Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gary McHale's Legacy

I was talking with a Toronto acquaintance of mine about the stand-off in Caledonia and he offered me a perspective on Gary McHale that I hadn't really considered before. He said that McHale is a publicity hound above all else. I've always thought that McHale was first and foremost a racist moron, .... though I was prepared to concede that he might actually be a complete, total, empty-headed moron, who is genuinely incensed with the fact that the First Nations in Caledonia aren't currently receiving the full brunt of the law, while remaining totally ignorant of the fact that the First Nations in Canada tend to receive excessive, systemically harsher treatment from the law on an everyday basis. (This latter portrait; that of an empty-headed ignoramous, is one offered by a recent defender of his.) But I'd never really considered that McHale was concerned about fame. It makes sense though. McHale was, what before? An uncharismatic Christian preacher with a failing accounting or publishing business? Now he's famous across the province and across the country, ... a hero to white supremacists and other assorted assholes everywhere. In the future, Canadian school children might read about him the way they read about Bull Connor or the Klansmen who murdered Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner in the USA.

Another aspect of McHale's racist movement: By harassing and insulting Fantino and the OPP, he might go a long way to improve relations and understanding between the OPP and First Nations in Ontario. Sharing an enemy always creates connections between people. So congrats on that level, McHale, ... you contemptible buffoon!

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