Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just Saying Thanks, ...

First, to "Mithry," (in actually, the pompously-named "Mithrandir") for playing the role that illustrated my blog entry: "Gary McHale gets bruised" in which I wrote:
Cue the closeted racists to appear and start denouncing First Nations violence, roused from their blissful sleep, where they were not dreaming about over one-hundred years of broken treaties and "two-tier justice" against the First Nations.
Mithry played that part excrutiatingly well. Hypocritical dipshit. We're in a war people, and while both sides have a vested interest in demanding that the other side plays nice, there's nothing to be gained by being a chump, acting like a saint in order to meet the demands of liars and thugs.

And a belated thanks to trog69, for thinking that I'm the bee's knees. ;)

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