Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Limits of the Conservative Party of Canada

It's been interesting watching the complete implosion of Stephen Harper's micro-managing of his government and the government's ham-handed power plays against the Canadian state, with the most glaring examples being Chalk River and Afghanistan.

There really never was much to the Conservative Party of Canada. A pack of religious weirdos, closet-cases, racists and shallow greed-heads, following a 10th-rate con-man with zero charisma and a huge ego.

This noteworthy failure is what inevitably happens when you mix brainlessness with corruption and bullying.


Skinny Dipper said...

When I think about the Chalk River fiasco, I also think about the game show, Deal or No Deal. Harper should be congratulated for keeping the Chalk River facilities open. The world needs those isotopes. At the same time, he's playing a Deal or No Deal game where he still has some small and medium prizes up to $10,000 on the board but only one big prize: $1,000,000. He says, "No deal!" He wants more isotopes from the banker. He's lucky the second time and eliminates the $5 suitcase. The banker offers him more isotopes. But will he be lucky the third time? Or will he lose at "Chalk River Deal or No Deal?"

thwap said...

I'd never heard of this whole isotopes thing before Chalk River.

But it appears to be a no-brainer that the entire shortage crisis was manufactured.