Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McGuinty's Resignation

Assuming that Dalton McGuinty doesn't have a secret, life-threatening illness, I'm going to assume that Dalton McGuinty's surprise, sudden resignation as the leader of the Ontario Liberals is rooted in frustration and petulance. McGuinty discovered that incompetent, scandal-plagued government is difficult to manage when you only have a minority government. Especially when your whole shtick as the government is to rationalize yourself with tossed-off platitudes that could have been stolen from sappy greeting cards.

I once read an interview with Dalton McGuinty in the Hamilton Spectator. It really was nothing more than some robotically-delivered string of buzzwords, catch-phrases and wigs. You could tell you were reading the words of the worst sort of politician.

If anything reveals the hollow core of McGuintyism, it was his blatant pandering to what he perceived as the right-wing electorate in Elizabeth Witmer's old riding. Respect for teachers? Fostered after they were desperate to replace the teacher-hating failed teacher Mike Harris and his high-school drop-out dip-shit Education Minister John Schnoblin? Fuck that shit! In a sleazy ploy for "conservative" votes, I'll impose a contract on them before there's even a strike vote!

Then it all blew-up in his stupid face and he knew his precious majority (where he could govern on nothing more than the platitudes that he lives his life by) would never be attained.

Another example of McGuinty's callowness is his discipleship to the detestable stephen harper. At least with stephen harper, you know the guy's a monster who wished there was an actual "Lady Liberty," so that he could take a shit in her mouth. That's why harper led the way in trashing just about every basic fundamental of our system of representative parliamentary government. Say what you will about harper, at least he's a goddamned INNOVATOR! McGuinty (who the pathetic Bob Rae says can be proud of his record) quickly followed in harper's hoof-prints, exhibiting his own contempt for Queen's Park (the first in the 220 year s of the legislature) over the cancelled energy stations.

It was a pretty sweet deal. All McGuinty had to do was be less scuzzy and stupid that the OPC's of Mike Harris (and now, the doofus Tim Hudak). Harris slashed welfare rates by by 22 percent, and kept them there for his two terms in office. McGuinty takes over and "raises" them by a measly 3 percent upon taking office, but essentially, with inflation, welfare recipients have seen a 60 percent decline in their incomes. On top of that, McGuinty cuts the special diet supplement (after OCAP notified people that they could access it) and has now cut the "Community Start-Up" program as well. But nobody cared, except the poorest and their powerless advocates. What were their options? Vote for the Tories again, led by the brain-dead psychopath Hudak?

Yep. All McGuinty had to do was not be a world-class asshole like Mike Harris. But, instead, McGuinty tossed hundreds of millions of dollars at Liberal-friendly consulting firms so that they could drink coffee (expensed of course) and NOT build the E-Health database. And, he let some other Liberal-friendly dork mismanage ORNGE. (McGuinty has refused to testify as to his own involvement in this debacle.) Then, on another one of his desperate vote-buying schemes, McGuinty cancelled two contracts to build energy stations, incurring perhaps $500 million in penalties. (Perhaps more. McGuinty has placed himself in contempt of Parliament for refusing to disclose the information.)

It's all too much for the petulant, no-talent asshole. So he's decided to take his ball and go home. Good riddance. Some reports say that McGuinty is refusing to rule-out a federal Liberal leadership bid. Methinks that if he tosses his hat into the ring he's in for a horrible surprise.


Owen Gray said...

McGuinty accomplished some good things, thwap. He certainly tried to repair the damage done by Mike Harris.

But he fell victim to his own mistakes -- which were multiplying.It really was time to pack up and go home.

thwap said...


Sure. There was the Green Belt. And a few other things.

But for the poor, he was useless.

For infrastructure, an incompetent.

On education, not Harris but then he pissed that all away didn't he?

On police brutality, useless.

On First Nations, a scum-bag.

On civil liberties, a betrayer. (Public Works Protection Act.)

And as a parliamentarian? He treated it with contempt. That's his legacy.

You either respect Parliament or you do not. McGuinty chose not to respect it. I stand by everything I wrote. McGuinty is a soulless, anti-democratic errand boy for the wealthy elite and I hope his career is over.