Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's the Spirit!

A commentor on a "Crooks & Liars" thread about David Letterman mocking bush II's SOTU speech:

As a registered Democrat who registered as a Democrat only to support Denis Kucinich let me be perfectly blunt.

We are owned. We have nothing but our personal computers and our video games. We have bullshit up to our eyeballs. What we do not have, on either side of the fence, in either party, is a candidate.

Do i give a flying fuck if McCain wins or Obama wins?

Hell no!

Nothing changes.


I won’t settle. You can settle for who you think is the less destructive asshole up for office if you like. I won’t.

There is no process worth respecting here, i refuse to participate any further in “electoral” politics.

From now on i will do it my way through refusing to pretend the system includes me. It DOES NOT!

This country is FUCKED! It has ceased to have any meaning for me. I will fight for sanity on my own terms. I don’t give a shit who is in office because almost none of them give a damn about me or you and i will no longer give them my support by casting a vote.

Fuck ‘em all.

I am done with playing games and shadow boxing with bullshit.


You lost me.

That poster called his or herself "xoites defends Constitution." Now, if only another five million could think that way. You'd have a movement to be reckoned with.


trog69 said...

Here's his soulmate. From DEBSWEB:


...I don't care if a woman wins, I certainly don't care if some half black wannabe wins, I don't care if an old geezer wins, (we've been through that before), I don't care if martial law is declared. I wash my hands of this country, I will not defend it's reputation, as poor as it is, I won't even defend its so called right to exist...

As I explained to her, my grandchildren are the only thing keeping me from shutting off the news, political blogs, in fact, anything not having to do with computer RPG's/PS2 cheap but classic games. I can't justify not looking out for their futures, not matter how fruitless.

Plus, there are some pretty good writers I'd miss out on! Aaaannnndd, my nippies get hard when I'm tweaking a conservative.

thwap said...

I've been thinking that maybe there already are 5 million USians completely turned-off by their farce of a poltical system.

Perhaps 20 million is needed though.

It's a big country.

trog69 said...

How'sabout we split the difference...say 12million, but they all commence with a work stoppage?

Bush would probably spin it as "conscientious Patriots sacrificing for our country! Now we can replace them for half the wages!"