Monday, March 17, 2014

The Sick Farce of the Ukraine Crisis

So, Putin the Homophobe holds a post-Stalinist referendum and gets over 90% of the vote! The Obama the Betrayer and Kerry the Krustacean say that the referendum is illegal. These two idiots vow to stand by the legally-elected Ukrainian government cabal of kleptocrat and fascist usurpers until there is justice in the Ukraine.

Pro-coup/anti-Russian Ukrainians cry out that they who were so long under the heel of the murderous Soviet dictatorship will not submit to Russian tyranny. Very true. Stalin's terror-famine was an abomination on par with the Holocaust. But what's curious is that these US-stooges in the government are also out-and-out fascists and it's not as if the Ukraine had a good time under Nazi occupation either.

I think the whole thing is a sordid mess. Obviously though, the government of stephen harper doesn't see it that way. The way the Ukrainian usurpers stole power probably brings a little tear to his staring dead eye. And John Baird is just happy that he has something new to bray like a jack-ass about.

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