Thursday, March 27, 2014

EC's John Kingsley - Master Thespian?

See, a sane person, or anyone who isn't a drooling imbecile, would naturally react with suspicion when the corrupt Conservatives, (the Contempt of Parliament Party that practices election fraud) proposed to reform the electoral process. Especially when the person they put in charge of the exercise is shameless hack Pierre Poilievre. So you had to have wondered when former Chief Electoral Officer, Jean-Pierre Kingsley said right off the bat that he gave Poilievre's "Fair Elections Act" a grade of A-. I remembered the way the news reports conveyed the highlights of the legislation the way Poilievre described them and I remembered thinking that this was the government's spin job. The bill was hundreds of pages long and I was sure and I (like other sane people) was right. The devil was in the details. And hellish details they were. The bill is now almost universally attacked as a shameless assault on Canadian democracy.

No matter; the harpercons are going to town. Numerous nitwit Tory vermin are lying their stupid faces off about all the election fraud they'd seen in past elections but never reported because maybe being candidates in elections they weren't all that invested in the integrity of the process or something.


And harpercon trolls took Kingsley's thoughtless and stupid "A-" comment and ran with it.

It makes you think that Kingsley is either stupid (and I doubt he's that stupid) or corrupt. This is the Kingsley who helped make a deliberate mess of Haiti's 2005 elections, where the party of the majority (Lavalas) was banned and where ballots from poorer neighbourhoods were found to have been tossed in the trash rather than counted. People can draw their own conclusions as to why a guy like that would embarrass himself by blurting out a premature passing grade to legislation he hadn't yet read.

One can speculate about the performance of Elections Canada throughout this whole sordid period of harpercon election fraud. Why didn't they offer legal immunity to the workers at Deltro Electric, for their testimony against their employers' brother, Dean Del Mastro, but they chose to to give legal immunity to harpercon stooge Andrew Prescott. Why did Elections Canada appear to take the side of the sleazy Ted Opitz against Borys Wrzesnewskyj?

What's up with Elections Canada in general?

Perhaps the whole agency, like Jean-Pierre Kingsley, is just acting. They're just pretending to (on occasion) stand up to the harpercons' shitting upon our democracy. In reality, for whatever reason, the fix is in. Our elites have decided that this shameful bullshit is a-okay for Canada, and we progressives, through defeatism, regional grievances, apathy and our lack of ideas, have decided this is acceptable too.

ETA: Saskboy is, if anything, even more disgusted with Elections Canada than I am.

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