Saturday, May 17, 2014

Speaking of Invented Scandals

Projection, projection, projection.

Remember when the right-wing in the USA accused bush II's critics of suffering from "bush derangement syndrome" and mocked the most tepid complaints about his murderous bunglings as being inspired by hatred and anger?

How WOULD you describe the right-wing's response to Obama so far?

(Not that Obama isn't a monstrous destroyer of the Constitution, but in that hes only carrying the policies of his predecessor forward and not backwards.)

And now, in Canada, harpercon scum are belittling their nauseating contempt for ... well, for just about every foundation of parliamentary democracy: accountability, electoral integrity, ... plus, they're arguing in court (they, the of the "You can't support the troops if you don't support the mission" nonsense) saying that they don't owe veterans anything under Prime Minister Robert Borden's promises for veterans from the First World War. Borden's words were "mere political speech." (Just like harper's words?)

Anyhow, remember how they said that two opposition parties forming a coalition government was "A COUP?" Remember THAT bit of shrieking hysterics?

A while back, there was a "scandal" about the NDP selling advertising space to unions at their conventions. (The NDP got a ruling on whether this was legal from Elections Canada.):
An NDP insider familiar with the issue said that in 2003, when the Liberal government under Jean Chr├ętien moved to limit donations from unions and corporations, the party sought an opinion from Elections Canada as to whether money obtained through selling advertising would be considered a political contribution.
“Where a person or entity purchases goods or services from a registered party with the intention of economically benefitting the party, the payment for goods and services will not constitute contributions to the extent that the payment reflects the fair market value of the goods and services purchased. Any amount of the payment above the fair market value will constitute a contribution if the person purchasing the good and service intended to benefit the party,” says a document obtained by the Star outlining Election Canada’s response to the NDP’s question on the matter.
Based on this, the NDP sold advertising space to the unions. The Conservatives complained about the practice and Elections Canada ruled against the NDP's interpretation of the ruling. The NDP gave the money back, not wanting to contest things and Elections Canada thanked them for their prompt compliance.

There was some stupid asshole troll at Saskboy's who snickered and stormed about this "scandal" for weeks on end.

Then, just recently, harper sought in his own cowardly way, to get back at NDP leader Thomas Mulcair for giving him a hard time about all of his genuine scandals, by forcing Mulcair to defend himself about another bullshit scandal about the NDP using their own money to have offices in ridings they don't represent. (This complaint comes from the party that GAVE GOVERNMENT JOBS to failed candidates to act as shadow MPs in riding held by the opposition!)

Mulcair took the opportunity to humiliate the harpercon stooge Jim Woodsworth who tried to be harper's attack poodle on this. The craven bootlickers at the CBC and the Liberal hacks at the Toronto Star have been reduced to saying that while Mulcair and the NDP were technically in accordance with the law, Mulcair did not show due deference to the harpercon and Liberal twits grilling him.

The party that shrieked about polling station irregularities then tried to argue that polling results shouldn't be overturned just because the paperwork isn't in order.

If you listen to these fuckwads, their latest bullshit scandal-de-jouer is the gravest threat this country has ever seen. If you point out their blatant crimes and cover-ups, you're deranged and deluded.

If you try to get this point across to them, the most persistent of trolls will suddenly go AWOL.

Scum. The whole fucking lot of them.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I can't even stomach the 5 o'clock shows anymore.
Except for two or three panelists and to see which CON refused to show up that night.

thwap said...

I'm not even interested in watching the television news. Sometimes people put clips from them in front of me and there's some value in that sometimes.

Television news have half the credibility and half the utility of print journalism.

Anonymous said...

I watch it to see what is being fed to the masses.

the salamander said...

.. reading your last two sentances .. I formed the thought that most 'Conservative' MP's are simply higher evolved trolls.. such as you described. Possible delivering the same denials, evasions, deceits.. but with official power vested in them. Thus we hear mutant MP's such as Calandra or Butt braying.. as well as their spokeswanks.. while the lesser trolls chorus background noyz, deflection and dim opinionation.. and stray thoughts.. or thoughlessness.

I still believe leadership trumps dogma, exemplars vanquish losers, truth reveals dishonesty.

Currently, a small incredibly well financed minority of losers.. dictates toxic ideology, reckless legislation and flawed entitled pretention upon the rest of Canada..

When the situation reverses.. it will be a massacre.. The Harper Fraud.. its fallacies, its schemes, evasions, deceits, conceits, secrets.. and the complicit, the enablers, the incompetant, the liars & denyers, the Harper Party bagmen, robotwinks, pollsters, election plumbers, PMO pimps, hidden trolls, hired spies.. salaried 'justice' lawyers, 'chiefs', strategists, shadow cranks.. will all be flushed out into the open..

You can call that Legacy .. or call it spreading manure .. or sending the garbage to the dump... We need fumigation in Parliament.. its currently infested.. possibly rabid.