Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton was Sorta Right

To hear some people, Hillary Clinton is a nasty piece of work. Nothing is changed by the fact that she said something sorta right, albeit in an offensive, condescending way.

When she remarked that Martin Luther King and the whole Black Civil Rights movement needed LBJ to actually pass the legislation, there was a lot of practical truth to that. (Actually, it appears she said that LBJ was more important than MLK. That's pretty bad.)

It by no means justifies a vote for a principle-less warmonger* such as herself, but it remains true that protest and demands without power is useless.

We should engage with the political system with a clear view as to what it is. It is neither the answer to all of our prayers, nor is it a useless distraction and all-corrupting obscenity.

*(This quote always makes me feel warm and fuzzy for Hillary: "I want us here in New York to imagine, if extremist terrorists were launching rocket attacks across the Mexican or Canadian border, would we stand by or would we defend America against these attacks from extremists?")


trog69 said...

Yeah, you'll think "warm and fuzzy" when she uses that statement while authorizin' the assault.

"Invade Canada...the next country we choose to grab by the throat and throw against the wall!"

thwap said...

Tsk-tsk! Hillary's not an ally of discredited neo-con hack, Michael Ledeen! She's a Democrat, which means, uh, ... um, ... she'll spend a lot more time twisting elbows at the UN before she does anything.

But yeah, ... a few missiles lobbed over the US-Canada (or Mexico) border, and she thinks the USA would be as justified as she imagined Israel was, to bomb airports, schools, hospitals, entire cities, ports, roads.

Like my WSW link put it:

"The analogy is a far-fetched one at best, but she should have continued: “Wouldn’t we bomb apartment buildings in Montreal, demolish Toronto’s international airport, incinerate entire Canadian families in their homes and on the highways, and turn the population of southern Ontario into refugees?”

Another border analogy, which more accurately captures the wildly disproportionate character of Israel’s response, would be: “Imagine if members of the right-wing Minutemen group opened fire on Mexican migrants preparing to cross the border and the government of Mexico responded with massive air raids against San Diego, Dallas and Houston, blew up the runways at New York’s JFK airport and sent hundreds of thousands of Americans fleeing north.