officer, who is the Assistant Chief of Staff at the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), faces court martial, “dismissal with disgrace”, and loss of his military pension for having disagreed with Canadian, American, and British military planners of  Ukrainian battlefield operations against Russia. His disagreement was in private, when the officers were asking for his professional assessment, and didn’t like what he told them.

Colonel Robert Kearney was charged by the Canadian military police on April 23.  The charge sheet says he faces “five (5) x counts of Conduct Prejudice to the Good Order and Discipline pursuant to section 129 of the National Defence Act.”  

Public disclosure was delayed by the Department of National Defence in Ottawa until Monday, April 29, when a press release claimed Kearney had been under investigation since another officer filed a complaint against Kearney last November. According to the ministry statement, the military police had “received a complaint of a senior CAF officer allegedly making derogatory and disloyal comments about Senior CAF and NATO members.”

mind the gap ... 


military sources believe Kearney is being court-martialed now because the Canadian government’s policy to finance, arm, train, plan, and direct Ukrainian operations against Russia is being defeated, and that the military collapse east of Kiev now risks loss of more territory and the lives of Canadians currently working in the Ukraine and at cross-border bases in Poland and Romania. At least one thousand Canadians have been counted by the Russian Defense Ministry on the battlefield since the start of the Special Military Operation; by March of this year, 422 had been confirmed killed in action.   

“The timing of the alleged offences,” says a Canadian veteran who served with US and NATO units in Afghanistan, “was when the Germans took over command of NATO’s rapid reaction force which has been building up men and materiel, including heavy tanks and F-16s, in Romania for a plan to attack Russian forces around Odessa. Kearney’s court martial is a warning to his fellow officers not to object or predict destruction of the NATO forces engaged.” 


If all this is true (and it's obviously true that the guy is up on charges) we can then reflect upon the bogusity of previous and past statements of belief in their "missions" by members of the CAF.

We can also ponder the level of narcissistic entitlement of the nazi psychopath Chrystia Freeland.

And we can just think about how terrifying it is that our "leadership" will punish simple disagreement and continue to lead us into further stupid quagmires on top of Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Just a short little post on something I thought important.  I'm working on a longer piece that is taking its time because I'm busy with life.