Friday, October 12, 2012

"Economic Treason"

Argh! I'd do something, ... but, ...
Osgoode law professor Gus Van Harten, an expert on such international doings, quickly found out why. After reading the brief document, he declared it a travesty and a formidable assault on Canada's democratic traditions. For starters the deal gives Chinese investors more rights and protections than Canadian entrepreneurs could ever win in China's incredibly corrupt markets.
Moreover the deal "allows Chinese companies to sue Canada outside of Canadian courts. Remarkably, the lawsuits can proceed behind closed doors. This shift to secrecy reverses a longstanding policy of the Canadian government."
Appallingly, the treaty would give Sinopec, one of the big Chinese backers of the Northern Gateway pipeline, the right to sue the government of British Columbia if it blocks the project. Sinopec could also demand that only Chinese labour and materials be used on the pipeline. Moreover the treaty gives Chinese state owned companies "the right to full protection and security from public opposition."
The agreement, like all bad deals, comes wrapped in totalitarian paper. The deal does not require provincial consent. It comes without any risk-benefit analysis. And it can be ratified into law without parliamentary debate. The more Harper wants to do business with China, the more he acts like another tank in Tiananmen Square. Barring a revolt within Harper's own party, the trade deal automatically becomes law on Nov. 1. (Italics mine.)
[A tip o' the hat to the Mound of Sound.]


lungta said...

May has a petition for this
i signed

Simon said...

hi thwap...selling us out to the Chinese...selling us out to the

In my Marxism 101 class at McGill I believe we called them the comprador class. But the way these Con traitors are behaving, I think comprador is too nice a word to use on them...

thwap said...

Thanks for that lungta. It's good to see. I'll sign it!

thwap said...

Hi Simon,

Sleazy hypocrites and psychotic imbeciles.