Thursday, March 6, 2014

What are YOU doing to stop the Un-Fair Elections Act?

What have you THOUGHT about doing? What have you heard about what ANYBODY is doing?

Isn't it terrifyingly ridiculous how completely devoid of ideas and initiative we all are?

A government that everyone but the politically-insane recognizes was in contempt of Parliament, engages in widespread election fraud, stymies the investigations of said fraud, uses its criminally-obtained majority to ram through the most appalling omnibus legislation in this country's history, and then gets a thoroughly partisan weasel like Pierre Poliviere to craft a massive bill to neuter our already tame elections watch-dog and enable it to steal more elections with impunity in the future, ... and we, and the Canadian left-progressive brain-trusts do NOTHING.


(And in my Canada, "nothing" includes fucking goddamned petitions. Blow me "Lead Now." Just fucking blow me.)


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't so g.d. old? I would lead the revolution.

Harper is a Nazi dictator from way back. The Canadian Nazi's even donated to Harper's Alliance. Harper even hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front skinheads as, security for Preston Manning. Wolfgang was murdered in 2005.

That should have been enough, to scare the hell out of everybody.

thwap said...

Old or not; do you think you could give a talk in your community to organize a peaceful, but determined occupation of government offices or government MP's offices, to last until the legislation was pulled or at least until nation-wide public hearings were scheduled?

Anonymous said...

Thwap friend, we're not "completely devoid", are we? We just need to keep doing what we each do best-(no motivational-speaking for you!) and we can see the tide changing. More and more people are finally speaking out- and with credibility! It's an approaching shit-storm of logical out-rage with Conservative's and their ways and means. Enjoy it! Been a long...time...comin'...

thwap said...


I disagree. With their gerrymandering and this election deform law, plus Liberal-NDP sniping, the next election will be a clusterfuck of mediocrity and evil, ending up with another harpercon majority.

We need a people's movement to turn our representative's heads straight.

Anonymous said...

We have one- an election...and where's Tom Delay been? Doin' time for gerry-mandering, among other con-activities. People who didn't already , are seeing the Con's thinly disguised attempts at legislating election law as just what they are--a 'bloodless coup'...i hope it's not as bad as you envision.

thwap said...

Harken Lali,

I thought he served time, but Tom Delay never served time:

"He was convicted in January 2011 and sentenced to three years in prison but was free on bail while appealing his conviction, which was overturned on 19 September 2013, with a ruling that "the evidence in the case was 'legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions.'" The trial court's judgments were reversed, and Delay was formally acquitted"

... and the US political system is a gerrymandered as ever. And their "choices" are between the party of Michelle Bachman and William Kristol and the party of Barack ("If I have a meeting to decide on killing you, it's a 'process' and that's 'due process' and therefore it's legal to kill you - i'm a psycho-fuckwad") Obama.

I think more people don't know and/or don't care than you think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that Thwap. But the idea that he/they/cons are criminals, is still firmly evidenced and planted. They can gerry-mader 'til their heart's content...liberals sill won the last 2 US elections. Into the mathematical equation we must include the fact that liberals/anyone notacon must always: work twice as hard to get half as far. Cheating, bigotry, and exclusion are con trade-marks. And where did the reformers learn their con-craft? Texas teabaggers. Even Attwater saw the "meaness of conservatism" and his error in following it, at his end. (Life Magazine 1991)