Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Pierre Karl Peladeau means to me

All I knew about Pierre K Peladeau was that he owned the SUN newspapers and the amateurish, 10th-rate FOX News North (just as stupid but with 1/10th the budget), SUN News network. And, I'm sorry, but while I'm sure that while everyone from stephen harper, to ezra levant, to Kory Tenyukyuk has some sort of "talent" or low cunning, or whatever the fuck it is they have, ... the bottom line is that these are all a bunch of shit-heads. So if PKP is the big guy in charge of ezra levant's wingnut welfare cheques, then he's got to be a shit-head too.

But apparently he's more than that. He's also a bigger asshole than he needs to be. He's one of the worstest, anti-union-ist employers in all of Quebec. And his joining the social-democrat Parti Quebecois would be like Conrad Black joining the NDP, except that PKP hasn't been convicted of anything yet.

So this rich, right-wing fuckface is being heralded as a "star" candidate 'eh? Well, good luck with that! Michael Ignatieff was a star candidate too and look how that turned out! The PQ taking on PKP as a candidate is a sign that the party's steering wheel has snapped off and they've no idea where they're going. It's also a sign that the "hyper-patriotism" of the SUN News mouth-breathers is bullshit. Just like Montreal Simon says, harper himself signed the "firewall" manifesto, revealing himself as just a mindless shill for the oil industry. PKP's SUN News just spews pro-corporate, pro-imperialist crapola to the right-wing rubes who imagine they're patriotic whilst going about loathing everything that Canada ostensibly stands for. They're all as clueless as their other hero, Rob Ford, who went on Jimmy Kimmel because he believes he's genuinely popular when he's actually a laughing stock.

PKP's nauseating presence in the Parti Quebecois will alienate Quebec voters and cause a moral crisis in the party itself. It's an open question as to whether Pierre Karl Peladeau will mitigate the damage to Canadian unity caused by the "firewall"signatory stephen harper, ... the worst threat to Canadian unity since forever.


the salamander said...

.. well said.. well said ! ! Bravo Bravo Bravo ...

thwap said...


I generally have more important things to do than research these swine. I read all this stuff after he announced his candidacy and I'm distinctly unimpressed.

David said...

In 1995 Reform MP Ezra Levant called for Quebecers to vote Oui because he wanted a serate Quebec to destroy multiculturalism. Neo Cons are closet PQ because it appeals to their racist insticts.

thwap said...

There's a leftist opposition to mulitculturalism and there's a rightist one.

the rightist one is based on a desire for more total assimilation.