Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Men's Rights" Guys Cross the Line (Again)

People have pointed out that the so-called "Men's Rights" organizations don't really do anything positive for themselves. For instance; they claim that men are victims because more men have been killed as soldiers in wars than women have been killed as soldiers in wars. Aside from the fact that it is mostly men who start wars and who support them as voters nowadays, I've yet to hear about a Men's Rights protest for peace. I don't tend to see Men's Rights groups in peace coalitions.

Really, it seems that all these guys want to do is blame women and especially, feminists, for all their problems. And the way these guys talk about women and feminists is the way that Nazis or the KKK talk about their enemies. It's creepy and frightening.

And they crossed the line from hate-speech to physical violence recently. A feminist at Queen's University was called by name by an assailant who proceeded to punch her several times in the face, causing her to lose half a tooth. This was after she had received several threats of violence from local "Men's Rights" "activists."

Of course, the leaders of this so-called movement have responded with anger, paranoid fantasies and further violent rhetoric.

What's genuinely scary about these guys is the violent circularity of their thinking. Read their shit and it just goes round and round; men have no power, feminists took it away, it's all the fault of the feminists, we should put them in their place, we should fight them physically, we should put them in their place with violence, they distort what we say because they're cunning and evil, we should rape and kill them to teach them a lesson, because we're not the violent angry ones, they are, because they keep us down ..... it never stops.


Anonymous said...

I live on my own. With a cleaver and a hammer- my dog's too nice.
(I was going to place the sofa sort of in front of the screen door, so at least he!/she? will have to do some pretty fancy, side-ways leap-frogging, to get me. They'll be unaware of my 'special path-way')
I don't plan on bringing finger-nails & hair-pulling, to a home-invasion/drunk lookin' for a place to land/whatever...
Oh, and a double-edged
'cuz i don't practice or support people *shooting* other people.

P.S. A family's home was invaded here- in our city, last week.

Queen Titan said...

MRA's need to be eliminated from having groups on Canadian campuses. No more CAFE, no more MIAS or AVFM groups. It's too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Louella says:
"Fuck the double-edged sword . . .
I'm for the .357 Magnum cure for home invaders. Much more effective than waving a sword around while some guy disarms you, rapes you, then cuts you up with your own weapon. Any questions?
Oh, and I love Jack Bauer and "24".

thwap said...

Fuck that "Jack Bauer" bullshit.