Friday, March 28, 2014

Barack Obama and Dalton McGuinty

It was a big day for both of those assholes yesterday.

Barack Obama, trying to square the circle of his total hypocrisy on the Ukraine Crisis, said that the invasion of Iraq was different because the USA didn't conquer and they left the Iraqis a free people.

Well, sorry. Sadly no. You went in there to privatize Iraq's oil. And you turned the country into a complete hell-hole. You took an authoritarian dictatorship with torture chambers and rape-rooms and fear, and you turned it into an inferno of rape, torture, dictatorship, sectarian conflict, civil war and one-million dead millions more wounded and even more MILLIONS refugees.

I wonder about the partisan blinkers that make so many otherwise intelligent US-Americans see this psychopath as a legitimate political figure rather than the inhuman imperialist and Wall Street shill that he is.

Then I think about the otherwise intelligent Canadian Liberals who deny to themselves what an utter anti-democratic scuzzball Dalton McGuinty is. Some are so blinded by their loyalties that they even deny that the gas-plants scandal was a scandal. If, however, it had been Tim Hudak who had wasted ONE BILLION DOLLARS to cancel two contracts, merely to save some OPC seats during an election, and who refused to respect the demands of the majority of the people's representatives in the legislature for an accounting of this waste, and who had even tried to destroy the PUBLIC documents that describe this criminal waste, ... those Liberals would have gone ape-shit. But, since McGuinty is a Liberal, well, it's all good.

Our cities are crumbling, homeless people are freezing in the streets, working people are stuck waiting for crowded buses in the winter rain, and young people graduate with crushing debt-loads, but McGuinty had no problem paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines to cancel something that the ONDP told him not to build in the first place.

(Oh. And don't think I'm not disgusted with Andrea Horwath's trampling of party democracy to make piece-of-shit SUN News defender Adam Giambrone their [failed] candidate in Scarborough. I think the whole circus at Queen's Park is a disgusting, sordid mess.)

Anyhow, one ray of good news is that McGuinty's chief-of-staff is probably going to be up on criminal charges for trying to delete those records and it's about time. It would be fucking awesome if at least one of these pricks served time for their CRIMES against democracy.


liberalandlovingit said...

hey, there's enuff crime to go around- don't be stock-piling it all up on the libs! up north here- we can do the '3-siders-do-it' debate. with bonus points for the cons' own party lawyers having only the r to r silent, left. and, well, ya.
...chrischristie and ralphnader have made me cry too, so what the hell? ; )

thwap said...

I wasn't so much piling on the Liberals as relating the actions of two Liberal politicians, one current, the other very recent.

And the phenomenon of otherwise decent, intelligent people acting as apologists for this reprehensible behaviour.

It's not so surprising when a right-wing idiot is a partisan hack. But hackery is apparently not a result of low intelligence.

liberalandlovingit said...

o hell, no! hackery, flackery, and not-your-dads baggery is much more the result of high crimes and treason, which has zip to do
with intelligence! it's more a matter of the heart...po' dirts like us 'tend'-- to have a bit more in the 'honour' dept.
ya know??...for ought we have in common...?

liberalandlovingit said...

...can we

liberalandlovingit said...


and, the mighty O, had what to do with leading troops to 'the insane' stompout of iraQi peoples dreams & country?


das right. home.

he led the living, returning vets--home?.....


thwap said...

I meant that the point of this post wasn't to bash liberals. (Although I do do that.)

It just so happened that the two politicians doing scuzzy things were liberals.

And the Big-0 isn't be criticized in my post for what bush II did, he's being criticized for his disgusting rationalizations of what bush II did. And, for the record, while he voted against the invasion, Chelsea Manning's courageous work revealed that Obama tried to extend the American troop presence in Iraq after the pull-out date negotiated by bush II, but the Maliki government's refusal to let them keep their legal immunity, soured the deal.

Obama is the scum of the earth as far as I'm concerned.