Monday, May 26, 2014

Women Seem Wicked When You're Unwanted

So, I recently added "We Hunted the Mammoth" because he's funny in the way he critiques patriarchal jerks in the way Canadian Cynic was funny when he critiqued the Blogging Tories. (The blog's title is based on some pompous entitled dolt imagining that women have had it easy throughout history because of all the things men have done for them, including the hunting of mammoths. I actually preferred the blog's earlier title "Man Boobz" because I like puerile humour like that.)

So, just as Canadian Cynic was able to stomach going down into the depths of right-wing stupidity and then letting them have it, "We Hunted the Mammoth's" David Futrelle really makes these sexist jerks look the like the total idiots that they are through the application of just the tiniest bit of sarcasm to their own words. In a short time, I've come to have a decent understanding of who MRA's, PUA's, and MGTOW's are. (As well as "anti-PUA's" who are just disgruntled customers of the PUA's.) Go to his blog if'n you want to know about them yourself.

So, reading Futrelle's blog gave me a better understanding of the very recent tragedy when Elliot Rodger went on his shooting spree after making that vile, self-pitying YouTube soliloquy. Rodgers was an "anti-PUA" type. He'd tried to use the bullshit methods of so-called "pick-up artists" and, not surprisingly, he failed. He appears to have been a very shallow, confused, angry person, and these afflictions couldn't be alleviated by following sleazy methods of manipulation to get young women plastered and into his bed.

The thing that I get from reading about Rodgers' murderous rage, and all the misogynist bile of these MRA's, is that they have absolutely no sense of perspective. While it's true that its painful and frustrating for men to approach women and get rejected, its also true that its painful and frustrating for women to be harassed by strangers. It's also true that women occasionally put their own pride and insecurities on the line and approach men only to be rejected. It's true that there are a million ways that women drive men straight up the wall, it's a sign of maturity to realize that we do the same thing to them. Yes, women have some advantages. But you show yourself to be a total ignoramus to deny that men, especially white men, have WAY more advantages at the starting gate than do women.

Whatever is genuine and true within the toxic, hateful stew of misogynist ravings of these guys, the final analysis is that they're stupid, childish, sexist morons. And their hatred gets innocent people killed.


Edstock said...

10-4. Looking at Rodgers' picture, a young, good-looking white male from a financially-upscale milieu. In spite of all those advantages, a social outcast.

The point is, such a well-adjusted personality must have been offensively obvious to parents, teachers as well as the young women who didn't want to play.

And this bag of tricks gets to his early 20's with no psychiatric care?

Dana said...

“Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.”

George Carlin - When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

thwap said...


I can see how some silent brooding mass of ego and entitlement could keep it all inside until he snapped.

His parents saw enough to be worried, but he played the system long enough to do what he wanted to do.


I don't think we're entirely to blame. But we're probably a big part of it.

Dana said...


In this modern world women don't *need* men.

For anything any more.

How are we men responding to that reality?

How are you responding to it? Your male friends?

Getting antagonistic/hostile/violent toward women? Withdrawing into purely testosterone driven activities? Self medicating? Joining 'men's liberation groups' and carping about 'the bitches'?

Or working toward becoming a partner for a woman/women generally. Becoming a person a woman would *want* to have around even tho really there's no need for you.

Women in this modern world *don't need men*.

Let that sink in.

thwap said...


Thank you for the humorless preaching.

When George Carlin said "Women are crazy" he didn't literally mean that all women are certifiable. (Even though it's supposedly men's fault.)

I don't think they are either.

Sometimes it helps to be able to laugh about ourselves.

Let that sink in.

Scotian said...


Thanks for highlighting this blog, I'm adding it to my regular reads. Misogyny is one of the forms of intolerance I find particularly hard to deal with/take, always have even when I was a young boy. This idea that women are somehow inherently lesser than men never made any sense to me, different yes, inferior, oh hells no! I suspect I am going to get a fair amount of enjoyment in watching this mens right movement excrement taken to task in this way a pleasure, even while reading the mens rights crap itself more than a little infuriating.

Not all of us white males were raised with such attitudes, alas though far too many were, and the amount of misogynistic garbage I've been made to listen to because it was assumed I must agree because I'm a white male is only comparable in amount and ugliness to the amount of homophobia I've heard too because it is assumed I must be straight (comes of being straight acting and not going out of my way to note I am bi unless there is an actual reason/need/context for it, I am defined by my character, not my bed partners).

Blogs like this one are refreshing antidotes to this kind of horrific crap. You and I do not tend to see eye to eye on much, but where this sort of thing is concerned I suspect we are fairly close to it.

Again thanks for bringing this blog to my attention, greatly appreciated.

Dana said...

I was drunk and stoned when I wrote that. I thought you'd appreciate that.

thwap said...


It happens to the best of us. I should know.