Friday, October 26, 2012

Vote Suppression ... Here it comes!!!

This is emblematic of the sort of rationalization progressives are making in response to the bone-headed ruling by a bunch of hack Supreme Court justices and allied moron Supreme Court justices:
By now it may have become apparent that I've been won over by the majority ruling and I'll tip my hat to Adam Goldenberg for the argument that really solidified it for me. But his piece is in the Ottawa Citizen and while I was able to read it the first time I clicked through, now it's behind the paywall. If they don't really want me to send them traffic, so be it. I'll paraphrase.
Attempts to disenfranchise voters are rampant in the U.S. and we've had a taste of that here in Canada with hints of more to come. If the Supreme Court had found it acceptable to disenfranchise Canadians for procedural reasons, it would hand a very useful precedent to those who believe the royal road to power lies in reducing the number of people who actually get to cast their ballots. Instead the majority decision holds that the fundamental right to vote trumps a lack of procedural entitlement to do so.
So a government here in Canada that wants to try to use procedure to lower the turnout does so with the knowledge that a legal challenge to its measures can use this decision as ammunition. In purely practical terms, if this is enough to make the Conservatives think twice about attempting to make it more difficult to vote then the worst I can say about it is that it's short term pain for long term gain. Of course, I'm not Borys Wrzesnewskyj and I didn't spend over $300,000 of my own money in mounting this challenge.
Let's review: Shameless hypocrisy is an inherent (one should say a prerequisite) trait of right-wingers. They can, and they will, use this piece-of-shit ruling that has disgraced forever the Supreme Court of Canada, to simultaneously argue for tighter restrictions on voting while preserving the openings for ballot stuffing that the ruling has made.

Here we go!

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper hinted Thursday he'd be willing to reform elections laws in the wake of a historic top court ruling that upheld Tory MP Ted Opitz's win in the last general election.
“As you know, we promised to look at some reforms to our election laws,” Harper told reporters during a photo-op with Optiz outside the House of Commons.
Can you see how we're all being taken for complete chumps here? Do you honestly think that this bullshit ruling, made by bullshit hacks and anti-democratic scum was written to ensure that everyone can vote?

It has unnecessarily destroyed the reasonable safeguards we had to prevent ballot stuffing, and has fostered doubt in the integrity of future elections, and the long-game is to use this as an excuse to introduce the procedures that US anti-democratic political hacks (of both parties but excessively so with the Repugs) use to obstruct the votes of the majority while enabling wholesale fraud of their own.

To think that this gang of thieves and liars and frauds presumes to go to the Ukraine to monitor the elections there!

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