Sunday, January 6, 2008


It's kinda early, and I was doing a lot of travelling and stuff so I'm a little tired. But my post for the day is to simply mention that politicians and other elites make these inexplicably fucked-up decisions often because of their proximity to the core of a system that is based on inhuman values. Obviously there is a selection process to see that (for instance) only vapid airheads like Chris Matthews get to become media elites, ... or that corporate shills like Stephen Harper or Paul Martin II become politicians, ... but even decent people, once they get into that vortex, become desensitized to how bizarre everything looks to outsiders.

They all start to talk to each other, read only their bogus reports and think-tank gurgles, attend nice dinner parties where everyone is working and everyone seems to have influence. They become brainwashed by the demands of their own bureaucracies. They don't see or hear much about their own failures, and when they do, a quick bit of bullshit rationalizations and a turn of the head and it's problem solved.

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trog69 said...

As a retiree, I have way more time to check into claims made by the 'serious people' who, as you say, devolve into this echo chamber that we see producing the nonsense from the 'centrists', and I have to remind myself about how little I knew when I was working 50 hours a week. I was considered someone keeping up on things, back then, if you can imagine that! Oh, to have my ignorant bliss back! As things stand now, I have not gone out of my way to determine the policy positions of any of the candidates. I have other things to fill my days with, such as the battle to keep the wall between church and state from being toppled, and helping my union brothers, and wannabe-union people to persevere. When I become more involved in the electoral process, rest assured that my information won't be from the talking heads and their hidden agendas