Friday, May 9, 2014

Global Warming, Ukraine, Corporate Tyranny

Global warming is the biggest threat out there I believe. But even without it, it seems that humanity (and humanity organized under capitalist political-economy in particular) is putting enormous strains on the planet's ability to support us.

Business as usual is not an option. But, thanks to corporate-capitalist tyranny, we're doubling down on the madness.

We need a revolutionary transformation of our political-economy. Or else civilization, and the billions of people it serves, will collapse.

The Ukraine crisis is 90 per cent the result of the Obama administration. (Putin/Russia have long kept the Ukrainian economy under pressure through manipulation of pipelines and through other means. But that being the status-quo, however objectionable, it can't be blamed for the present crisis to any serious extent.) This CommonDreams editorial conveys the enormity of the danger quite well:
“In 2014, on the one century anniversary of World War I, European nations are again mobilizing for war,” Rudmin writes. “As in 1914, so in 2014, war is not for repelling an attack, but for loyalty to an alliance, even when some members of the alliance are belligerent. The 1914 war was supposed to be over by Christmas, but went on and on and on for years, killing 9 million people. The 2014 war, if its starts in earnest, will be over in one week, maybe less, and could kill a 100 million people depending on how many nuclear reactors break open and how many nuclear missiles are launched.”
He adds: “The 1914 war was called ‘the war to end all wars.’ The 2014 war will be that.”
Human civilization is walking along the edge of collapse. Endless material growth, driven by a profit-based economy, is wrecking our natural habitat, but our antiquated systems of leadership answer primarily to the destructive status quo and are unable to implement meaningful, crucial change. That same status quo is addicted not simply to fossil fuels but to a perverted, reptile-brain sense of “survival of the fittest” that requires constantly identifying, engaging and defeating an enemy. This is called war, and we prepare for it more than for anything else, including the education of our children.
The mindlessness of US policy and media coverage of this nightmare is only exceeded by the insane outbursts of the egomaniacal mediocrity stephen harper and his pathetic stooge of a foreign minister John Baird.

We are living in an age of corporate tyranny. We are living under an oligarchy. Corporate criminals loot the country. Our environment is being ravaged and we have an un-elected regime that has turned us into a corrupt petro-state. Under harper, and his coterie of degenerates like Jason Kenney, John Baird, Tony Clement, Peter MacKay, .... Canada has become the second most unequal industrialized country after the USA. Tax policies that favour the rich and labour policies (such as the Temporary Foreign Workers program) that favour employers over workers, and a myriad of other laws and regulations, have served to make this happen.

And harper has gone after free and fair elections. And harper has demonstrated contempt for the legislature. And harper has usurped the rights and privileges and supposed dignity of the Crown. (he has staged a coup!) And harper and his provincial counterparts are criminalizing dissent.

People say: "We should do something about this!"

Well, do something! Propose something!


Mark Warburton said...

Well said Sir but you left off quite a few people on your list. Jumbo comes to mind but I guess he is free from criticism . As to proposals for what to do about the situation, I believe mine would be considered sedition under Canadian law. M. Warburton, Hong Kong

thwap said...

That's right. It has to be either constitutional or feasible.

Anonymous said...

Common Dreams has it wrong by a long way. 100 Million isn't anywhere near the number that would die in a nucular (to quote the shrub) war. The first/second strikes alone would be at least twice that number because of "prime military targets" already chosen and programmed into the launch computers.
We can only hope that the harpie crime cabal is all in the same place when the first one hits Canadian soil. Small comfort, such as it is, that he would be among the first to reap his just rewards from the very monster he has helped to create.

Mahmoud Weinstein

thwap said...

It's too terrible to contemplate. But some people have to contemplate, because the people in charge are mindless idiots.