Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stupid Right-Wing Fucks

The other day I was on some social media platform and either the Globe or the CBC had a story up about the harpercon government's rejection that there is a social contract between the Canadian government and veterans. And, yeah, it's pretty shameless for a bunch of chicken-hawk militarists to bray for years about how they and only they "support the troops" to then turn around and deny they owe them anything as veterans.

But see, here's the thing: While most people who commented were pretty uniformly disgusted with the harpercons, there was a true-believer who typed:

"That's funny. I thought it was the Liberals who put us in Afghanistan."

And there, my friends, you see shameless right-wing hypocrisy AND idiocy in all its horrible splendour. I quickly responded that the fellow was correct. The Liberals did put us in Afghanistan. And it's the harper government that is denying it has a social contract with veterans. I mentioned to the individual that he should try to keep up with the actual topics being discussed. The nitwit had no credible response to his team's callousness and hypocrisy. But being a partisan scumbag and an idiot, he thought that if the best he could do was an anti-Liberal non-sequitor, then so be it.

Don't get me wrong. Liberals, like Democrats in the USA, are slimy opportunists. And partisan sleaze and corruption and idiocy infects pretty much everyone. But right-wingers are generally the most moronic, the most shameless, the most scuzzy.

Look at this fucking election deformation proposal from Pierre Poilievre. It's attracting international condemnation.

Look at the shocking international disgrace and the local incompetence and stupidity and thuggery of Rob Ford.

In every case, it's right-wing filth.


the salamander said...

.. Poilievre is just the lipsticked handmaiden ..
bearing another steaming pile of shite from Herr Harper
but a truly ignorant and prissy piece of work for sure.

I try to imagine him applying for a real job..
with that conceited smirk after every smug line...
& its always as an embalmer in a funeral home

Anyone seen him in public after dark ? Ever ?
Aside from Jenni Byrne, Ray Novak, Lecce or Stevie ?

thwap said...

Do you suppose he was beaten as a child and that that explains what a horrible, ridiculous person he is?

the salamander said...

.. actually, I presume he hatched from an egg
reptilian.. or descended from a weasel family..
and was adopted, catered to as a child

But then, there is no early public information on him..
he just 'appeared' as a Tom Flanagan handmaiden
has never held a job, other than political animal

thwap said...

Well, even if his parents are reptiles or weasels and he was adopted by humans, that doesn't negate the possibility that his adopted parents beat the little shit on a regular basis.

And, yeah, the absence of a life before being a snivelling backbench partisan weasel does make one wonder about how he got elected in the first place.

Where does a right-wing youngster get the resources for a party nomination.

Is it at all possible that when a senior Conservative party-advisor and policy guru was surfing the child-porn sites, he came across a little reptilian/weasel sire with a webcam and fell instantly in love?

liberalandlovingit said...

...are we doing enough Jimmy Carter's grandsonning of their so-called nomination meetings and their no-show debates? i think not

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha. Awesome....and humourously plausible.

liberalandlovingit said...

you've not read P. Petrobytch? from back in the day of Garth? :)

thwap said...

No. Who is this?

liberalandlovingit said...

Pyotr, was known to surreptitiously {L rapio- snatch} video, the likes of tony gazeebs, during nomination/other bogus public meeting/charades. Or at least he strongly suggested he, any of us i guess, did or should.
well i, being a jimmycarterbaptist soldier, thought it was a grand idea, and never forgot it. Romney was stll a business mercenary then, so you can imagine, when the 47%er went sailing around the world, how i was smiling! ...sorry bout the rambling-- caffeine ;)