Monday, January 21, 2008

Just For the Record ...

bush II's invasion of Iraq was supposed to smash terrorism, spread democracy across the Middle East, improve the rights of women, guarantee the US a secure source of petroleum, and it was all going to pay for itself.

That didn't happen.

Ha-ha! "Stupid Americans!" many Canadians might say. But hold on!

bush II's earlier invasion of Afghanistan, of which Canada is a participant, was supposed to capture Osama bin Laden, produce a stable government to reconstruct the country from decades of warfare, and bring an end to the Taliban.

That hasn't happened.

But yet, some smug Canadians remain encased in their cocoon of delusion and ignorance, convinced that their country is doing good overall, ... "We're Winning" is what our media -types and warmongers are saying. Just like in the US, we're the good guys, everything's going our way, and the only ones who can't see that are terrorists, traitors, and the French.

The quantifiable differences between the results of our political system are getting smaller.


trog69 said...

No. No no no...please tell me you were completely outta your mind when you wrote all those smears about the beautiful, liberal, progressive-loving,(and from what I hear, awesome weed-growing) Canada! Because I was kinda countin' on being able to crash on your couch sometime in the near future, when the US starts mandatory church attendance or some such. Oh PLEASE say it ain't so! NOOOOOO!

thwap said...

I'm afraid it's true. But don't worry. Harper's peaked and he's not going any farther. And he caught the neo-con shithead wave long after it had already crested in the USA.

We'll recover, although i fear t'will be to a less intelligent place than we were at when these bozos got started.

trog69 said...

Well that's hopeful news. I'll keep my stuff packed then. I was thinkin' about gettin' a toy dachshund pup...I hope that won't be a bother? Oh, and I gotta ditch the family, so just tell'em you ain't seen me, alright?

thwap said...

A dachshund is fine.

fergusrush said...

You nutroots just don't have the patience to see anything through to the end .

thwap said...


You evidently didn't have the patience to make your html link properly.

Har-har, har-dee har-har!

fergusrush said...

Man, I hate it when that happens! Oh well, a joke's a joke, even when it backfires. Cheers!

Too bad, though, it was pretty good. I think you'd have seen the humour in it.

trog69 said...

I feel like I've been cheated somehow.