Sunday, October 14, 2012

Policies that Benefit the Wealthiest ...

 I remember hearing for over a decade about how Brian Mulroney, then Jean Chretien, the Paul Martin, the Mike Harris, etc., etc., ... all were accused of pushing tax-cuts that benefited the wealthiest and which would deny governments of revenues to help the poor and the middle class.

Now, here we have a rancid turd like Dalton McGuinty pushing austerity and declaring tax increases on the wealthiest as off-limits. We've had an explosion of inequality as the richest 1% got something like 15% of all the income gains of the past decade.

You know, given that harper and McGuinty are promising yet more austerity in the coming years, and given that the dimwits who dominate the political discussion in the mainstream predicted that their policies would bring growth and prosperity for all, ... shouldn't those on the left who predicted this dismal result at least get a tip o' the hat for having been right?

(Nah. Because that would give the whole game away, wouldn't it?)

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