Friday, January 4, 2008

New Post For A Busy Day

I'm thinking of adding USian, Jonathan Schwarz to my blogroll. Because he's right down there in the belly of the beast and he's still immune to the nonsensical notion that efforts to elect Democrats are somehow meaningful.

I would rather see a decent candidate than a bad candidate prevail in the upcoming presidential elections, but I don' t care all that much. The system detroys people. It's not just bad individuals.

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trog69 said...

Good morning, thwap.

You could do worse than having J-schwartz on the 'roll.

I'd give a pretty penny to not be as cynical as you on the Presidential machinery's diet. Being on this side of the gate though, means that I have to believe either the eventual winner will not be so corporate-friendly, or not as warmongerish as platformed. Or move to a cave on the indian reservation, as an acquaintance to me mentioned, is available.

Aww crap...bat wings for lunch, again?