Tuesday, March 25, 2014

harper consorting with Anti-Semites?

Gerry Caplan makes a good point. While harper is cynically posturing as the fast friend of the US puppets in the Ukraine, he also appears to be playing footsie with anti-Semites.
Anti-Semitism, as we all know, has no more uncompromising a foe than Stephen Harper and his government. They even denounce it where it does not exist. So we can be sure they must be outraged by Svoboda, even though in public, strangely enough, they have been silent as the grave.

Given his newfound pre-occupation with Ukraine, Mr. Harper will surely know that only 16 months ago, the European Parliament expressed concern about Svoboda's growing support, emphasizing that "racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the European Union's fundamental values and principles." The E.U. actually appealed to "pro-democratic parties [in Ukraine]...not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with" Svoboda, an admonition Yatsenyuk's new government has totally ignored.
Of course, Caplan knows that harper doesn't give a shit about Jews, Ukrainians, or Canadians. He definitely hates democracy. No. This is all just an excuse for harper to robotically pander to the latest right-wing cause in the hopes of scoring some right-wing votes.*

It also gives the gutless shit-stain a reason to stay out of the country, and hide from all the scandals brought about by his own corruption and incompetence. harper has never been one to face the music.

In other news, LeadNow has probably finished delivering their petitions against the "Fair Elections Act" to the administrative assistants at harpercon MPs' constituency offices. And now, they're probably all on their way home. Can't you just feel the democracy?

*But now we can say that harper pals around with anti-Semites. And ezra levant and michael coren work at the separatist SUN News. "Separatists and anti-Semites." It sounds worse than "Separatists and Socialists" if you ask me.

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