Wednesday, October 17, 2012

McGuinty's Crimes, Not the "Robamney" Scam

I have almost zero interest in the sham debate between the two representatives of the oligarchs. What we should be talking about is condemning anyone who praises Dalton McGuinty's era of corruption and contempt. OUR own democratic process, which is teetering at the edge of the abyss is what should concern us. NOT the contrived spectacle of the country that fell into the depths long ago.


meadowlark said...

Canada is a cesspool of corruption, lies, deceit, dirty politics, and dirty tactics. Cheating to win is, all in a days work for Canada.

That's why we all laughed, at Harper's stance on bullying. He is the biggest bully in all of Canada. Even other country's detest Harper's bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way.

Harper's gall to chide the Congo on human rights, another sick joke. He has permitted Red China, right onto our Canadian soil. Harper certainly approves of China's human rights because, they don't have any. Chinese child laborers only earn pennies a day. People going to work in, a Chinese apple factory...Must sign a statement they won't commit suicide.

Another Common Wealth country's media said, how badly Harper was destroying democracy in Canada. How he has taken away, our Civil rights and Liberties. Our Freedom of Speech under attack.

It's pointless to rationalize, someone who isn't rational. Neither McGuinty nor Harper are rational.

There are very few politicians in Canada, that are worth the powder to blow them to hell.

Harper is a Traitor, committing High Treason by, selling Canada out to a Communist country. We want nothing to do with Red China, what-so-ever.

thwap said...

Agreed. They're both sociopaths. I would say that harper is more callous and McGuinty is shallower.