Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Missing Planes & Mud-Slides

I don't watch television news. But I was out and about yesterday and CNN was on the television. They spent about ten minutes (at least) on speculation about the missing Malaysian aircraft. Then they spent three minutes talking about the mud-slide in, I forget, ... Washington State?

These are important stories, but if I was in charge of a news channel, I would give the each about one-minute, maybe two-minutes, tops. Because their impact on people's lives is not widespread. But this is CNN we're talking about. Pro-corporate, US-American propaganda. Were they to move on to more relevant stories in international relations, the economy, the environment, technology and society, or whatever, ... they'd make a hash of it.

As I said; I don't watch television news. They do a bad job of doing a bad job.

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