Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canadian Democracy Officially a Fraud

I am, at present, reeling from skimming this article - "Conservative MP Ted Opitz to keep his Etobicoke-Centre, Supreme Court rules".

Here's how it works folks. We have elections, see? And they're first-past-the-post, meaning that all a candidate has to do is get the largest bloc of votes in the riding to win. That means that if a candidate has only 30% of the votes and the other 70% of the electors hate that candidate but divided their votes between other parties, that candidate gets to represent them all.

In such a context, it is highly important that we at least ensure that at least the votes are counted right. Ted "Fuck-Face" Opitz squeezed out a 26-vote victory in the last federal election. An Ontario Superior Court ruled that 79 votes, from only a sample of polling stations were so utterly bogus that he overturned the election.

Ted "Anti-Democracy" Opitz appealed this ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada this past summer. They agreed to hear it and, obviously, the harpercon government of thugs, closet-case losers, baby-sitter fuckers, thieves and swindlers and morons and hypocrites, ... who were already found to have intimidated the Crown's representative, leaned heavily on the Supreme Court Justices, producing the travesty we see before us today.
In Canada, persons are entitled to vote if they are Canadian citizens aged 18 or over.
The court said procedural safeguards of entitlement to vote include the list of electors, and various voting day registration procedures, and identification and vouching requirements that may be followed if a voter shows up at a poll and is not on the electors list. But they are just that.
A local poll clerk or deputy returning officer’s “failure to follow a procedural safeguard” should not necessarily invalidate a person’s vote, the court ruled.
“Only votes cast by persons not entitled to vote are invalid.”
What this means, in layperson's terms, is that any partisan goon can walk into a polling station in this country and either by taking advantage of the clerks' ignorance, stupidity, laziness or partisan corruption, get a ballot and vote for the candidate of the party of their choice, without having to show proof that they're entitled to vote in that riding.

That's it. We're done. Over. Finito. Elections Canada is a farce. The Supreme Court has been compromised. Parliament is a skeletal corpse.

There is nothing further that harper can do, short of assuming the right to order the assasination of his fellow citizens, a-la-Barack Obama, for Canada to sink any lower.

Our institutions have failed. It is up to us to pull our heads out of our asses and take things to the streets if democracy is to be redeemed and saved.

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