Sunday, January 20, 2008

Liberals and Health Care

From KnowledgeDrivenRevolution:

Headed by Liberal Senator Michael Kirby, Board member of American private nursing home giant Extendicare Inc., aided by Senator Wilbert Keon, a bigwig at Worldheart corp. and Senator Yves Morin in charge of facilitating the commercialization of health research in Canada, this Senate committee apparent re-scheduled the timing of the release of its reports conveniently preempting Romanow. In a report released more than a year ago, Kirby's committee sets out a list of ways to privatize the health care system; and calls for an end to the alleged "archaic public Medicare model"; and furthermore suggests tossing out the "public administration" principle of the Canada Health Act. Without bothering to provide any evidence or participatory democratic support, and in contradiction to the committee's previous papers, the Report suggests that the federal government consider "privatized service delivery", "user fees" and "medical savings accounts" in a bid to create an American-inspired "the 21st century health service industry"


trog69 said...

Yeah, the fact that 1/6 of us in the USA have no health coverage at all, a great many of the ones with plans are inadequately covered, plus procedures denied left and right, dental care becoming a rarity, and costs going through the roof. I only wish that a discussion could be held that included real adults. A more open pricing policy would definitely throw some light on the realities of the hijacking involving multi-billions annually.

thwap said...

You'd think an election would be a decent time to talk about such things, 'eh?

But all you're getting is a parade of religious crackpots n' fascists, and some DLC media-created frontrunners blathering vaugely about "change."

Affable_Atheist said...

That would be terrible. Even with private "insurance" in the States, I have to shell out thousands of bucks for things that wouldn't cost an extra cent in any other industrialized country. You need wisdom teeth removed? That'll be $350 per tooth, plus anesthetic, lab, and other bullshit fees they make up. You get hit in a car accident? That'll be $150 to just get seen by a doctor who will just prescribe you some grossly overpriced pain meds running at least $75 a bottle...

Do what you can to avoid this idiotic system spreading to your country.

thwap said...

It'll be difficult. A lot of decent Canadians vote for the party that this guy came from, the Liberals, ... and they think it's a vote to save healthcare.

trog69 said...

Good evening, aa.

I suggested an open pricing policy so that everyone receiving treatment will see what the costs are. Like $75 pain pills, when they cost 1/10th as much in Mexico, or those 2 Tylenol the hospital gives you and charges $15 or $20.00US. These little jack ups are suffused throughout the system.

I believe that we Americans are in for sticker shock when the true prices for Universal Health Care are examined. Actually, for the repair of our entire infrastructure. While the Federal Gov't. can pretend everything's hunky dory, the states can't just print more money.

I think the new Bush plan is to let the gov't topple over, then file bankruptcy, and start the fiesta all over again. Brilliant!