Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No New Year's Resolutions!

They're futile.

But a thought occurred to me this morning; That the high levels of stupidity exhibited by today's "conservative" movement is indicative of their overall intellectual bankruptcy in the face of now 21st-century realities. In centuries and decades past, as Western Civilization grew into democratic, advanced societies, conservatives could reasonably paint a picture of the world that made sense as so many of their traditions hadn't been repudiated and so many new ideas hadn't been tested.

But by 1980, these old ideas had mostly all been forced to reform themselves or die of obsolescence. Only the money and power of those elements with a vested interest in the perpetuation of these traditions gives them any place in the present day. This money and power is considerable of course. I fear the trauma of the future as both we, the sane, and they, the stupid bigoted blockheads, become frustrated with the continued failures of these idiotic delusions.


trog69 said...

Evenin' thwap.

Anything I might vaguely attach to a new year's pledge, is still waiting to begin life. Soon, soon. Well, the "No more rakfisk burritos has remained untested so far. Yay me!

I can't help but think that the well-planned and executed information filtration and divination systems have been a godsend to those who now must have the history match the story told. What meager bits of history I can recall reading, the use of the "Backstabbed from within" doctrine, borrowed from some German guy to assuade the anger of the populace due to gettin' spanked in ww1, was the only thing that kept the conservative movement from extinction, as the American people were enjoying the things FDR had brought forth, social net-wise. Or sumpin...Anyways, once we start seeing some real hits on the economy, and more countries find ways to uncouple from this runaway train, our only hope is that enough people can stop looking for their thumbs, and pull their heads outta their asses long enough to see the writhing on the wall. No doubt, the battle within will be great.

thwap said...

Here's a read for you, about the "stab in the back" thesis applied to the USA by the right-wing:

The Stab in the Back