Monday, October 8, 2012

Congrats to Chavez!

Hugo Chavez won re-election last night. This is a good thing. The concern trolls can go fuck themselves. US client regimes rape, torture and kill innocent people. The US rewards them. Chavez wins elections and reforms his country legally and democratically, and he's described as a dictator. He's in a genuine struggle with murderous oligarchs who already instigated a coup against him and ripped up Venezuela's constitution (before Chavez loyalists in the military and his supporters in the streets took their power back). If Chavez occasionally departs from the rules to stay in power and work to provide education and housing and healthcare to his fellow human beings who his opponents (and their US puppet-masters) would rather condemn to illiteracy, homelessness and disease, ... well so be it.

Mark Weisbrot describes the significance of this latest Chavez victory quite well here:

But Venezuela is part of a "Latin American spring" that has produced the most democratic, progressive, and independent group of governments that the region has ever had. They work together, and Venezuela has solid support among its neighbours. This is the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, last month: "A victory for Ch├ívez is not just a victory for the people of Venezuela but also a victory for all the people of Latin America … this victory will strike another blow against imperialism."

It's true. For centuries these countries have been under the thumbs of blood-sucking oligarchs. Occasionally a Zapata or a Sandino or an Allende or a Guevera or an Aristide would emerge to lead resistance, but since 1945, the southern countries of the Western Hemisphere have been condemned to poverty, misery and oppression. Now, with the USA's strength declining and the people's eyes opened and their hearts stronger, the people of South America (at least) are slipping free.

The US imperialists aren't going to be happy. Well, too fucking bad.

As depressingly slow as it is, the victories in South America and in the Middle East, which the imperialists are trying to either subvert or destroy are real and they are happening. Idiots like Barack Obama imagine that they can manipulate things to the oligarch's perpetual advantage but this will not be the case. The growing autonomy of Egypt is an important thing. The dismal failure of capitalism is a real thing. The ecological crisis is a real thing.

In a few years, the new versions of the Romney vs. Obama show will be unable to conduct a debate because their droning and platitudes will be drowned-out by the hordes outside calling for their blood.


Beijing York said...

Every once in awhile, I wake up to tremendously good news. Bravo Venezuela and bravo Chavez!

thwap said...

I felt relief and then a bit of light happiness.

Whatever happens, the empire is weakening and that's only to the good.

lungta said...

good news here also
tempered by the knowledge that Canada is the only major oil producer that has no national oil company making us a fancy Nigeria somehow
link at the tyee
'Canada Is Being Outplayed' at Oil Wealth Game

thwap said...

Oh yeah. No state oil company for us. We're into the "free market" or whatever the fuck they're pretending to call it now.