Thursday, May 22, 2014

Way to go Jack Layton!

I very much had my differences with him. But, even as with my adversary, Andrew Coyne, i know that Jack Layton respected Parliament and our institutions. 

You fought for human rights for gay people! You created real benefits for real people there!

You respected the results of our electoral process and tried to make Parliament work!

When Paul Martin showed himself more corporate capitalism's servant than Parliament's, you pulled the plug.

When stephen harper showed himself unworthy of Parliament, despite your cancer battle and the rigors that you knew a federal election would hold for you, you rightly declared him in contempt and fought him.

You won, but your victory was stolen from you. Through fraud, stephen harper stole a majority. But all will be made right in the end.


Dana said...

I'll assume you were drunk and delirious when you wrote this and not write you off as a deluded partisan.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope so Thwap. May all the interstellar strains of disease throughout the universe combine and strike stephen herpes down like the shitlicking vermin he is.

thwap said...


Guilty on all counts. I was very drunk and stoned when I wrote that.

But I stand by everything there.

As a Toronto City Councilor he eliminated landlords discriminating against gay prospective tenants.

I think both of his attempts to work either with Martin or harper was based on a recognition that more voters supported those politicians and more than the NDP, and that should be respected.

His pulling of the plug on Martin was based on Martin's refusal to stop the creeping privatization of the public health care system.

It really was the case that Layton was battling cancer when he voted the contempt charge against harper. It was a reality that, as an individual he had to hit the campaign trail in a weakened state. In the end, it probably contributed to his death.

If harper hadn't stolen a few ridings, Layton would have been PM at the head of a coalition.

I was not a fan of Layton's embrace of "Third Way" drivel. Or his misguided efforts at "civility" which would include not heckling george w. bush when that idiot was musing about addressing Parliament.

But I think genuine accomplishments should be recognized.


That is very necessary.