Thursday, October 11, 2012

Who is the Left-Wing KKKate MakkkMillan?

It's been awhile since I bothered to check, but I believe that KKKate MakkkMillan's SDA blog is still a very highly trafficked blog. So, is there a Canadian left-wing equivalent?

Is there a left-wing Canadian blogger who either types or has regular commentators who type:
  • That Israel really should be wiped off the map
  • Wants to take away the vote from right-wingers
  • Thinks an entire religious or ethnic group should be targeted by the government as an insidious menace
  • Supports police busting heads at right-wing rallies
  • Fantasizes about the sexual humiliation of female right-wing commentators
  • Enthusiastically supports left-wing assaults on democracy in Canada
It was difficult coming up with that list. In many respects there is no left-wing equivalent of right-wing psychoses. For instance, what's the ludicrous polar opposite of the right-wing disregard for the environment? What's the inverse of KKKate's racist contempt for the First Nations? (Is there a popular left-wing blogger who advocates hatred and oppression against the settler society? Would that be it?) Some aspects of right-wing belief systems are just incomprehensible gobbledy-gook. Right-wingers tend to give up reason and argument for bullets because genuine debates tend to go badly for them. (What with their being really stupid and all.) As well, it's stupid people who tend to feel threatened by harmless things. (That woman is wearing a veil! She's obviously a masked gunwoman/terrorist! Sharia law is going to be imposed on me TOMORROW unless I MOBILIZE!!!) Right-wingers can't grasp that torture, slaughtering of entire families, maiming of "the troops", lies and corruption, the whole bloody tragedy of war is the inevitable result of their constant war-mongering. This is because they're unimaginative and shallow. Either that or they're blood-thirsty cretins who masturbate themselves to the imagery of war (from a safe distance). The left-wing's tendency towards peace can't really be presented in as similarly idiotic a fashion as KKKate and her minions' lust for war.

But, is there any lefty as similarly popular and similarly deranged as KKKate? Any suggestions would be welcome!

P.S. That image came from today's image search for "mirror mirror on the wall." The thing is, I think I've seen that image before and maybe actually used it somewhere else years ago. Weird.


Owen Gray said...

What you say about the right wing's inability to debate is right on, thwap. Like Mitt Romney, they can put on a good show. But they insist on ignoring facts.

karen said...

Thing is no one with "left" ideas would advocate for anything on your list. Those are still not left ideas. We would advocate for solutions in the middle east that emphasized understanding and tolerance and did not have to culminate in violence or erdication, for the right for everyone to vote, to understand and learn from those who are different. If we fantasized about humiliation (sexual or otherwise) we would simply not be "left." So who are the popular bloggers who advocate education, understanding, equality, kindness, (dare I say: LOVE)? I can think of lots of bloggers who fall into that category, and many of them reoccur on all our bloglists. Which one is most popular? That I don't know.

thwap said...


You're right about their antipathy for facts. I'm sure it drives them crazy. They come up with what they think are perfectly serviceable models of the world they live in, but the goddamned facts keep popping-up and telling them that once again they've fucked everything up.

thwap said...


That's about it. There aren't any left-wing equivalents because there can't be.

Racism, war, injustice, close-minded bigotry are the domain of the SDA crowd.

One can't believe in everyone coming together and singing "Kumbaya" (which is a stereotype promulgated about leftists) while at the same time hating the First Nations or Muslims or whoever.

The question itself is absurd.