Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bullshit Supreme Court Ruling

"Just because I sold you into prostitution to feed my drug-habit, .... I'm still your father godammit! You owe me your respect and devotion!!!"

After a certain point, a line is crossed.

The blowhards who serviced stephen harper and ted opitz can believe all they want about their exalted positions.

They are frauds. They are scammers. They are bought-and-paid-for partisan hacks.

Their ruling was a partisan piece of shit and I do not recognize it. I do not recognize the legitimacy of stephen harper's stolen government. I do not recognize the authority of the captured Elections Canada. I do not respect the highest court in the land because it has disgraced itself.

Thanks to Owen at Northern Reflections for pointing me towards this Michael Harris column. I'll quote from the ending ...
When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has worries about the relevance and reliability of evidence in a case touching the integrity of the electoral system, no one should be surprised if the public begins to detect the smell of tainted tuna in the air.
And that is a pity because what the Supreme Court decided last Thursday was certainly not only about the integrity of the vote in Etobicoke Centre in the May 2011 General Election. Like a stone cast into a pond, every decision of the Court sends out wave after wave of concentric ripples. Major decisions like this one send out shockwaves.
Who will now go to court to reverse a suspected improper result at the polls, with the costs so terribly high and official bungling now not only tolerated but protected?
How will the court’s decision do anything but encourage political parties to use all the new weapons of mass deception at their disposal in the effort to engineer elections results, knowing those results are almost impossible to overturn?
And how is democracy better served by having the integrity of questionable election results decided by judges rather than by the people?
I have had all my faith in our system to correct itself shattered. There are no more official channels to pursue.


Go to the Harris link and read the shit-head commentary from the right-wing human garbage who cheer this ruling. These hypocritical fuck-faces couldn't scream enough about "illegal polls" and voter fraud. Now that the door to ballot-stuffing has been pushed wide open to accomodate their team (of thieves and thugs) they're as happy as pigs in their own vomit.  Un-fuck those losers.